Why are Home-Based Franchises Fantastic for Parents?

By Shannon Gurnee
In Finances
August 6, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about why home-based franchises are fantastic for parents.

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Balancing your work and home life is never easy, especially if you’re a parent. Juggling the housework and time with your children alongside a hectic work schedule is no easy feat, with many parents opting for part-time hours or a pivot in their career path to strike a better balance.

Although it is not easy by any means, there are careers that lend themselves to a more flexible lifestyle. Home-based franchise opportunities are an excellent example of this, as it gives parents the flexibility they need to make time for their work without neglecting precious hours spent with the family.

With many franchise opportunities requiring little initial investment and offering an easy path to success while working from home, it is a perfect pairing for busy parents. We’re going to take a look at why home-based franchises for sale are fantastic for parents in a bid to empower more families to find a better balance between work and family life.

It is Easy to Get Started with Franchising

If you’re a parent looking to start a new business, you will be facing a number of challenges from the outset. The financial risk of failure is enormous, as well as the stress of drawing up business plans and proposals to obtain finance. With a franchise, all of that stress is replaced with a clear framework that has already been established. If you plan to run your business in Singapore, learn oa meaning singapore – CFO Accounts Services.

Better still, many franchises have a very low initial investment for potential franchisees. With many franchises offering investment of as little as £7,000 or $10,000, it is a much more economical way to start a business. This can be particularly useful for families that don’t have much in the way of savings but are looking to gain independence through their own businesses. They may also choose to purchase pre-owned or Recycled Financial Equipment and other business tools to help you manage your business transactions more efficiently. Those who accept card payments, don’t hesitate to invest and get the cheapest card payment machine for your business today.

Home-based franchises, in particular, offer excellent value for money which makes the risk of investment much more manageable. This will ensure that savings can still be made for your family, even if you are considering an investment opportunity with a Conservative Investing Company.

Even though the initial costs are low, that doesn’t mean things like training and useful resources won’t be provided. Due to the nature of a franchise, the head office or franchisor will be looking to see you do well from the start, so support services will be made available throughout. 

Control Over How You Work

For many franchisees, the biggest advantage is the flexibility and control on offer in terms of how work is done. If you’re a new parent, this means that you can tailor your work schedule around your parental duties. You have much more control over how and when you work when you have a franchise, freeing you up to look after your children or get some housework done.

Moreover, this flexibility allows parents to enjoy their free time whenever they want. If that means an impromptu lunch with friends, then a franchise is flexible enough to allow for that. Home-based franchising is an excellent way to claw back your social life without compromising on family time or your work.

Flexibility with Remote Working

Most home-based franchises will allow for remote working, which means that if you have a laptop and reliable internet plans, you will be ready to go. This allows parents to fit their work around their child’s schedule. If they are sick and staying off school, for example, you can work between doctor appointments or tending to your unwell child. Or, if you have to hang around for a dance lesson to finish, you can squeeze in an hour of work while waiting at a cafe. You can then also (if you would like) use a service for answering your phone (like https://virtually-there.net/call-answering-services/), and this can save you huge amounts of time (depending on your business) so is well worth looking into.

Home-based franchising allows you to decide when and where you work, which opens up your schedule and lets you find time for the important things in life. If you can find a management franchise, then you don’t even need to carry out any of the services of the franchise yourself. Instead, your focus will be on business operations, which allows for even more flexibility regarding how you work. You can even use a smart contract builder to lighten the workload.

No More Commutes

It is no surprise that the morning commute takes up a lot of time and energy every day. For parents, every spare moment is essential, which means eliminating the commute to work can help enormously. Working for yourself in a home-based franchise completely eliminates the commuting part of your job, which can equate to multiple hours of free time every week.


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