Staying At Home and Childcare Services: Which Is Better For Your Kid?

By Shannon Gurnee
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May 21, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about staying at home and childcare services.

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Living at home to take care of a child is simply not financially feasible for many mothers. Rising costs and the desire to provide your child with the best possible environment often make returning to work a necessity rather than a choice. Childcare is an excellent option in these situations. When mothers are in a better financial position and can manage to remain at home, they may believe that there is no need in contemplating childcare because they can supply it themselves.

Early Childhood Education, in some kind or another, can have tremendous benefits for both mother and child. To assist mothers who are debating whether or not to include child care centers in their routine, we have compiled the most necessary details you should know about this topic.

Not All Childcare Offers The Same Benefits

Children who were mainly cared for at home or in daycare had no substantial differences in outcomes, according to research, but children in greater daycare had improved results than those in lower-quality settings.

The major takeaway from the study appears to be that, as long as the result of care is adequate, putting a preschool child in childcare had no discernible difference in outcomes from providing for them at home.

Good Childcare Environment

Regardless of whether your kid is attended to at home or in a daycare center, they must have continuous interaction with the same people to build healthy attachments. If you choose child care services, choosing a facility with a low staff turnover might be extremely beneficial. Spend some time at the center to examine how the staff interacts with the children; sympathetic, attentive, and communicative employees provide your child with the stimulus and supportive comments they require to grow. This type of engagement, whether offered within a home setting or in childcare, is exactly what children need to build and develop healthily.

Quality of Professionalism

Daycare that is of high quality is supervised and licensed like ermington child care is recommended by experts. The education law mandates that daycare providers be monitored and tested against a benchmark of what is considered quality education by the state regulating body. It assesses competence in seven major areas, which include both education program and practice and in-person environment. A high level of achievement, when compared with the aforementioned benchmark, indicates that the service is of excellent quality. Staff with the proper credentials are often more likely to provide your kid with a pleasant daycare environment, assuring that they have access to a large variety of aspects required to progress in all aspects of their lives.

Although most children attended to at home receive a comprehensive learning and learning skills program, this may be done on an impromptu basis, resulting in critical areas being missed. All employees should have a recognized qualification or be taking steps toward achieving one, in addition to fully qualified employees.

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In-person Environment

Even though most families are experts at “kid proofing” their houses, a private home was not constructed with eager adventurers in mind! One of the perks of a good daycare is that it will be tailored expressly for the requirements of small children! Safety elements such as high windows, non-slamming doors, and appropriate flooring all serve to lessen the likelihood of a bad accident. Toddler-sized furniture, convenient bathrooms and washbasins, and no access to dangerous areas, like kitchens, also contribute to your child’s freedom and safety.

Programs and Activities

Variation is crucial when it comes to active learning! Children learn best once they can engage in a variety of activities, allowing them to learn both through play and targeted learning. A well-equipped daycare center with a diversified program can frequently give a considerably more exciting daily timetable. Daycare can readily accommodate messy activities like painting and crafting — all of which take time to clean up at home. Daycare also provides a wide range of interior and exterior play areas; they are frequently prepared to allocate budgets to complex, high-quality play alternatives that are out of reach for most parents. From an early age, well-designed programs will favor play aimed at building fine and gross motor skills, literacy, and numeracy.

School Preparations

Preparing children for their transition into school is one area where daycare centers may thrive. A successful start necessitates not only academic readiness but also mastery of a variety of life skills, as well as the capacity to handle merely moving along the whole day without the presence of a parent. A good childcare center will offer a School Readiness Program, which will include an organized, complete set of activities and goals for your kid to achieve. Completing this sort of program can have a huge impact on a child’s capacity to cope with the demands of school. Finding time with family to execute a similar curriculum can be extremely time demanding; also, some parents may be unaware of current school standards, limiting the learning of relevant skills.

Providing Your Child With Enough Attention

Mothers who stay at home have hectic schedules! There are always numerous duties to complete, in addition to the fundamental care that every child demands. This can leave a child with a restricted period to engage in specific activities, such as playing time and targeted skills development, and the kid may need to follow along with the activity that is required of them. Daycare, on the other hand, is entirely focused on the requirements of the kid, with staff available not only to execute the necessary daily tasks to ensure that your child is well looked after, but also to give a variety of learning opportunities, various activities, and moral support should they need to.

A mixture of daycare and caring for your child at home, notably whether you’re worried that you and your child are not spending enough “quality time” together, is ideal — daycare continues to offer the perfect blend of solutions: mums can get all of their important task done as quickly as possible, relieving them and giving them more time to focus on their children, while their children can relish a wide variety of interesting pastimes in a secure, compassionate environment – offering one solution to two big issues.


In conclusion, you do not need to worry whether putting your child in a daycare or if taking care of them directly will enable them to develop best — take your time to do your research and ensure that you have the means to provide them with whatever you can. Your child will be in safe hands either way and if possible and needed, a childcare facility can be the solution to your woes.

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