Travel for a Sense of Relaxation and Adventure

By Shannon Gurnee
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September 11, 2013

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Travel is often seen as nothing more than a means of relaxation. Getting a change of scenery can provide a change of outlook. It’s easier to sort your thoughts out when you aren’t stuck staring at the same four walls all the time. On top of that, getting away from your usual haunts physically can remove you from the sources of stress that keep you down day-to-day, whether those are related to work, social obligations, family, or even just the place you live.

However, relaxation is not the only way to look at travel. Many turn to travel as a hobby for reasons other than simple leisure. While most look at it as a way to recover from the stress of their day-to-day lives, a popular trend is seeing more people turn to travel as a kind of adventure. This is similar to people who snowboard, ski or rock climb. While these activities are often stress-relieving relative to one’s office stresses, they are not themselves relaxing activities. They’re demanding and exhilarating.

Those that view vacation as a chance to adventure tend to choose more challenging destinations. Rather than pursuing resort towns in Mexico, for instance, which are used to tourists and have a large number of english speakers, they might choose locations that will require research in advance. They’ll learn some of the language, they’ll look into destinations off the beaten path, and they’ll really dig into the trip to come rather than looking for locations that emulate their home environment.

We’re seeing more of these travel adventurers surfacing on the web. Chantal Royer is one example. She staked her claim blogging about travel and food, and has since developed an emphasis on adventuring. She blogs regularly about the places she’s been and the places she’s going, and many other travel blogs are following suit, placing an emphasis on what makes a trip adventurous and unique as compared to most resort trips. Adventure travel blogs make for fascinating reads due to the unique angle they provide on travel in general.

While some find it a novel concept, it’s really nothing new. However, as more people become aware of adventure travel as something to pursue, we’re sure to hear more of it in the blogosphere and online. For those intrepid few willing to step outside their comfort zone, adventure travel is a great way to blow off steam and stress while getting a thrill too.

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3 Responses to “Travel for a Sense of Relaxation and Adventure”

  1. Julie Wood says:

    I love to travel for relaxation and it is always fun when I go out of town to rest. Just to sit in the morning and not do anything is so relaxing. The whole adventure of getting to see a new place is such a great excitement for me. I need to do this soon!

  2. I am not able to do much traveling at the moment but one day I hope to. I like to have a mixture of relaxation and adventure.

  3. Travel to your favourite place is a nice option when you get fed up from your daily routine work. I love travelling and I feel very relaxed and comfortable to go back to work after travel to some nice place.

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