Introducing Smart Toy from Fisher-Price

By Shannon Gurnee
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December 11, 2015
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There are so many cool Customised soft toy this holiday season and I have the chance to feature one of the Hot Holiday Toys of 2015 (from Toys”R”Us)! Let me introduce you to Smart Toy® from Fisher-Price! Smart Toy® is a huggable plush toy that offers exciting, engaging and meaningful interactive play. It connects with kids through storytelling, fun adventures and activities. While it tracks verbal response and movement, it also uses an app and speech recognition software to interact with children. Smart Toy® is a toy that grows with your child, and creates a unique experience with every interaction.

Smart Toy® is an interactive learning friend that talks, listens, and “remembers” what your child says and even responds when spoken to. Smart Toy® is the next generation of play! The more your child plays with Smart Toy®, the more this remarkable friend adapts to create personalized adventures the two of them will love!

#FisherPrice #SmartToy #Holidays #HolidayGiftGuide #Toys #ad


  • Voice Recognition: Talks and listens and remembers what your child says—the two of them can have actual conversations!
  • Image Recognition: Visually recognizes the 9 Smart Cards included so your child can choose activities like stories, games and adventures!
  • Learns your child’s favorite things and activities!
  • Knows when you toss him in the air (with a little help from his accelerometer)
  • Knows the time of day, weather and world events
  • Plays games with the whole family
  • Makes up stories where your child can choose what happens next!
  • Takes your child on imaginative adventures
  • Tells jokes
  • Download the free app at to unlock unlimited Wi-Fi content updates and help Smart Toy learn your child’s name.
  • Parents can unlock bonus activities with the app such as bedtime, clean-up, break time and party time!
  • NO PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE DATA is transmitted by Smart Toy

Smart Toy® is recommended for children ages 3-8 and retails for $99.

Includes Smart Toy® Monkey, 1 USB charging cable, 9 Smart Cards, and a cute little backpack to store everything. Make the play even smarter! Look for Smart Card expansion packs to expand the play. (Each sold separately and subject to availability)

What features do you like about the Smart Toy®?

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