5 Advantages to Separating Before You Go Ahead With a Divorce

By Shannon Gurnee
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July 21, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about advantages to separating before a divorce.

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When you first decide to get a divorce, you may think about it like going on a diet. You’ll naturally want to lose some weight as soon as possible and reduce your eating. But when a marriage is on the brink of failure, getting a divorce can seem like making things harder than they already are.

Here are five advantages of separating first before actually divorcing.

It Prevents Expensive Legal Battles

We all know that a divorce can be expensive. The legal fees alone can be astronomical, but there are other costs too. For example, you may lose your home, pets, cars, etc. You’ll also have to pay for child support and alimony in many states, which can be very difficult if you cannot work. Local Divorce Attorneys in Glen Burnie MD can help you get the best outcome in a divorce.

You may also be needing a professional divorce coach who guides and supports individuals through the process of divorce. What is a divorce coach? They are typically trained in fields such as psychology, counselling, or social work and have additional specialized training in the complexities of divorce.

The best way to avoid these problems is to separate before you file for divorce. By separating instead of divorcing, you’ll avoid the costs associated with legal battles and unnecessary stress. Make sure also to consult at a good place like law office of Scott S. Ives who has trustworthy and successful lawyers.

You Qualify for Social Security Benefits After 10 Years of Marriage

It may seem like the only thing that matters for married couples is the time you’ve been together. But when a legal separation is an option, being married for at least ten years is a big deal towards ensuring neither party forfeits the social security benefits that come with remaining married.

The first few years of marriage are not counted in your total number of years divorced or widowed. However, once you’ve been married for at least ten years, you can qualify for spousal benefits if both you and your spouse are age 62 or older.

Once you’re over 60, eligibility requirements change a bit. You’ll still need to be married and to live in the same state as your spouse for at least ten continuous years before filing for benefits. But there’s no longer any requirement that your marriage must have lasted all those years.

It Gives You Time To Recover Financially And Emotionally

Suppose you’ve already run through our ten smart ways to improve your love life with little success, and it now looks like a divorce is the only likely outcome. In that case, separation gives you time to recover financially and emotionally.

You can start thinking about how to handle finances, whether to sell the house or keep it, which legal steps to take before filing for divorce and what kind of support system you want in place afterward. You also have time to consider other options like divorce support sutherland shire or mediation instead of an adversarial legal process later.

It Might Allow You To Have A Friendlier Divorce

It’s not uncommon for couples who have been together for a long time to develop a bond that can’t be broken and isn’t easily repaired. However, if there are irreconcilable differences and you’re looking to end your marriage, going through the divorce process without separating first can make things worse.

You may be angry at your spouse and not want anything more than an amicable parting. That’s when it becomes vital to separate so you can move forward with your divorce without the emotional baggage of being married.

It Can Be Easier For Children

It can be easier for children if you separate first. That’s because they have less emotional baggage to deal with and more time to adjust to the idea of living without their parents. Additionally, when it comes to child custody, older children may be able to move ahead without experiencing too much trauma, as they have a better understanding of the situation and can cope with the changes more effectively.

In addition, separating before a divorce can also help your children avoid any financial hardships that might result from a messy divorce. The court system can help them in this regard by not requiring one parent to pay child support if the other parent doesn’t want it.


It may not be the easiest step to take, but separating is a good idea before you decide to go ahead with a divorce. With that out of the way, there are additional steps that you should take before finalizing the divorce process. This list should give you some good tips on how to proceed next.

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