POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box Spring 2019 Review

By Shannon Gurnee
In Body
April 27, 2019

I love subscription boxes and today, I’m sharing about one of my favorites,
the POPSUGAR must have subscription box spring 2019. This includes a referral link.

PopSugar Must Have Box Spring 2019

PopSugar Must Have Box Spring 2019

Over the years, I’ve tried different subscriptionboxes and I have a few of my favorites. One of them that I really love is the POPSUGARMustHave subscriptionbox. It arrives once a quarter, although they also have holiday themed boxes as well (like the Mother’s Day one, but that was already sold out when I went to check it out).Β This year, I’m looking to recharge and focus some of my energy on self-care. Whether it’s going for walks around our neighborhood, updating my beauty routine, or concentrating on nutrition, this season’s box is taking my wellness routine to new heights. Let’s see what was in the POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box for Spring 2019.

Woman holding duffel bag


I loved this duffel bag the moment I saw it!Β  It is the multitasker of bags – great for workouts, commuting or weekend trips. The design includes a separated, ventilated shoe pocket as well as a padded front pocket for your smartphone. Magnetic handles will keep all your belongings safely together and the adjustable shoulder strap allows you to customize how you wear the bag. I love this bag! (Retail value: $49.99)

white paddle brush from popsugar spring box

redhead woman brushing hair with paddle brush


The T3 Smooth Paddle Brush is easy to use on my hair. Nylon heat resistant bristles detangle and gently smooth hair, while the soft non-slip handle allows for better control and effortless styling. This is a great brush! (Retail value: $35)

Clock from popsugar spring box


I’m constantly looking to see what time it is and this clock is the perfect, decorative way to see. This sleek, modern clock works with any style of decor. The lucite base looks awesome in any office, living room, or bedroom. It’s even etched at the bottom with “Your time is now.” It’s a great gift to a family member, friend or even yourself! (Retail value: $85)

Osea Ocean Cleanser


The Osea Ocean Cleanser is an organic seaweed cleansing gel that gently removes surface impurities and excess oils while maintaining a hydrated, healthy-looking complexion. Lime, cypress, and juniper energize skin to wake you up so you’re ready to take on the day. (Retail value: $44)

4-inch headband


When I’m washing my face, I can’t stand it when my hair falls in the face. Avoid that from happening with the Manduka 4-Inch Headband. The no-slip design means it will stay put without any adjusting throughout the day. (Retail value: $4)

Silver moon necklace from popsugar spring box


I love jewelry and this necklace is so pretty! This delicate necklace is the perfect layering piece, with a touch of personality. Kris Nations wanted to make a special design that’s unique, dreamy, and beautiful. The moon shape represents gentleness, sensitivity, compassion, and connection with others. It’s so pretty! (Retail value: $68)

Missio Hair Styling Cream


With thick and curly hair, I’ve had a lifetime of dealing with frizz and tangles. The Missio Hair Styling Cream is the perfect remedy! For a frizz-free blow-dry, this cream will allow you to style your hair effortlessly. Use it to smooth, control frizz, and add volume, thermal protection, and shine to your style. The formula includes an antioxidant-rich fruit extract blend with acai, pomegranate, kiwi, mangosteen, and green tea. It’s the perfect bottle to toss in your gym bag for easy styling on the go.

Truwomen Daydreaming About Donuts Plant Fueled Protein Bar


Do you get excited when you see a “Hot Donuts” sign light up in a store window? If your answer is yes, you’ll love this protein bar that’s only 200 calories Made with pure ingredients like cassava, brown rice, and roasted almonds, this bar is great for people on the go. It tastes so good, they say you’ll forget it’s not a real doughnut. (Retail value: $2.79)

Subscription box


I love that in each POPSUGAR Must Have Box, there are extra goodies added in! Check out this month’s extra goodies!

Yogi Green Tea Passion Fruit Matcha Tea


I love drinking tea and was excited to see a new brand and flavor to try out at home! Sip this bright and delightful blend to support your overall health. Green tea and match green tea supply antioxidants, while passion fruit and plum flavor add light, fruity notes to this invigorating blend for a tea that’s both delicious and beneficial – the best of both worlds.

Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair


If you want a healthy, bright smile, Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair helps actively repair acid-weakened enamel with twice-daily brushing. Acids in your everyday diet, like berries, wine, and tomatoes, can weaken tooth enamel over time, causing teeth to look yellow or dull. This toothpaste drives vital minerals deep into the enamel surface to help repair damage.

I really enjoyed the items that were included in my Spring 2019 POPSUGAR Must Have Box! I can’t wait to see what’s in the next box! If you loved this box and want to subscribe for yours, do it HERE and receive a $20 coupon!!!


Do you subscribe to the POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box?
What was your favorite item in the Spring 2019 box?


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24 Responses to “POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box Spring 2019 Review”

  1. Stacie says:

    That is a great box! I love all the variety in it. Some boxes just have variations on the same theme, but this has such a great mix!

  2. Emman Damian says:

    POPSUGAR Must Have Subscription Box for Spring 2019 looks so interesting! I hope this is available to my country. It seems really promising!

  3. Nnniiicceeeeee….and quite handy, if you ask me. It’s basically got what you need with you in the shortest time possible. Great creation!!

  4. Theresa says:

    Now this is a subscription box I can totally get behind. I’m really digging the moon necklace and protein bar, but it all looks amazing! Great mix of products!

  5. Claire Lee says:

    There are so many subscription boxes these days but I love how they just make our lives easier!! This subscription box seems like it has everything haha!! I love the tea & ocean cleanser.

  6. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    You looked like you hit the jackpot this time! There are so many wonderful items in that box. It is definitely a must have!

  7. Brianne Manz says:

    This looks like a wonderful box you received for springtime. I love all of the items that you received.

  8. Jeanell says:

    I love subscriptions boxes! I think it’s the surprise aspect of it that is addicting. It’s like opening presents at Christmas time. You received some really nice items.

  9. Lisa Rios says:

    I literally love ALL of those things!!! If every box is as good as this one I want it lol

  10. Rosey says:

    You had me at moon necklace. The whole box is nice, I can think of quite a few people I know who would agree!

  11. Kat & Phil says:

    So great that you found a subscription box that works for you!! Love us some Yogi tea πŸ™‚

  12. theres a sub box for literally everything these days!

  13. Heather says:

    This looks so amazing! I will totally look in to this and anyone who buys this will be happy the whole spring!

  14. Jessica Hughes says:

    This sounds like a great deal! Have been wanting to try PopSugar for awhile now!

  15. Quin says:

    I love the box and the contents are really useful these days. I think it’s really worth buying it.

  16. Denise C says:

    I love that the duffel has a shoe pocket. I usually have to put my shoe in a separate plastic bag, which is noisy and less convenient.

  17. Myrah Duque says:

    I love subscription boxes! This one, in particular, has some great items.

  18. Kalyan Panja says:

    Thanks for sharing these nice tips for those who are looking to get a subscription box as this one looks quite complete and handy.

  19. Gosh, I want all of these goodies 😍 This is such a great subscription box. I am going to check it out right away!

  20. Catherine says:

    Subscription boxes are so much fun! This looks like a great box of goodies!

  21. Tiffany La Forge-Grau says:

    I would use everything they sent me! I really should try this out when I get the chance.

  22. Joanna Clute says:

    That is a killer box! I really want one now!

  23. Those protein bars and that tea looked good!!! This looks amazing!! Such an awesome box!

  24. Erin says:

    I love Popsugar boxes! What cool stuff!

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