Best Baby Shower Trends To Explore In 2022

By Shannon Gurnee
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July 25, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing about the Best Baby Shower Trends to Explore in 2022.

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The baby shower is an important celebration for both the soon-to-be mother and father, as it allows them to share their joy and happiness with their loved ones. If you’re planning a baby shower, you might be looking for something different than pastels and cartoon animals. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to find the right idea for you. Within this article, you will find top baby shower trends that are trending this year and learn how you can make this day even more special. This will make the occasion more fun and exciting so that both the would-be parents and their guests remember it.

Nautical Baby Shower

This is a baby shower idea that has stood the test of time, as there are many amazing ways to incorporate water themes into your party. You can prepare various delicious snacks, such as fish crackers, mini tuna sandwiches, as well as shrimp cocktails. Also, to top everything off, you can never go wrong by getting a piñata, filled with goldfish crackers. It may be a good idea to think about under-the-sea baby shower ideas by including seashells and sea glass scattered around the tables. As for dessert, it may be nice to have a cake covered in starfish or other sea life.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

Some parents may want to wait until the birth of their baby to reveal their gender or simply don’t want to host a traditional girl or boy baby shower. As a result, you can consider hosting a gender-neutral baby shower and creating matching baby shower invitations with the help of Greenvelope. From butterfly designs to elegant layouts, every design is customizable and you can change the color scheme and typography to match your party décor. To pull off the perfect gender-neutral baby shower, you will find great themes, games, activities, and food tips, which will make your party planning easier.

Pirate Baby Showers

Get ready for an adventure by sending your guests pirate-themed invitations and hosting an unforgettable pirate baby shower. You can also decorate your house using pictures of pirates, swords, or treasure chests. Some great food options include pirate chicken legs, fish and chips, and cookies with gold frosting, shaped to look like gold coins. If you want to express your creativity, you can even make your own pirate ship fruit bowl and serve a pirate punch to your guests. Also, remember to include some nautical-themed games and activities.

Boho Baby Shower

Boho is a décor style that is trending in general, so finding reusable items for party decorations, such as dried floral arrangements and earth-toned macrame wall hangings, shouldn’t be hard. You can introduce the style of your boho baby shower with your invitations and signage. Work with your print team to design custom napkins, signs, menus, and more. When it comes to conjuring a boho aesthetic, you can mix and match all of your favorite bohemian details. Gender prediction can be added to the list of fun activities to do on a baby shower. See here the Accuracy of Modern Gender Predicion. Be sure to make a statement with boho balloons and bring an eclectic vibe to each tabletop with ornate or colorful glassware.

Fairytale Baby Shower

Another great theme that would be perfect for 2022 is a fairytale-themed baby shower. For example, a fairytale background that resembles a book would be a nice touch and it’s perfect for taking pictures. You can also decorate with images of storybook characters, such as Cinderella’s castle, the three little pigs, or other memorable fairytale settings to set the mood. Also, be sure to get some small books that you can use as decorations on the tables. It may also be fun to serve food at the baby shower that is cut out to look like a crown.

Jungle-Themed Baby Shower

If you love tropical plants and animals, you can’t go wrong with a jungle-themed baby shower. To create an immersive experience, you can fill your space with bright, tropical jungle colors, lush greenery, exotic animals, and the sounds of the rainforest. You can bring in a variety of animals by using small figurines, giant cutouts, or artwork. Also, remember to create a playlist of jungle sounds and prepare some fun treats, such as animal crackers or jungle-themed cupcakes. Don’t forget to bring some of the best tropical fruit flavors by mixing your own mocktails with jungle-inspired names.

Lion King Themed Party

Finally, hosting a Lion King-themed party can be a fun baby shower idea you can explore this year. You can start by decorating with a Lion King backdrop, as well as green and gold balloons placed at the table full of gifts from your guests. Be sure to use Lion King-inspired plates, cups, and napkins to serve snacks. Don’t forget to design custom Lion King-inspired invitations so that your guests know what to expect. Incorporate bright colors to make sure that everyone has a Safari feeling and give guests a plush lion when they leave.

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