Get a Shot. Give a Shot. Adult Immunizations at Walgreens Through October 14th #GiveaShot #cbias

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health
September 8, 2013

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As a mother, I know how important it is to keep our children’s immunizations up to date, especially since they are all now in school.  As parents, we think about the possibilities of our children getting sick and dying from horrible diseases that can be prevented with immunizations, but do we think about them for ourselves?  I mean, if we aren’t caught up on our immunizations and we get sick and die from something that could have been prevented, how will our children’s lives be without us to take care of them?  This is why it is so important for us as adults to keep our immunizations up to date!  Thanks to Walgreens, Adult Immunizations are available quickly and at an affordable rate.  

Walgreens Adult Immunizations 3

I didn’t really think about updating my immunizations until I wanted to travel internationally and wanted to volunteer at my children’s schools.  After all, when we’re adults, there aren’t as many immunizations we need to have, so it’s a lot easier to overlook.  But as parents, we want the best for our children and we can give them the best if we take care of our heath.

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I am a work-at-home mom (as a full-time blogger and campaign leader) and earn enough money to take care of our family and home, but I don’t have health insurance.  That means going to the doctor’s office can be a huge expense.  I love that I have the option to go to Walgreens for my immunizations!  Yep, select Walgreens offers immunizations!

Walgreens Get a Shot Give a Shot

Walgreens is also helping to save the world one vaccine at a time with it’s “Get A Vaccine.  Give a Vaccine.” program.  Walgreens has partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s Shot at Life campaign.  Until October 14th, 2013, for every person who receives a flu shot or any immunization at Walgreens, they’ll help supply a life saving vaccine to a child in a developing country.  Together, this partnership will provide up to three million vaccines for life threatening diseases like Measles and Polio. 

You can learn more about the Adult Immunizations at Walgreens in my Google+ Story.

Walgreens Adult Immunizations 5

I love that Walgreens has made it possible for adults like me to maintain my health and update my immunizations easily and affordably!  After all, by getting my immunizations, “I am giving my child a shot at __________.”

Are you up to date on your immunizations?  Fill in your answer:  “I am giving my child a shot at __________.”

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27 Responses to “Get a Shot. Give a Shot. Adult Immunizations at Walgreens Through October 14th #GiveaShot #cbias”

  1. ellen beck says:

    I have seen the advertisements for this. It’s a good program and I get a flu shot every year- this year I will do it at Walgreens!

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Ellen – it is definitely an awesome program, especially if you don’t have insurance. The Pharmacists were super helpful too!

  2. Julie Wood says:

    I am giving a child a shot at Walgreens. I always get my Flu Shot at Walgreens and so does my sister. I will be getting a flu shot next month!

  3. Janel says:

    Love that they are giving back to those that need it!

  4. What a great program. I love it when businesses give back.

  5. I’ve been seeing the Flu Shot signs all over, and JUST realized last week that flu season is on it’s way. Boo! But it really IS nice that Walgreens makes it so easy to stay up to date on immunizations and other fun things like the annual flu shot. 😉

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Lolli – I know, can you believe it’s already that time of year again? I agree that Walgreens definitely makes it easy to get done and gives back at the same time.

  6. diane says:

    I have seen the signs advertising the Walgreens Flu shot program. This is a really useful program when you dont have insurance!

  7. Jennifer says:

    What a great program!

  8. I love that they give affordable options to those of us who need them. That’s Awesome!

  9. Dawn Lopez says:

    This is so awesome, I am so excited that immunizations and other healthcare are being offered both budget friendly and convenient! It’s been a long time coming and so glad Walgreen’s has filled that void! Thanks for sharing the get a shot/give a shot promotion, that is like the cherry on top, love it!

  10. I have actually never had a flu shot, but am seriously considering it this year. Especially with this awesome promotion!!

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Jennifer – I used to get them every year, but then when I didn’t have insurance any more, I just couldn’t afford the doctor’s visit. This makes it possible again.

  11. Tee says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome program! My entire family are up to date with our vaccinations. =)

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Tee – that’s great that you’re up-to-date with your immunizations. Definitely important when volunteering at your child’s school or traveling.

  12. WOW this is great to know. I didn’t know that Walgreens had this. Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. I love how close and convenient Walgreens is for things like immunizations. The fact that my flu shot can help save a child is just another reason for me to go there!!

  14. Ashley Smith says:

    This is great. I am going to school to be a Pharmacist and I am proud to say that I will be giving out immunizations soon.

  15. mrsshukra says:

    This is an excellent program! We all got our flu shots already!

  16. Paula Kiger says:

    Great post! I’m getting my shot Saturday! Wanna help me pick out which bandaid to use? They’re all displayed in the blog post linked to this ….. and I’d love it if you’d encourage your friends to vote! (So far “fashionista” is in the lead.)

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