10 Secrets to Getting Fit and Feeling Great!

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health
April 3, 2017


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Life as a mom can be crazy busy! I remember the days when I had plenty of time to head to the gym or go out for a run. However, managing two businesses and a household of 8 makes it almost impossible to get out and get exercise. I think we can all agree that getting some sort of exercise is not only good for the body, but good for the mind as well. Here are some secrets to getting fit and feeling great!

10 Secrets to Getting Fit and Feeling Great!

1 – Make it a lifestyle change, not a diet or keep fit plan. Attitude is pivotal and can dictate if you are going to succeed or fail.

2 – There is no “Miracle, get fit in 5 minutes” solution. Set yourself some targets, but be aware that there is no sustainable “quick fix.”

3 – It should start with a trip to the doctor. Have a check-up before you start any program of exercise or start changing your diet. Your physician can advise you if there are any health risks you need to be aware of.

4 – Learn the greatest secret to better eating. Keep a note of what you eat. Remember, portion control is key.

5 – Start to exercise…Gently! Grab one of these womens workout clothes and slowly build up your stamina and look to take on more active exercise such as running, playing sports or going to the gym. The best way to start is by doing legs workouts at home. The Privateers Garage is where you can check out these TV options for your home gym.

6 – Exercise has to be something you love! Rather than exercising being something you “have to do,” it can be a social event – a high point of your week where you can relax and really enjoy something new. You may check out this list of low impact pool exercises if you’re looking to try something unique!

7 – Track your successes. Tracking what you do can be very useful as it allows you to see how you are building up exercise. It is also good for those times when you slack to motivate you to work a little harder.

8 – Look after yourself. This is where RICE comes into play. What does RICEΒ stand for?

  • Rest – rest the affected limb
  • Ice – use ice to reduce swelling
  • Compression – supports circulation
  • Elevation – drains the lymphatic nodes

Under Pressure Lymphedema Products Infographic

9 – Agree what is “your perfection.” The most important thing for you is to be healthy and to be happy with your body image.

10 – Don’t give up! Once you start getting fit, don’t give up! There will be days when you don’t want to exercise or you will have a few too many drinks or even enjoy a bit too much of a buffet, however, this is not a reason to lose your resolve.

Do you strive to keep fit?
If so, what are your secrets to staying fit and feeling great?

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44 Responses to “10 Secrets to Getting Fit and Feeling Great!”

  1. Ludavia says:

    I definitely agree with changing your mindset about working out! It is a lifestyle. I try to focus on the feeling more than the workout. That is what motivates me! I feel great after a workout. I don’t particularly like working out, but I love the feeling. I will have to try the RICE method when I have a sore spot.

  2. ellen beck says:

    I learned a lot bout compression garments. I have always wondered why they have gotten so popular. Now I want some to make my workouts better. I gave up running (well jogging) due to shin problems and am a walker. Perhaps wit some good socks I could get faster again.

  3. Sapana V says:

    Amazing tips. Daily exercise is really important to stay fit.

  4. I’m striving these days, although for a long time I wasn’t. Right now, I’m doing my best to eat a more balanced diet.

  5. Bill Sweeney says:

    I’ve been exercising a lot more lately. I’ve also started doing Jenny Craig with my wife. Those two things have really helped me get a jump start on my fitness.

  6. Joely Smith says:

    EXCELLENT tips and AWESOME infographic! Yes it HAS to be a lifestyle and not a fad or diet! I love this post!

  7. I completely agree with what you said about a lifestyle versus a diet. I wear a compression sock when I work out.

  8. Marcie W. says:

    These are wonderful suggestions on how to lead a more health conscious lifestyle. I exercise frequently, but still have circulation issues, so I plan to look into compression socks.

  9. Dogvills says:

    Great infographic. I’ve been lazy the past few weeks. I need to go back to walking!

  10. I have been looking into compression garments. I am wondering if they will help some of my health issues!

  11. uprunforlife says:

    This is excellent advice. Remember that this journey isn’t a race. I need to start exercising more but my health has caused interference with my fitness goals.

  12. Lynndee says:

    That is an awesome infographic! So great to know all those facts about compression garments. I’ve never used one, but I do know somebody who could use one.

  13. I love that you said “There are no miracles!” It’s so true. Hard work is the name of the game. Love the infographic.

  14. Dee says:

    My goal this year was to get more walking in and now i am determined to hit my goal and to start losing weight.

  15. Tami Qualls says:

    Exercise is what defeats me. I guess maybe because I am taking it on too fast. I will try starting out slow like you said.

  16. Mars says:

    Yes to all you have listed. There is no miracle if you don’t work for it.

  17. Lisa Heath says:

    These are such good points! I think when I was younger, I would go to work out and hit it hard and burn out. I didn’t ease into it which would kill my motivation (and my muscles)

  18. Kiwi says:

    I like the tip of excising gently. Some people think to excising aggressively but yeah you can hurt yourself doing that.

  19. Great post!! Compression garments are so important especially if you have poor circulation. It can get rid of restless leg syndrome and help you feel fabulous!!

  20. lisa says:

    This is a great list. I love running and I really need to look into getting myself compression socks. I’ve been increasing my mileage and my legs could use them.

  21. Vera Sweeney says:

    These are great tips! It’s so important to see your doctor before you start any sort of exercise regime, especially if you have any underlying conditions.

  22. Joely Smith says:

    I am sending this to my mother! She needs to understand the body better and take more care with her workouts with a warm up and cool down. She just goes hard core and it is not helping her body!

  23. Doria says:

    This is awesome! I find that making sure I’m drinking enough water and staying in the habit of working out weekly keeps me feeling healthy πŸ™‚

  24. Pam says:

    Maki sure you love the exercise you choose is so important. You won’t stick with it if you don’t like it.

  25. Claudia Krusch says:

    I have a friend that is my workout partner. It really helps me to have someone I have to be accountable to.

  26. Heather says:

    I can’t wait until I can focus more on fitness. I have a lot of stresses in my life right now, employment issues etc keeping me for a regular routine. Soon hopefully…I’ll just eat better in the mean time.

  27. Jenny says:

    Exercise is not something i love but i do try to go for walks or hikes when weather permits

  28. Exercise is very important. I make sure to exercise at home even for a few minutes whenever I don’t have the time to go out and walk.

  29. I seriously need to live a healthier lifestyle. I hate working out but I know I need to get back into it and start eating cleaner!

  30. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are all great secrets to feeling great and getting fit. Exercise is so important for our mind, body, and soul. Eating right I believe goes hand in hand with exercising too along with getting plenty of sleep. Thanks for sharing the secrets.

  31. I have heard about those compression clothing items. I just didn’t know the specific benefits to them unless someone was in a hospital. I guess it makes sense to have them for other occasions. And I get it with the exercise being something you love. But truthfully, you have to find a way to exercise that you love, no matter what you do that makes you feel good while doing it, except maybe eating. No matter how many times you lift that slice of pizza, its not going to reduce your weight one iota. πŸ™‚

  32. Great tips! I totally agree that exercise needs to be something you love in order to keep motivated. Starting slow is a great idea too. Thanks for this!

  33. Kiwi says:

    I am trying to do better by getting fit and living a better wellness lifestyle. I just need to be more consistent but I am trying!

  34. I was going to the gym regularly for about eight months. I got plantar fascitis and it really threw me a curve ball.

  35. Amanda says:

    Your tips are so on point. The journey to good health is slow and steady. And I have learned that keeping a journal makes such a difference!

  36. I agree with every single one of these. I have been working with my doctor to figure it out. I’m trying to make a series of small changes that I can live with forever rather than dieting. I’ve also been tracking things more to see where I can improve. It’s hard. Especially if you have underlying medical issues like I do. But I’m hopeful.

  37. Jennifer says:

    I have never gone to the doctor when I started trying to get healthy or even thought about it. This is something I need to do.

  38. Mimi Green says:

    I swear I need an intervention. I want to get healthy but I lack the self-motivation. I don’t want to shed pounds but I want to flatten my stomach. My biggest hurdle is eating.

  39. Cat says:

    These are great and I have been doing a few of these “secrets” myself since I started my weight loss journey. Thanks for sharing!

  40. E H says:

    What a beautiful post, and I love the infographics. As a blogger I have been asked to review compression products before, but I wasn’t completely sure what they are used for – now this infographics explain it. I know when I am trying to stay fit, my problem is always that I want to get fit fast, and I know that I have to look at it as a lifestyle change, not as a band-aid solution.

  41. Echo says:

    These are fantastic tips. I really need to start doing something to make myself feel better.

  42. So many great tips here!!! I really think if you want to keep the pounds off it’s all about a healthy lifestyle.

  43. Gabriel says:

    The lifestyle change is the most important point. If you don’t make permanent changes, you won’t see permanent changes!

  44. Eloise says:

    you got it right! It’s not just diet that helps get people fit and slender, it’s exercise too! and YES Portion control is KEY when it comes to food… love all of your tips, this will help many people get fit the right way : )

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