The Ultimate Solution to Making Your Bedroom Sleep-Friendly

By Shannon Gurnee
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January 2, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about. making your bedroom sleep-friendly.

making bedroom sleep-friendly

Sleep is one of the essential things you need to stay healthy. In fact, lack of sleep is linked to various health conditions like depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. Many often overlook the benefit of getting eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, mainly because of their busy lives. They also ignore various things that can help them sleep better. If you or your kids have trouble sleeping, it could be an environmental or health factor. Your bedroom plays a vital role in the kind of sleep you get at night. That is why we have compiled a guide to help you create a sleep-friendly bedroom to ensure you and your children get enough sleep every night. Check the tips below and also the new online catalog at Big Sky Bunks.

Install the Right Lightning

Lighting is an essential aspect of getting quality sleep. So, you must ensure a perfect balance of artificial and natural light. So, confirm enough natural light penetrates the room during the day and artificial lights like dimmable bulbs and recessed lighting to light up the room at night. A lampshade can be an excellent choice to keep the light dim.

Lower the Temperatures to a Comfortable Level

The temperature in the room also contributes to the quality of sleep you get every night. According to studies, keeping it between 60 and 68 degrees is ideal for uninterrupted sleep. You cannot sleep well if you are shivering on a cold night or sweating on a hot night. So, control temperature and humidity by investing in a smart thermostat and energy-efficient air conditioning and furnace installation. You should also get regular HVAC tune-up and maintenance through a professional HVAC contractor, especially if you have an HVAC warranty.

Suppress the Noise

Disturbances like dog barks, honking vehicles, and loud voices can disrupt sleep. Therefore, you need to find a way to suppress the noise. If your house is near the street, ensure the bedroom is on the other side. Install items on the wall or install heavy curtains to absorb the noise.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes and Bugs

Mosquitoes and bed bugs can ruin your sleep. With the buzz around your ears and the bites on your skin, it is not easy to sleep well. Therefore, if you have a mosquito or bug problem, contact pest control specialists at Terminix to eliminate the issue permanently. You can also invest in a quality mosquito net to keep safe from mosquitoes.

Invest in a Comfortable Bed

Many overlook the importance of a high-quality bed, mattress, and bed sheets. You may not get quality sleep because your mattress, pillows, or sheets need to be more comfortable. Beddings are created differently. Therefore, take some time to find what works for you or better choose from these innovative home hospital bed designs. So, if you are not having enough sleep, it could be a health issue or because your mattress is worn out or your bed needs to be inviting. So take some time to choose the right bed and bedding for you. You can check out TV Beds Northwest affordable and space-saving TV beds if you are someone who prefers comfort and luxury with convenience.

Organize Electronics

Many people use electronics like phones before bed. If you have to do it, ensure it is hours before bed. If you have electronics lying all over the room, it can cause stress and make the room less inviting. So, organize it by designating a spot for keeping electronics.

Consider Color Pattern

The color you choose for the bedroom also plays a vital role in sleep quality. So, it is advisable to stick with cool colors that are not too bright or too busy. Make sure you also don’t have complicated patterns that will give the brain a hard time winding down. Experts suggest warm colors increase blood pressure and heart rate, affecting sleep. Conversely, cool colors like green and blue promote sleep and relaxation.

Avoid Mirrors

According to the Feng Shui theory, keeping mirrors in the bedroom is not ideal. This is because they create extra energy and an additional source of light and activity. Leave them outside the bedroom, and if they have to be there, ensure they are hidden from the light. Practically, hiding mirrors prevent reflection.

Remove Clutter

Clutter can create anxiety and disorganization that affect sleep. Therefore, ensure the room is always in good shape by keeping everything organized. Enjoying the room’s vibe is easy when everything is in place. So, invest in a quality wardrobe to keep your clothes, shoes and accessories organized. You can also have a dressing table and more storage under the bed.

Minimize Activity

The bedroom should be a place for sleep only. That way, it attunes the brain to create that association. It understands that the bedroom is for rest, making it easy to sleep better at night. So, keep everything else, like watching TV, working, paying bills, or texting, away from the bedroom.

Add a Scent

According to studies, adding a scent like lavender decreases blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature. This puts the body and mind in a more relaxing state, making it easy to fall asleep. Therefore, add your favorite scent to improve your mood and create a calm atmosphere that will soothe you to sleep.


These are things you can try to make your bedroom more comfortable and inviting for quality sleep. Invest in a quality bed and research other things that will help you improve sleep quality.

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