9 Ways to Save Money on Flights

By Shannon Gurnee
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November 8, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about 9 ways to save money on flights.

Finding cheap flights is a popular topic, and there are numerous suggestions available. These range from being flexible with travel dates to considering nearby airports. However, it’s important to note that the savings don’t stop after finding a great flight deal. There are additional methods to save on airfare purchases, such as taking advantage of discount programs or selecting the appropriate credit card. Here is our selection of ways to save money when traveling abroad.

ways to save money on flights

How to Buy Cheap Flights?

#1 Don’t focus on one date

If you’re searching for the ultimate money-saving strategy for airline tickets, flexibility is key. It’s a commonly heard tip, but it truly works. Let’s consider a Thanksgiving flight from New York to Orlando, which is notorious for being one of the priciest travel dates. By choosing to depart a few days earlier, you can slash the cost of your tickets by almost half. This creates significant savings, especially when traveling with a group of people.

#2 Choose off-season travel

July and August are generally the costliest times to travel. However, traveling in the spring (April/May) or autumn (September/October) can lead to significantly cheaper flights, thanks to supply and demand dynamics. Additionally, consider local festivals or holidays that could impact prices in your chosen destination, like cherry blossom season in Japan or spring break in the US and the Caribbean. Opting for the off-season not only guarantees fewer tourists but also shorter attraction wait times and more affordable hotel prices.

#3 Try changing your region

You may not know, but the price of the same ticket can vary significantly depending on your location. If you want to get flight discounts, try changing your region. Here is a good VPN region changer that offers 2500+ servers in 89 locations. That is, through VeePN you can switch not only to another country but even within the same country to different regions.

#4 Use points and miles

Saving money on flights is a breeze with award travel. Utilizing airline miles or credit card points can snag you discounted plane tickets, even in first class. Of course, you’ll need to find available reward seats – a bit of skill may come in handy – but the savings can be well worth it compared to paying cash. Now, let’s consider a one-way economy flight from Los Angeles to Paris. One example illustrates a cost of $1,074 for a single ticket.

#5 Set price alerts

You can save ample time by setting up price alerts on different platforms like Skyscanner instead of wasting hours searching for affordable airfare. Enter your travel details, click “Get Price Alerts” on the results page, and receive email notifications whenever there is a price drop.

#6 Purchase travel insurance

Missed flights, lost luggage, or last-minute trip cancellations can ruin a vacation. Protect your upfront travel expenses and minimize financial losses by considering these options: book your trip with a credit card that offers travel insurance, or purchase a separate standalone travel insurance policy. Although buying travel insurance may incur added upfront costs, it ensures peace of mind that your travel plans and expenses are not in vain.

#7 Try to cross the ocean as cheaply as possible

When searching for flights to remote or lesser-known destinations, it can often be more cost-effective to purchase separate tickets. One option is to buy a roundtrip ticket from your departure point to a major hub, and then a separate roundtrip ticket from that hub to your final destination. For instance, if your desired destination is Santorini, it is usually cheaper to buy a ticket from your home to Athens and a separate ticket from Athens to Santorini, rather than booking a single flight itinerary directly to Santorini.

#8 Use the 24-hour rule

Passengers can cancel or change their flight free of charge within 24 hours of booking, under this US regulation. If the booking was made directly with the airline at least seven days before travel for a flight to or from the US, this option is available. This implies that if you make a booking and the price decreases during this 24-hour window, you can cancel the original flight and make a new booking at a lower price. It is important to note that this rule only applies to tickets purchased directly from the airline, although various Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have their versions of this policy.

#9 Use AARP discount

You can join the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) earlier than expected, even at the age of 30 while fully employed. Why would you want to? With an annual AARP membership fee of $16, you can enjoy savings on flights with British Airways.

AARP members, regardless of age, can save up to $65 per person, per round-trip flight in economy (World Traveler) and premium economy (World Traveler Plus). Alternatively, members can save up to $200 per person, per round-trip in business class (Club World).

Keep in mind that there are specific terms and conditions associated with this offer. The discount excludes British Airways’ ultra-discounted Basic fares. You must be a U.S. resident, pay in U.S. dollars, and start and end your travel in the same U.S. airport without any stopovers. The flights must be operated by British Airways, American Airlines, or Iberia. For American Airlines and Iberia flights, you need to book using a British Airways codeshare flight number.


Use the tips listed below to buy cheaper air tickets. If you are willing to wait a little and spend more time searching or changing your flight date, you can buy tickets at a fraction of the price. Is it worth your time? Decide for yourself, collect points, and participate in loyalty programs and you will travel cheaply.


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