Divorce Attorneys for Men Only. Really?

By Shannon Gurnee
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January 12, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about divorce attorneys for men only.

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Recently you may have come across unique proposals from marriage termination specialists who offer divorce men only. If you are a male soon-to-be divorcee and wonder whether a similar choice will help you process your case better, here is common research for you. Discover more about divorce services for men only and get your Georgia cheap divorce dealt with in the best appropriate way. 

Benefits of Choosing Attorneys for Men Only

When choosing a divorce lawyer for mediation or legal separation, you want to meet a perfect match for your case so that the outcomes guarantee a happy future for you and your family. But the point is that this is hardly a gender of your family law attorney or their experience of cooperating with men only which defines a suitable specialist for you. The proofs are as follows:

  • Rights are equal – when you hear about men-specific attorneys you may think that there are men-specific divorce rights. But the truth is that nowadays the rights of men and women in marriage termination are equal. You will be assigned child custody and visitation, rights distribution, spousal support, and more depending on your background, family history, and financial situation, but not your gender or the gender of your lawyer.
  • Gender-neutral approach – when you file for marriage termination, what divorce lawyers want to know about you is your background, education, and family history so that they can tailor your divorce path appropriately but not judge you by your gender. 
  • It matters more for your spouse – the only proven case when you should better opt for men-specific divorce services is when your partner has some issues with a certain gender. For example, you know it will fuel the divorce arguments when you have an opposite-sex attorney by your side, so the sensible option is to look for a same-sex attorney, which can be the one from for-men-only services.
  • Psychological side – another point that may be helpful when choosing a lawyer for men only is the psychological aspect. A divorce lawyer who cooperates with male divorcees preferably knows better how to handle the situation from their side with similar experience besides. But this is a very situational benefit and cannot be applied to every specialist.


Although many law firms may persuade you that their specific-men approach will define your success, this is a relative truth. The gender and niche professional orientation of your divorce lawyer is not the defining features for your case success. Plus, no matter your gender, you have similar family law and divorce rights and opportunities to deal with your marriage termination as your spouse does.

How to Select the Best Suitable Attorney

No one prevents you from choosing lawyers for men only. But you should better define whether they are suitable specialists for your case before you decide to cooperate with any. Check out some simple tips to assist you with the preferable choice:

  • Don’t trust the ads blindly – the adverts will deliver you the promises you want to hear but won’t guarantee any positive results in the end. Review all the details before you accept any delicious proposals. 
  • Choose a niche specialist – it is of your interest to choose a specialist with expertise in divorce law. A one-fit-all lawyer who deals with all possible issues will deliver less efficiently than one who works in family law only. 
  • Select a practicing lawyer – it is also recommended to choose a professional who has regular court practice. Such a specialist will do better than the one who works with papers in their office preferably.
  • Cooperate with a person you like – when you meet your potential lawyer and interview them, it is necessary you feel comfortable around a specialist. Then this is an attorney you can trust your case to. 
  • Reach a local attorney first – it is more logical to reach a local attorney than to travel across the state to get a $50 discount but waste on commuting more. Find out how to get divorce in Utah if you’re currently living there.


If the attorney from men only divorce services meets all the above-mentioned requirements and your personal preferences, you are welcome to cooperate with them. But generally, don’t let the marketing strategies influence your choice. Select a lawyer according to their background and qualifications and cooperate with a person you are ready to open to. Remember to commit to your case efficiently and positive aftermath is guaranteed. 

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