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By Shannon Gurnee
Jun 11th, 2012

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This website was founded in 2008 by Shannon Gurnee and was recently changed from themommy-files to Redhead Mom. We are located on the beautiful central coast of California near San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach. Redhead mom is a mom and wife of a blended family of 8. That’s right! 6 kids! I love to share about my experiences in this Brady Bunch style family as well as about exploring life in general.
My hobbies include traveling, photography, camping, boating, RV’ng, beauty, makeup, technology, cooking, baking, and so much more. I love to spend my free time gardening and hanging out with friends and family. If you would like to learn more about working with Redhead Mom, please email me directly for pricing or opportunities.

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Shannon Gurnee is the author of Redhead Mom formerly "The Mommy-Files", a national blog with a loyal following. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development with a Minor in Business Management. Shannon and her husband, Frank, have a large family with 6 awesome kids and love living on the Central Coast near San Luis Obispo, California, as well as traveling around the world. A full-time Social Media and Professional Blogger, Shannon also serves as a National Brand Ambassador for many well-known companies. Her blog focuses on motherhood, family fun activities, traveling, fashion, beauty, technology, wedding ideas and recipes while providing professional opinions on products, performances, restaurants, and a variety of businesses.

7 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. nardina says:


    We recently came across and thought it was fabulous! If you’re interested, we would like to collaborate with you; we have a full line of kids & school products that would definitely appeal to your readership. If you would be interested in receiving free samples and/or you would like to run a contest, we would be more than happy to send product and cover the shipping. I sure hope to hear from you soon.


    Nardina DiPierro

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  2. Good Morning,

    My daughter and I created a few months ago and I have been unsuccessful with advertising. I have tried a few vehicles, but the blogging game I am unfamiliar with. Please advise on what I can or need to do with your successful website. Thank you so much for your help.

  3. haira says:

    Hi Shannon,

    My name is Haira and I am sending you this e-mail on behalf of Cordskinz Marketing/PR team to introduce our new product that solves earbud tangles once and for all.

    Tangled earbuds has been a problem for many, if not all earbud-users with no easy solution. Other products aiming to liberate earbuds from their tangled existence require folding, organizing, or tying earbuds in certain way…too much work!

    My team just launched Cordskinz to resolve this issue. Cordskinz provides three main values 1) Easy Anti-Tangle, 2) Cord-Protection, and 3) Ability to style earbuds.

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    Thank you and let me know if you have any questions.

    Haira and the Cordskinz Team

  4. Marina says:

    Shannon, you are amazing! I just started my blog journey on and it would be such an honor if you would check it out and share your feedback 🙂 I want to be you when I grow up 😉

  5. Brent Currie says:

    Hey Shannon,

    I’m launching a product on next week that has been very successful in Canada and I hope to get some buzz going in the States. Along with my wife and daughter, I’ve created a children’s cookbook that gets kids in the kitchen younger than any cookbook out there. We do this by illustrating all the steps in our recipes and including colored measuring cups and spoons with the book. Now instead of a ½ cup of flour, or a ¼ cup of sugar, it’s an orange cup and a yellow cup.

    We have 25 kid-friendly recipes in the book and can start kids as young as two years old in the kitchen.

    If you think this would be a good fit with you and your readers, please let me know. I’d be happy to get you a complimentary copy and discuss the specifics of writing a post about it.

    Brent Currie
    Cook By Colours

  6. Marcel King says:

    We would like to ask if you can write a blog about our Clearly Herbal Baby Wipes, which are probably the thickest one of the best wipes in the market. You may visit our website to see our range. We would love to send you products so you at try and see for yourself the quality is the wipes.

    We look forward to your response

    Marcel King

  7. Barbara Roberts says:

    We’re coming over to California April 2019 from the UK.
    We’d love to go to the Santa Barbera kite festival but cant find its dates for 2019.
    Could you let us know?

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