Best Photoshop Guide for Students

By Shannon Gurnee
In College
November 6, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about the best photoshop guide for students.

photoshop guide for students

Photoshop has a long history, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still beginner learners. If you’re a student who wants to quickly and effectively learn Photoshop, we recommend reading our guide thoroughly.

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Grasp Fundamental Ideas

Students need to prioritize learning the fundamentals. This involves grasping the core ideas of Photoshop, such as utilizing layers, masks, and brushes. It is crucial to have a solid understanding of these tools rather than attempting to master every aspect of Photoshop.

If there are specific features that catch your attention more than others, feel free to try them out ahead of everything else. However, don’t stress about mastering every single aspect of Photoshop at once. Instead, concentrate on learning and utilizing what suits your current needs most effectively.

Access Online Help

Online tutorials are an excellent learning method as they are straightforward, user-friendly, and can assist you in becoming proficient in Photoshop fundamentals in just a few minutes. To locate high-quality online tutorials, search for well-known YouTube channels dedicated to the subject or access websites such as Lynda or Skillshare that offer video tutorials tailored to specific skills.

For instance, if you are interested in learning the process of designing an icon in Photoshop but are uncertain about the ideal appearance of a quality icon, go through the step-by-step instructions on these websites. Keep exploring until you find a suitable option that aligns with your requirements.

Access Online Help

As a student, you can enjoy the convenience of learning at your schedule and speed. YouTube is a great platform to quickly acquire Photoshop skills due to its accessibility for watching videos and gaining knowledge from them.

A wide variety of individuals with diverse approaches can be found, allowing you to determine what suits you or seek guidance from someone with extensive expertise in this field. Additionally, users can observe how others utilize the software even if they don’t have direct access to it.

While going through the tutorials, pay attention to any concepts or tasks that appear challenging or unclear. Additionally, you can seek assistance and guidance by posing inquiries on forums, allowing other users to share their insights and provide feedback.

Leverage Ready-made Designs

Using pre-made layouts and designs is an excellent method for familiarizing oneself with the software. They can be utilized in various ways.

Take advantage of these templates as a foundation for your projects. For instance, if you are tackling a class assignment or project that requires replicating a particular design in Photoshop, you can utilize one of these templates as a starting point. By modifying it with your elements, you can familiarize yourself with the software and its functionalities, even without professional experience.

You can also find inspiration in using them as a guide when creating new things of your own. Taking reference from exceptional works can make it easier to generate fresh and innovative ideas. Using what we already have in front of us can sometimes lead to innovative progress, even though blank canvases are also valuable.

Seek Peer Guidance

To acquire Photoshop skills rapidly and efficiently, it is advisable to seek assistance from a friend. They don’t need to be highly proficient in Photoshop; the key is to find someone open to expanding their knowledge of the software and studying alongside you. By organizing regular sessions and motivating each other, progress can be made consistently.

College Services And Resources

Use the various services and resources your college provides, such as professors and teaching assistants. Professors are readily accessible to assist you in understanding software, as well as provide guidance for projects that involve using Photoshop abilities.

Tutors or instructors, known as TAs, are a valuable asset when learning Photoshop. They can offer support and guidance with assignments, as well as offer extra help whenever necessary.

Create a Work Space

The place where you work the most in Photoshop is your workspace. It is recommended that your workspace is illuminated correctly, cozy, and equipped with all the necessary tools for art creation. Ensure your workspace is tidy and well-arranged, facilitating easy access to materials when required.

To simplify the organization of files involved in the Photoshop process, establish a separate folder named “Photoshop” on your computer’s desktop. By doing so, you can conveniently manage these files when transitioning between various programs or discarding outdated ones, as they will all be centralized in one folder instead of being dispersed across multiple drives or directories.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Having a solid understanding of keyboard shortcuts is crucial when learning Photoshop. Utilizing these shortcuts is quicker than relying on the mouse, enhancing users’ productivity.

The most effective way to become familiar with these shortcuts is by continuously practicing them. Experimenting with various shortcuts until you identify the one that suits your specific tasks and workflow style is also recommended. This will simplify your work in Photoshop.


Try to explore different styles and effects when using Photoshop. For those unfamiliar with Photoshop, it can be challenging to determine how to begin creating images. The most effective approach is to commence with experimentation, testing out various styles and effects, until discover one that fits your requirements.

Experiment with new tools such as the Pen Tool or Layer Styles until you feel at ease with your desired outcome in an image. Do not hesitate to try different approaches, as this is how we all gain knowledge – by making errors and learning from them.

After discovering the preferred style and effects, it is essential to establish a personalized Photoshop file to preserve all the settings. This practice will save time while creating new images and guaranteeing everything is arranged precisely to your preferences.

Final Thoughts 

Similar to many other activities, practicing consistently leads to improvement. Investing in the expensive but valuable software known as Photoshop can significantly enhance your abilities as an artist, creative professional, and beyond.

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