5 Fun Ways to Exercise with Kids

By Shannon Gurnee
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July 17, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about 5 fun ways to exercise with kids.

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In today’s technology-driven era, motivating children to be physically active can be challenging. Nevertheless, incorporating elements of fun and creativity can inspire kids to participate in exercise while fostering a lasting appreciation for fitness. This blog post explores five exciting methods for engaging children in physical activities, promoting their physical well-being, and the parent-child bond.

Construct an Obstacle Course

Transform your surroundings, whether it’s the backyard or living room, into an adventurous course. Utilize everyday objects such as hoops, cones, cushions, and ropes to create stations that test your children’s agility, coordination, and strength. Encourage activities like crawling under tables, hopping through hoops, balancing on a beam, or climbing over cushions. Add an element of friendly competition by timing each other or aiming for the fastest completion. Besides enhancing physical fitness, obstacle courses foster problem-solving skills and cognitive development.

Dance Party

Arrange a family dance party either in your living room or backyard. Select lively, upbeat music that resonates with your children, and let loose. Arrange a family dance party either in your living room or backyard. Select lively, upbeat music that resonates with your children, and let loose. Create a festive atmosphere by decorating the area with disco balls, streamers, and vibrant lighting. You can create a little DJ booth to step things up a notch.

Dancing is an excellent way to improve cardiovascular endurance, coordination, and flexibility. Encourage everyone to invent unique dance moves and take turns leading the dance routine. You can even introduce dance challenges or teach each other new styles. This activity provides a great workout and creates a joyful and energetic atmosphere.

Scavenger Hunt

Combine exercise and excitement by organizing an adventure quest in your neighborhood or local park. Craft a list of items or clues your children need to find and divide them into teams. As they search for the items, they’ll engage in active walking, running, and exploration. Along the way, incorporate physical challenges such as jumping jacks, skipping, or one-footed hopping. Adventure quests keep children physically active and promote problem-solving skills and teamwork.

Explore the Outdoor

Take advantage of the natural beauty and embark on walks, jogs, or hikes with your children. Explore local trails, parks, or even your neighborhood, offering an excellent opportunity for exercise while enjoying the fresh air and the outdoors. Enjoy jogging with your kids around the park by investing in quality rear facing jogging strollers. This would allow you to take the youngest family members on an outdoor adventure as you exercise.

Encourage your kids to observe and interact with their surroundings by identifying plants, animals, or intriguing landmarks. Consider setting goals like reaching a particular destination or completing a specific distance. Nature walks, jogs, and hikes provide an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health and strengthen muscles. They also enhance mental well-being.

Family Sports Extravaganza

Organize a family sports extravaganza where everyone actively participates in various sports activities. Prepare the sports equipment like an Acme Thunderer referee whistle and set up mini-tournaments for games like soccer, basketball, tennis or unconventional options like frisbee or mini-golf. Create teams and rotate players to ensure everyone’s involvement. You may also have your kids sign up for youth tennis classes to develop the skills necessary for the sport.

Biking, swimming, running, and playing games like tag are also fun ways to get the whole family involved in physical activities. If you’re short on outdoor space, you can even organize indoor sports tournaments with board games involving some physical activity. Sports activities promote physical fitness, enhance motor skills, and teach valuable teamwork, sportsmanship, and resilience lessons.


Exercise should be an enjoyable and regular part of a child’s life. Parents can inspire their children to embrace an active lifestyle by infusing physical activities with enjoyment and engagement. The five activities mentioned above are just a few ways to make exercise exciting for children. Adapt these activities to suit your children’s age and interests, and most importantly, join them in participation. By promoting physical activity as a family, you invest in your children’s health, create cherished memories, strengthen your bond on this movement-filled journey together, and enjoy the experience.

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