I Did It! I Got a Forward Helix Piercing!

By Shannon Gurnee
In Beauty
May 28, 2018

Forward helix piercing #forwardhelixpiercing #piercing #jewelry #fashion #beauty

If you’ve met me in person, you know something unique about me is not only my red hair, fair skin and freckles, but also the piercings I have. It wasn’t too long ago that I decided to go to Claires and get a third piercing in my ear. I love the diamond studs I have for my 3 piercings, which believe it or not, I actually bought from Costco! I love my third ear piercing, but it’s taken a LONG time to heal and I don’t feel as confident about having it done there after getting my forward helix piercing and other piercings done at Club Tattoo in Las Vegas. I also didn’t realize how much of a shock the whole piercing gun would be to my ear, but that’s done and I can’t go back and change it. However, I will say that I also didn’t know one could or should get their piercings at a tattoo shop. Now I know differently and am happy to share it with you!

Ear Piercing #piercing #claires #beauty #jewelry #fashion

If you follow Redhead Mom blog or my social media channels, you know that my husband and I enjoy traveling to Las Vegas and sharing about our discoveries with you. Prior to traveling to Las Vegas, I had started looking at many of the helix piercing pictures on Instagram, as well as watching videos about it on Youtube. This was spurred when I saw and loved the multiple piercings in the ears of the twins (Emily and Haley Ferguson) on “The Bachelor.” It not only made them unique, but it looked really pretty too! I really wanted to get a Helix Piercing because I thought it looked pretty and would be different. On one of our trips to Las Vegas, I decided that I wanted to get a helix piercing. As we were walking through the Miracles Miles Mall, we noticed the Club Tattoo sign and it said piercings on their sign, so we walked in.

Forward helix piercing #forwardhelixpiercing #piercing #jewelry #fashion #beauty

I felt a little uneasy at first as I’d never been to a tattoo shop before, but we were quickly greeted by the staff when we walked through the door and my uneasiness went away. The cashier introduced me to Michael – the piercer that night – who was super friendly and spent a lot of time helping me and answering my questions. I told him I wanted to get a helix piercing, but unfortunately, I didn’t quite get the news I was expecting. The cartilage in my ear was too thick to accommodate a helix piercing, however, he did recommend the forward helix piercing instead. I wasn’t quite sure what to think about it initially, but I wanted to get something pierced, so I said let’s do it! Turns out I LOVE it and the way it looks!

Forward helix piercing #forwardhelixpiercing #piercing #jewelry #fashion #beauty

Once I decided to do it, it was time to pick out my jewelry. I love jewelry so I had a lot of fun doing this! Once I chose my jewelry (something sparkly of course), I signed a release and then paid for my jewelry and piercing. Michael then headed to the back to sterilize the jewelry (this needs to be done before being placed during the piercing) and prep the room for my piercing. When he was ready for me, he called me back (and Frank came back to take pics and video too)!

Forward helix piercing #forwardhelixpiercing #piercing #jewelry #fashion #beauty

Forward helix piercing #forwardhelixpiercing #piercing #jewelry #fashion #beauty

I was nervous and excited at the same time, but Michael was amazing. I am confident in saying that he’s the best piercer I’ve ever been to. In fact, I went back to him two more times to get my nose and daith pierced! The piercing room was a super sterile environment and the piercing was done in a professional manner. The piercing was quick and easy and my forward helix piercing looked awesome!

Forward helix piercing #forwardhelixpiercing #piercing #jewelry #fashion #beauty

Forward helix piercing #forwardhelixpiercing #piercing #jewelry #fashion #beauty

Forward helix piercing #forwardhelixpiercing #piercing #jewelry #fashion #beauty

Forward helix piercing #forwardhelixpiercing #piercing #jewelry #fashion #beauty

Forward helix piercing #forwardhelixpiercing #piercing #jewelry #fashion #beauty

Check out my video of my Forward Helix Piercing.

My piercer was amazing and I highly recommend him. You can find Michael HERE on social media. He answered all of my questions and kept me calm through the process. I mean I honestly had not had anything pierced other than my ears, so I was a little nervous, but excited and anxious to see my new jewelry and piercing at the same time. I will say that it was NOT as scary as I thought it would be. I’m so glad that I got my forward helix piercing done. I even went back to Michael and got a nose piercing, as well as a daith piercing (blog posts coming soon on those). Wonder what I’ll get pierced next??!!

What piercings do you have?



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60 Responses to “I Did It! I Got a Forward Helix Piercing!”

  1. That’s so cool! It looks fabulous. I’ve been thinking about getting my piercings redone (my ears closed from years of not wearing anything) and adding something else. I happen to also live in Vegas, so this is a perfect shop recommendation for me! Thank you!

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      I highly recommend them and if you go, definitely have Michael do your piercings. I’ve been to him three different times and he was awesome each time!

  2. Barbara Montag says:

    I am with you Shannon – I love piercings!
    Three in one ear, five in the other.
    Nose stud & one eyebrow piercing.
    I would like to do another one but thinking this is maybe enough.
    I am 66 – maybe that shouldn’t make any difference?
    Honestly how much did that ear piercing hurt?

    • Barbara Montag says:

      OK I watched the video – yes of course it did hurt.

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      That is so awesome! I love my piercings and would love to get more, but they can definitely add up in price quickly. πŸ™‚ Honestly, it didn’t hurt as badly as I thought it would.

  3. Stacie says:

    That looks so good! I’ve been thinking about getting something more done than what I have. I’m so boring. I just have regular lobe piercings.

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      I love them! You should definitely check out the different piercings they have if it’s something you’re interested in. πŸ™‚

  4. GiGi Eats says:

    OMG that is actually super cool!!!! I am a huge fan. Believe it or not, I have only ONE piercing! My belly button. That’s right, I don’t even have my ears pierced!

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      I love them! You should definitely check out the different piercings they have if it’s something you’re interested in. πŸ™‚

  5. Joely Smith says:

    Congrats on getting it done! I always consider getting one but I won’t lol I would rather get another tattoo first!
    I love how yours turned out and your jewelry choice is perfect!
    I have had a pierced brow – twice. I keep going back and forth on if I like it or not.
    I had my belly pierced when I was younger but it always bothered me where my jeans rested.
    Then LONG ago I had a pierced nose, for like a month or two lol. I was too irresponsible back then to take care of it.
    Piercings and tats are FUN!
    I am better with tattoos though, not as much responsibility haha!

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      How was it getting a tattoo? How is the pain? I like that the piercings are quick. πŸ™‚

      • Joely Smith says:

        It totally depends on WHERE you get it. The one on my ankle was a bit painful but on my back not at all. Then again I find tats rather relaxing, sort of like acupuncture.
        On the rear end lol no pain at all due to having more fatty tissue there.
        Basically the thinner the skin, the more nerves, and veins – the more pain.

  6. Terri says:

    I have a third on one ear and that is it. I love the look of yours on you. I guess I am done with piercings now. My third one is 30 years old!

  7. Heather says:

    It turned out great. I have a piercing like that at the top of my ear, not like this though. I rarely put earings in it anymore though. I had it done in high school. Yours looks neat.

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      I love that my forward helix piercing stays in. Easy to maintain although it did take me some time to get used to sleeping on my pillow with it.

  8. Rachel says:

    I want to get the part of my ear pierced for migraines. I have had quite a few things pierced so it doesn’t freak me out. I just haven’t done it in a while.

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      I have that one too! I just haven’t shared about it yet, but I love it! It did definitely help reduce the number of headaches I get and it looks super pretty. I’ll be blogging about the daith piercing soon.

  9. Esther Irish says:

    Wow!! I just have traditional ear piercing that I got when I was little because everyone thought I was a boy. lol I’m good with those, but yours do look pretty!

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      Definitely a personal thing with how many piercings you want to get. πŸ™‚ I love mine.

  10. I was actually considering doing this, but my ears are sensitive for some reason, so I’ve been worried about it. I do currently have both nipples and belly button done. I did have a tongue ring – but I got tired of that within a year.

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      Oh my gosh – didn’t the nipple piercing hurt like a mother? If my tummy were in good shape, I would get a belly button one, but it isn’t, so I stick to the top part of my body – lol!

  11. You are an inspiration to us with lobe piercings, because I never had the nerve to do more. I am waiting to see your next piercing posts. Someday I will get a tatoo or another piercing i am sure.

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      I’ll definitely be sharing my other piercing blog posts soon! I got both a daith piercing and a nose piercing and love them both. I’ve really loved the tattoos on the wrists or forearms, but I’m so nervous about the pain and it turning out well.

  12. Kim Croisant says:

    AND…you’re braving than me. Not sure I can get passed those guy’s ears though. Looks like that would hurt!!

    But your earrings are beautiful.

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      The process of his earrings are pretty awesome! It takes a LONG time for them to get to that size because you have to slowly stretch out the piercing holes. Thanks so much for the compliment on mine. πŸ™‚

  13. rika says:

    I had too many ear piercings πŸ™‚ I think about 5 on left ear and 4 on right. Your piercings look fabulous.

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      That’s awesome! I loved the piercings when the twins from the bachelor had them! I bet yours look great!

  14. Kate Andrews says:

    I have one too and I love it! I’m actually considering adding one or two on the same ear, but I’m not sure if i have room. I’ve seen people with three little gold earrings in a row and I love the look.

  15. Brandy says:

    That’s so awesome girl! I just got my nose pierced and OMG, I totally moved when she put the needle in. I Love ear piercings more, but hadn’t heard of this one yet! I may have to try it πŸ˜‰

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      I’m gonna be sharing about my nose piercing soon. My eyes watered so bad when I got it done, but I love it! It took a while for me to figure out how to clean it as well! LOL

  16. My blog was born from my love of butterflies and their significance in my life and as much as I have admired butterfly tattoos and butterfly charms on piercings, if my mom hadn’t pierced my ears as a baby I would have been wearing clip ons now.

    I have a very ‘sugar smacks’ reaction to pain, if someone causes me pain, I react equally, it’s automatic so I avoid things that are intentionally painful like tats and piercings. I would probably beat the crap out of the person for causing me pain! πŸ™‚

    I love ‘Gaming Cations’ it’s been ages since I have to been to Vegas as I have more options near me now but I have been wanting to go back and visit so maybe this year. I have always wanted to do Vegas for New Year’s Eve.

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      Ha ha – definitely do NOT get a tattoo then! I don’t have any, but I can imagine that would definitely be a bad interaction with the tattoo artist. πŸ™‚

  17. Joyce Brewer says:

    I have 3 piercings in each ear. Plus a back tattoo.
    Your helix looks like it fits you perfectly.

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      I love my 3 piercings and all my piercings actually! How much did the back tattoo hurt?

  18. Heather says:

    This is awesome! I would expect it to absolutely hurt but I honestly do have a pretty good tolerance for pain. I have a few piercings that I’ve taken out and tattoos I’ve had removed. Laser removal is no joke but I’d happily opt for a piercing!

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      It does hurt, but it’s a quick kind of hurt. Although there is definitely a healing period, but it wasn’t too bad for this one.

  19. Wow! That’s awesome and pretty cool! I can’t imagine myself going through that but it’s definitely exciting. Glad you found a great place that made you feel comfy!

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      I love it! I never imagined getting a piercing in a tattoo shop, but it was a really great experience!

  20. I just have traditional ear piercing that I got when I was a baby! I love yours, they look so pretty!

  21. […] I love to share on my social media channels, as well as my blog! In fact, I just recently shared a blog post about my Forward Helix Piercing I got from Club Tattoo in Las […]

  22. I have considered getting the piercing that supposedly helps with migraines. I am drawing a blank on what it is called. I’ve wondered if it would help with my chronic pain. The only downside, I have to have gold because I am allergic to traditional surgical steel. I have my belly pierced for 15ish years.

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      It’s called the daith piercing and I have it and love it! While I didn’t get migraines, it has definitely lessened the number of headaches I’ve had…plus it’s really pretty!

  23. Laura says:

    Ouch! Haha! You’re a champ! You don’t even look like you flinched while getting it done. Did it hurt though? It looks like it did.

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      It actually didn’t hurt as badly as I thought it would. I love it! Figuring out which side to sleep on was definitely a challenge though.

  24. Trina says:

    That’s so pretty, I have been itching to get something pierced or a tattoo so this may be a great simple option.

  25. Rose Ann Sales says:

    This is so cool and I am so glad that you are brave in doing it. Piercing is a big NO for me because my pain tolerance is not a strong like you but it really looks good on you.

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      I was actually surprised by how well I handled it. It helps having a good piercer though.

  26. Melanie says:

    I had a lip piercing when I was in college. I try to show my kids my scar to prove I used to be cool, but it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s time for something new!

  27. Laura Dove says:

    Oh wow that looks fab! I have six piercings but haven’t heard of this one before! I’m about to get a seventh piercing for my migraines!

    • Shannon Gurnee says:

      You’re gonna get the daith piercing? You’ll love it! What are the other piercings you have?

  28. Lynndee says:

    Looks great! I only have one piercing in my ear, but I’ve been wanting to add another one or two. I’m a little scared to do it though. LOL.

  29. Susan Harris says:

    Finally you did it! You look awesome, sometimes we get bored with our own look, we should try something new.This forward helix piercing is perfect.

  30. John E says:

    Your piercing looks great! I really like your nose piercing too.

    I’m a guy, and after hesitating for years (it’s not common where I live) I finally pierced my helix. I have a thick hoop which I love, and am really happy I got it done.

    Looking at your ear cartilage, I think you can actually get it pierced. It just has to be pierced at an angle, so the rim itself get pierced and hoop sits more parallel to your ear. You can experiment by taking the ball out from a captive bead ring, setting the gap so it fits your ear and just putting the hoop on your ear. I think it would look amazing on you.

    BTW, did you ever post about your daith?

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