How to Prepare Your Home for the Winter Weather

By Shannon Gurnee
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January 16, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered blog post about How to Prepare Your Home for the Winter Weather.

House in the Winter Weather Snow

In much of the world, we associate the winter weather with terms such as, “cold,” “freezing,” “rainy,” “snowy,” or “windy.” Our home is where we consider it to be safe, warm, comfortable, and our place away from the rest of the world. Our home also protects us from the outside elements (whether they be wet, hot, or cold). We not only decorate our homes for the different holidays throughout the year, but we also look to keep our home functional and cozy to protect us from the different changes in weather throughout the year. Check out these ways we can prepare our home for the Winter weather.

Heating and Air Conditioning System

Be sure to hire a cooling and heating services contractor like the ones from the heating services near Surprise, AZ to inspect your heating and air conditioning systems and keep them current and working. You don’t want to approach a hot summer month with a broken air conditioner, nor do you want to battle super cold weather with no heating system. Click here for more information about a professional Furnace service in Waxhaw that provides geothermal installation in Bedford, IN.

If you have a gas-powered heating system, it is also advised to inspect your tank installation and have it refilled. If you need a new hot water heater installation, then you may consider hiring experts in water heater installation in Tequesta, FL.

Protect the Wood Exterior

If we want our homes to keep us safe and comfortable, we need to take care of them. The wood trim on the outer parts of our home need to be protected from the elements.

Seal Your Patio

If you have a concrete patio, you will want to make sure to seal it (protecting it from the elements). If you spot any cracks in your concrete patio or driveway, be sure to fill them before you apply sealer so water doesn’t get in the cracks.

Insulate Your Windows

Air leaks can occur throughout your home and run up your energy bill and one common place this occurs is in your windows for which we recommend to read this new post about the best windows. If you find air leaks, you can hire a contractor to help you repair those or try some different ways to do it yourself (i.e. weather stripping, caulking, etc.)

Clean Your Gutters

After the leaves have fallen, be sure to clean out the gutters before the rain and snow fall next. Gutters that are filled with debris can back up and overflow, causing damage to the foundation and exterior of your home.

Insulate Your Pipes

Super cold weather can cause damage to your pipes, which can add up to a lot of money to do repairs. Insulate your pipes or check out this website for more information. Be sure to also turn off your exterior faucets and drain your outdoor irrigation systems.

Clean Your Chimney

Before building any fires in your fireplace, you’re going to want to ensure that your chimney and vents are clean and in good shape.  When looking to hire a chimney sweep, make sure they are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Make sure as well to conduct regular repairs and maintenance with the help of an expert in gas fireplace repair in Monroe, WA.

Stock Up on Winter Necessities

Before the cold weather, snow, and ice arrive, be sure you are stocked up on the winter weather necessities, and that you have a heating contractor to call in case something goes wrong with your heating at home. Of course, you should also have plenty of salt, ice melt, and a shovel.

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What are some other ways you can suggest on how to prepare your home for the Winter weather?


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