12 Ways to Make Money Blogging

By Shannon Gurnee
In Blogging Basics
March 19, 2014

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I started blogging in July of 2008 and I still can’t believe it’s been almost 6 years!  What started out as a hobby has now turned into my full-time career and I still love it as much as I did when I started.  I never thought I would actually be able to make money from blogging and be able to support my family, as well as travel the world.  Let me tell you – it is possible!!!

Over the years, I have worked with some pretty amazing companies and have repeated opportunities with some of those amazing companies.  I have to admit that I did learn much of what I know about blogging through both trial and error and from mentors I’ve come to admire over the years.  Don’t ever be afraid to ask!  The worst thing someone can tell you is to get lost (but I have found that most bloggers don’t do this) or they just don’t know how to sum up everything they’ve learned over the journey of their blog.

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Here are 12 amazing companies I’ve worked with over the years whom I’ve found repeated sponsored opportunities with and who have helped me to have a money-making career in blogging.  I encourage you to check each one out and see if they are a good fit for you and your blog.

1 – Collective Bias (aka Social Fabric) – This is by far one of my favorite companies to work with!  I started as a shopper with them and have worked my way to earn money as a Co-host and Host for Campaign Twitter Parties, a Campaign Leader for a variety of campaigns and now in Community Support.  As a shopper, I participated in a variety of campaigns – from product reviews to recipe creations to hosting parties with my family and friends.  The pay averages around $125 per post and up.  It is an awesome company to work with!  You can apply to be a member HERE.

2 – Mom It Forward – I have worked with Mom It Forward for quite some time and have loved the variety of opportunities I’ve participated in.  The pay varies from $75 and up – depending on the brand and the requirements.  You can apply to be a member of the community HERE.

3 – Mom Central – I have had a lot of amazing sponsored opportunities with Mom Central.  This has included product reviews, recipe creations, brand events and twitter parties.  The pay runs around $25 and up and is paid via Amazon Gift Cards.  You can apply to be a member HERE.

4 – Global Influence (aka Resourceful Mommy Media Network) – I have also loved working with Global Influence and have had quite a few campaign opportunities with them.  The pay averages around $50 and up per post.  You can apply to be a member HERE.

5 – Type A Parent – I have recently participated in a few campaigns with Type A.  It included receiving product samples and then sharing my pictures and experiences on my blog and on my social media channels.  The pay averages $75 and up per post.  You can apply to be a member HERE.

6 – TapInfluence (aka BlogFrog) – I have worked with TapInfluence for quite some time (when they were formerly known as BlogFrog).  You can set the pay you would like and then brands will request a post from you if your blog fits their objectives.  A lot of times you will be paid a stipend for having an ad in the sidebar of your blog in addition to your blog post.  This ad typically needs to be up for around 30 days.  You can apply to be a member HERE.

7 – The Motherhood – I have worked with The Motherhood for quite some time on a variety of campaigns.  I’ve done product reviews, hosted giveaways, attended webinars and participated in Twitter Parties.  The team is awesome to work with!  The pay averages from $100 and up.  You can apply to be a member of the community HERE.

8 – Burst Media – I love working with Burst Media.  Not only do they have a variety of ad campaigns, but they also have sponsored post opportunities.  The pay averages $150 and up.  You can join Burst HERE.

9 – Glam Media – I have enjoyed working with Glam as well.  You can sign up to have an ongoing ad on your blog in the sidebar, as well as participate in a variety of sponsored opportunities including recipes, product features and foodie collections.  The pay starts at $50 (social media syndication) and goes up from there.  Join the Glam Community HERE.

10 – SITS Girls – SITS Girls is run via Massive Sway and they have a variety of campaigns you can sign up for each month.  Pay varies from $50 and up.  You can apply to be a member HERE.

11 – SocialSpark – SocialSpark is another company I’ve worked with for quite some time.  I have loved the variety of campaigns and the timeliness of payments.  You can set your own minimum payments.  You receive “leads” to which you can either accept, negotiate (setting your desired price) or decline.  You will then get an offer if the brand chooses to work with you.  You can sign up for SocialSpark HERE.

12 – Link Vehicle – I love working with Link Vehicle!  For this company, you can again set  your minimum pay and you split the amount with Link Vehicle.  There are both posts you write in your own words and pre-written posts.  Payment is received promptly at the beginning of the month via Paypal.  You can sign up to join Link Vehicle HERE.

I hope this information is helpful to many of you out there who are looking for ways to make money with your blog. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  Good luck everyone!

What companies have you worked with that allow you to make money on your blog?  What are your favorites and why?  Are there others that aren’t listed above?



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6 Responses to “12 Ways to Make Money Blogging”

  1. Cynthia R says:

    I’ve thought about turning my blog entering into actually writing a blog and joining some of these groups, but haven’t made that leap yet, nice to see such a great list compiled once I am ready.

  2. Wow! You and I have a lot in common 🙂 I wrote about this topic too. I love being able to work from home.

  3. Great descriptions, and a nice resource for those looking to monetize their blog. Sharing.

  4. One of the most comprehensive and accurate lists I had seen. Great resource for bloggers.

  5. Terra Heck says:

    Some of these I am a member of but I’m definitely going to check out the ones I’m not signed up with yet. Thanks for the list.

  6. […] ways to make money on your blog is by joining communities around the blogosphere.  Check out this post where I talk about some of my favorite communities I am a part of and that I participate in […]

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