7 of the Best Ways to Keep Your Home Healthy in Winter

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health
October 29, 2019

Today, on Redhead Mom, we’re sharing about 7 of the Best Ways to Keep Your Home Healthy in Winter
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How to Keep Your Home Healthy During Winter

It is winter again, and you need to keep your home healthy. Several steps are necessary to achieve this. Let’s mention them; check if the heating systems are in good working condition, repair all the cracks on the walls, mow the lawns, and clean the gutters. Also, ensure you have enough firewood, supervise the condition of trees, and, most importantly, inspect the carbon monoxide and smoke sensors. Neglecting any of the above ways of keeping your home healthy will definitely expose your home to danger during winter. To be safe, be cautious, and act now before winter kicks in. So, how do you go about it? We will explain.

Mow the Lawns

Winter isn’t the right time to overseed your lawn; you do this in the fall. That’s why; you should be busy working on your lawn around April and May, as well as September and October.  Mow the overgrown grass and allow new grass to grow. To ensure that the grass sprouts well and the lawn is green, apply fertilizer around October or December.  Additionally, get in touch with professionals like Lawnstreet Online if you can’t prepare the lawn by yourself.

Heating Systems

No one thinks about the heating systems during the summer. The temperatures are too high even to think that the heating systems need proper maintenance, care, and regular check-up by a professional heating repair company like this furnace replacement in Columbia. It is because of such negligent by most people that you find many heating systems won’t last more than ten years while they should last even for 20 years.

A faulty heating system will not only fail to supply heat during winter, but also expose you to dangers such as fires. Avoid this by calling a heating repair service expert like Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning who provides boiler repair in Salem or Furnace repair In Jamestown so that they can ensure that the systems are in a good working condition in readiness of the winter season and schedule preventative maintenance with your central heating. You can ask them about the various Types of furnace installations and see what fits your home best.

Repair Cracks

Cracks are not only great paths for insects but also cold air. Usually, a well-built house does not have cracks. So, where else should the cracks come from? Simple, where you removed a socket or switch, there ought to be a hole, right? Such holes, if they are not covered accordingly, cause cold air to get into the house. So, how do you cover them?  First, if there are live electrical wires, do not touch them. You need to involve an electrician that provide electric panel replacement in Walpole, MA to handle such cables. However, if they are not, you can use caulk to seal the holes.

Clean the Gutters

The reason you have gutters in your home is to ensure that water flows through them smoothly and drains to the right place. That helps to avoid issues such as water accumulating in the basement and doorways. Still, if the gutters are full of debris, they will cause water to drain on the walls; hence, mess up the exterior of the wall.

Such issues are avoidable by cleaning the gutters. It is during the cleaning time you also get to see any holes in the gutters that could make water to drain through the wrong areas. Seal them and pour water to ensure that the flow is excellent. Be sure to consider rainwater harvesting to conserve water.

Have Enough Firewood

Do you have enough firewood? If no, it is time to make an order. While at it, remember to sweep around the chimney as you check if it is in good working condition. You may hire a chimney sweeps service for this. You may also consider hiring an expert who can tell if the fireplace is safe to use. Store the firewood away from water. We recommend that you store the firewood in a place where you can comfortably access it during winter without necessarily walking out of the house. Nonetheless, to avoid fires, do not have them near the furnace.

Supervise the Condition of Trees

Do you have tall trees around your home? Well, don’t wait for summer without being sure if all the trees are in good condition. That is; cut off any branches that are bending towards your home. Do the same thing to any broken or shaky branches. This way; you will keep your home safe from trees that could fall on your home due to the weight of snow. It is necessary to hire an expert to cut any trees that you feel need to be cut to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Inspect the Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Sensors

You want to be warm. So, you have the furnace and the heating systems all in a good working condition. The question is, are the carbon monoxide and smoke sensors working accordingly? You see, carbon monoxide, in the recent past, has been the primary cause of most fires in winter. The way to keep your home safe is by ensuring that the smoke detectors are in good working condition. Plus, ensure that their batteries are new if the old ones are not working appropriately.

There you are, get ready, and ensure that your home is healthy for summer. You can only do it now.


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