7 Ideas for Creative Gift Wrapping That Add A Special Touch

By Shannon Gurnee
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July 25, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing about 7 Ideas for Creative Gift Wrapping That Add A Special Touch.

Gift Wrapping gift bag

Gifts are always special. They have the power to bring a sparkle of joy to the receiver’s eyes and enlighten even the dullest day at work. But do you know what the best part of a gift is? No, it’s not the gift per se but the wrapping.

When we purchase a gift for our loved ones, we tend to invest more energy in wrapping it carefully with all our love. In fact, wrapping is the first thing our loved ones see when they receive the gift. 

This article presents seven incredible wrapping ideas that are quick to do and leave a lasting impression on the receiver. From enchanting gift toppers to make your own wrapping paper, these gift wrapping ideas promise to make your holiday gifting (and otherwise) extra special and personal.

So, let’s get started!

1. Add a Luxurious Touch with Ivory and Gold

The combination of ivory and gold screams luxury and elegance. A neat wrapping paper in ivory with gold elements as wrapping toppers alongside some feathers and florals will make everyone fall in love with the gift even before your loved ones open it. Attach a nice calligraphy gift card, and you’re done! If you’re a fan of handwritten gift cards, go ahead— it’ll add a personal touch to the gift, making it all the more special. 

2. Add a Tinge of Romance with Vintage and Florals

If you’re a fan of everything archaic, you could go for a vintage floral paper cutting glued to your kraft paper gift box. Keep the rest of the wrapping decor minimal to have the vintage print take center stage. Paint the rims of the box with a golden color and tie it up with thin hemp twine to keep it vintage and attractive. This wrapping idea is especially great for gifting elders in the family. 

3. Simple and Rustic is the Way to Go

In case you are someone who isn’t into DIYs yet wishes to wrap your loved one’s gift yourself, this is the perfect option for you. Wrap your gifts (they needn’t be perfect) using kraft paper, and secure them at the back with invisible tape before tying the entire thing together with hemp twine.

You could use DIY paper snowflakes, dried flowers, or dried citrus slices as gift toppers. Wrapping a gift in this style takes less than two minutes but looks beautiful in all its clumsiness. However, if you’re trying this, steer clear of printed papers and make sure your gift wrap is white, ivory, or any solid pastel. 

4. Keep it Personal and Nostalgic

This one’s another simple yet heartfelt gift wrapping style, especially for BFFs and family. It comprises attaching photos atop your gift wrappers and then securing it all neatly with a ribbon or fun ornaments, depending on who you’re gifting to. 

A Polaroid-style photo or a simple black-and-white photograph looks the best with this type of wrapping, lending it an air of nostalgia and heartfelt gratitude. You could also use the other end to write your message— the choice is yours! 

5. Keep it Cool and Chic – Paint it Yourself

If you are into painting and DIY, this idea is for you. Take a simple kraft paper and paint it using different techniques in white or similar contrast hues. Wrap your gift box neatly with this paper and secure it with a similar hued textured ribbon. You may or may not add a gift topper with this. If you’re adding one, keep it simple, like a couple of leaves or a paper snowflake, so that your art captures the receiver’s attention. 

6. Go Vibrant and Bold with Your Special Friend

If you’re gifting something to your girlfriend and want it to be colorful and vivid, this idea is for you. Wrap your gift for her in solid-colored wrapping paper, or simply put your gift inside a solid-colored gift box. Use contrasting washi tapes (go wild with the prints, there’s no rule) to secure the box instead of the traditional ribbons.

You can use paper flowers in vivid hues as a gift topper. You can either buy them straight from the craft store or DIY them. We promise your special friend will fall in love with you even before unwrapping the gift! 

7. Washi Tapes Bring All the Fun

If colorful and kitschy are your jam, but you don’t have much time to do elaborate DIYs, this gift wrapping idea is for you. All you need for this is a white or any neutral gift wrapper, baker’s twine, and a handful of pastel washi tapes.

Before you wrap your gift, fasten the washi tapes in confetti style all over the paper. Wrap your gift and tie it up with baker’s twine, and you’re good to go! It takes a couple of minutes to complete this DIY, and the result is mesmerizing. 


Gone are the days when wrapping a gift required time and patience. We hope these seven easy and quick ideas have served their purpose and inspired you to go creative with gift wrapping this holiday season. 

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