Our Boys Bond While Having Fun with the Nintendo Switch

By Shannon Gurnee
In Game Review
January 30, 2019

On Redhead Mom, we’re sharing about how our boys bond while having fun with the Nintendo Switch
as part of a sponsored post with Nintendo. The games were provided for our review to feature on Redhead Mom.

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When I was a little girl, I had the “original” Nintendo console that was hooked up to our television. That’s right! I played Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt – old school style – ha ha! I remember how excited I was when our neighbors got Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda and my sister and I spent a lot of time playing the games with them at their house. I see this same excitement with our kids when they have new games come out for the different Nintendo consoles, including the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS XL. Thanks to Nintendo, we received Super Mario Party, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Go Vacation. With each of our boys having their own Nintendo Switch, it makes it easy for them to play games together or separate. Plus, they can even play with each other on the television!

Nintendo 3DS Games #Nintendo #Nintendo3DS #technology #games #gamer #blogger #ad


Super Mario Party

Party anywhere, any way with Super Mario Party! The classic style of Mario Party goes super on Nintendo Switch. Enter a plaza bursting with team matches, river rafting, rhythm battles, and lots more! This is a fun and complete refresh of the Mario Party series!

The original 4-player Mario Party series board game mode that fans love is back, and your friends and family are invited to the party! Freely walk the board: choose where to move, which Dice Block to roll, and how to win the most Stars in skill-based minigames. Wait till you see the 2 vs 2 mode with grid-based maps, the creative uses of the console, and the series’ first online minigame mode!

Nintendo 3DS Games #Nintendo #Nintendo3DS #technology #games #gamer #blogger #ad

Test your skills in sets of five minigames with the new mode, Mariothon, and see how you stack up against players across the globe in Online Mariothon*. Whether you’re pedaling tricycles, flipping meat, or who knows what else, you’ll use Joy-Con controllers in clever ways across 80 new minigames; some are all-out free-for-alls, others are 2 vs 2, or even 1 vs 3! Toad’s Rec Room lets you pair up two Nintendo Switch systems**, which you’ll lay side-by-side on a flat surface like a real tabletop game. That way you can play a mini baseball game, battle tanks in custom arenas, or even see who can match the most bananas by repositioning the systems however you see fit! Our boys especially liked this game because it has Waluigi and they enjoy playing him.

*Internet access required for online play. For more info, go to Nintendo’s support website.

**Additional games and systems may be required; sold separately.

  • Choose the right Dice Block for you! Take a chance on character-specific Dice Blocks with unique highs and lows. Up to four players* take turns rolling the dice, and individually race across the board searching for Stars.
  • Pick-up-and-play minigames! 80 new mini games are sure to keep the party fresh.
  • New ways to play! Place systems side by side for an unexpected twist! In Toad’s Rec Room Mode, new gameplay links two Nintendo Switch systems for side-by-side fun.
  • Take the party online! Play minigames online against rivals all over the world.
  • Super Mario Party is compatible with Joy-Con controllers only
  • Rated E (Everyone)
  • Switch to TV (1-4 players); Switch to Switch (1-4 players); Switch (1 player)
  • *Additional accessories may be required for multiplayer mode. Sold separately.


Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Barrel-blast into a critically acclaimed Donkey Kong adventure as this beloved franchise makes its Nintendo Switch debut with a banana-bunch of new features. Traverse islands packed with platforming perfection and nonstop action as the classic Kongs in the original game, or mix things up by playing the story as Funky Kong in new Funky Mode!

Nintendo 3DS Games #Nintendo #Nintendo3DS #technology #games #gamer #blogger #ad

  • Explore levels that twist, turn, and transform in unexpected ways, while the game’s dynamic rotating camera helps you fully enjoy this game’s diverse, vibrant islands.
  • Master a range of special moves, including unique abilities like Diddy Kong’s jet pack, Dixie Kong’s spinning ponytail, and Cranky Kong’s cane bounce.
  • Overcome challenges, battle frosty foes and bosses, and reclaim the Kongs’ stolen home.
  • Seek out a wealth of collectibles that’ll enable you to unlock additional content and stock up on useful items.
  • Enjoy all the fun and challenge of the original game, plus an optional new mode that makes the game more accessible to younger and less-experienced players, as well as those looking for a more relaxed gaming experience.
  • For the first time ever in the Donkey Kong Country series, play as Funky Kong!
  • Funky Kong has extra hearts and helpful abilities like double jump, hover, infinite rolls, infinite underwater corkscrews, and spike resistance.
  • Share the adventure with a friend! During two-player co-op gameplay, each player can use a single Joy-Con controller, so no additional accessories are required.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Gaming icons clash in the ultimate brawl you can play anytime, anywhere! Smash rivals off the stage as new characters Simon Belmont and King K. Rool join Inkling, Ridley, and every fighter in Super Smash Bros. history. Enjoy enhanced speed and combat at new stages based on the Castlevania series, Super Mario Odyssey, and more!

Nintendo 3DS Games #Nintendo #Nintendo3DS #technology #games #gamer #blogger #ad
Having trouble choosing a stage? Then select the Stage Morph option to transform one stage into another while battling—a series first! Plus, new echo fighters Dark Samus, Richter Belmont, and Chrom join the battle. Whether you play locally or online, savor the faster combat, new attacks, and new defensive options, like a perfect shield. Jam out to 900 different music compositions and go 1-on-1 with a friend, hold a 4-player free-for-all, kick it up to 8-player battles and more! Feel free to bust out your GameCube controllers—legendary couch competitions await—or play together anytime, anywhere! Our boys said this was hands down one of their favorite games for the Nintendo Switch!


Go Vacation

Welcome to kawawii island, a paradise resort where friends and family can enjoy 50+ co-op and competitive activities. There are all sorts of exciting ways to explore the island, from horseback to buggies, snow mobile to inline skates. And to add to the fun, up to 4 players can enjoy visiting and discovering every corner of the island together! if you’re playing multiplayer, each player can use just One Joy-Con Controller. Experience hours of fun and something new every day. Customize your character, costumes, vehicles and even pets! daily presents and challenges mean that you will want to keep coming back to the island of kawawii to explore more terrain and play through activities all over again. Mii or in-game characters of friends and family may show up, and if they do, you can compete against them anytime. Or customize your very own villa by earning over 450 pieces of furniture. Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode. Sold separately. This title has been rated everyone mild cartoon violence.


Nintendo 3DS Games #Nintendo #Nintendo3DS #technology #games #gamer #blogger #ad
  • Welcome to kawawii island, a paradise resort where friends and family can Enjoy 50+ co-op and competitive activities
  • There are all sorts of exciting ways to explore the island, from horseback to buggies, snow mobile to inline skates
  • If you’re playing multiplayer, each player can use just One Joy-Con Controller
  • Experience hours of fun and something new every day. Customize your character, costumes, vehicles and even pets!
  • Daily presents and challenges mean that you will want to keep coming back to the island of kawawii to explore more terrain and play through activities all over again;Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) Content Description: Mild violence


Nintendo 3DS Games #Nintendo #Nintendo3DS #technology #games #gamer #blogger #ad

These were fun games and gave a great reason for your boys to play together. They cheered each other one when unlocking characters and levels in the games, as well as competed with one another. We can’t wait to see what Nintendo comes out with next!!!

Which of these games is your favorite?



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31 Responses to “Our Boys Bond While Having Fun with the Nintendo Switch”

  1. SUJATA TAWDE says:

    Just like you , we had our share of Nintendo games while growing up in 1990’s. Out of these new games you described I would love to try ‘Super Mario Party’ and ‘Go Vacation’

  2. Alexandra says:

    I must admit – Nintendo games have without a doubt always been my favourite. This brings back such fun childhood memories!

  3. Stacie says:

    Gaming is a great way to have some quality bonding time as a family. I see a lot of posts about the evils of screen time, but I think it comes down to balance. We enjoy a lot of things as a family, and one of them is playing on our Switch.

  4. John Mulindi says:

    Some really good ideas, to enjoy in free time with kids. Gaming in my opinion is good if done in a measured way. Thanks.

  5. I’m not sure I could pick a favourite, I love quite a few of those games. The Nintendo Switch console sounds like a great console for the whole family.

  6. Sara Welch says:

    We have a Nintendo Switch and I have to admit, I love playing it with my kids! Sometimes, my husband even joins us and we have such a good time. It really can be a great tool to bond with your family!

  7. My boys totally begged for their own nintendo. The switch is really ingenious that way. So that that the boys can play together.

  8. The Switch is seriously fun for all ages! I had a friend come over and play Smash Brothers with me for a little while and I swear we almost didn’t leave my house. I was too engrossed! Hope you’re getting your turn playing too!

  9. I didn’t know you can transform the handheld into a tv thing. I used to love my Nintendo when I was growing up. Itvakways added fun to my day!!!

  10. matthew says:

    I used to play nintendo games very much when i was still little, am not sure i can pick a favourite as playstation soccer is my best

  11. Mika says:

    Looks like your boys are enjoying their games! Nothing beats Super Mario Party for me.

  12. Melissa says:

    Awesome review, I have been on the fence about getting one for the kiddos. But this has really helped my make my decisions can’t wait to get it and pla Super Mario Party! with the Fam!!!!

  13. I have yet to enjoy any Nintendo switch games. I have a fan of the old school Nintendo consoles, playing Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, 007, Mario Kart. My 6 year old nephew gave me the best advice recently, “Nana, I think you need to get a game so you can have fun. You can’t work all of the time.” Smart right?

  14. Ha—bonding over video games—would be a miracle in my house. Try arguing over who goes first, who’s cheating and who won! I guess you’re lucky, lol!

  15. I use to be a big fun of Nintendo when I was younger. Glad that they are bringing it back with different game consoles for the kids today.

  16. Becca Talbot says:

    I don’t actually have any kids yet, so this wouldn’t really be for me – but I’m going to send this article over to my friend who also has two young boys, as I’m sure she’ll find it useful 🙂 x

  17. I remember those old consoles! I “graduated” to the 64 system, where I played, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario and Banjo Kazooie, all of which I beat! This looks like a fun gaming system for the kids to share.

  18. I grew up in the age of Atari! PONG! My oldest son got a Switch from his wife last Christmas and it’s a huge hit when the kids all get together. He loves that he can play alone or with his brother when we get together.

  19. 1stopmom says:

    I love Nintendo. Would you believe that I have an original that I still play. It has a game genie and everything. These games look very fun. I have wanted to get it but I bought the XL DS instead. I might have to revisit the whole getting a Switch because I want to play Mario Party. I like that game on my DS

  20. This is so sweet. We like to game as a family, there are so many great games out there that we can play together. It’s always a lot of fun.

  21. Ruth I says:

    I’m jealous! I’ve been wanting a Nintendo Switch for so long. I am sure this is awesome and exciting to use!

  22. Kathy says:

    I’ve been wanting a Nintendo Switch for some time now. I’m pretty sure I would be playing it a lot myself. I bet my daughters would have a lot of fun with it too. It’s certainly an item I hope to own someday.

  23. wow I didn’t know anything about this one but it sounds fun. It seems that some new game comes out all of the time but this one really sounds like one worth looking into.

  24. Lynndee says:

    Boys and their toys. 🙂 My son used to have a Nintendo gadget and had a lot of fun with it.

  25. Shannan P says:

    My kids have been pestering me for a Switch since they came out and are dying to play that Super Mario Party game. Let’s be honest here…so am I!

  26. Rachel says:

    All the classic Nintendo games make me want to get the switch. It has been fun when we tried it at other people’s houses.

  27. Marysa says:

    These games look like a lot of fun. Someone brought a Nintendo Switch to our last swim meet and it looked pretty cook. I know my kids would love one of these!!

  28. I need a Nintendo switch, we are definitely a gaming family around these parts and have a ball playing all sorts of games together.

  29. Ingrid says:

    Ir seems that boys are gamers by default. It’s as if this quality is coded into their DNA. It seems they will never tire of Nintendo once it continues to upgrade into these new and updated versions

  30. Katrina Ellen says:

    The Switch has been so much fun for us as a family. There are so many games that we can play and enjoy together.

  31. Nati says:

    We don’t play video games at home (yet) as my children are still young, but I find these quite amusing!

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