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By Shannon Gosney
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March 15, 2013

We recently submitted an order to YesVideo and while we were excited about the end product, we were also somewhat nervous about something happening to our media in the process.  I mean, those are home movies that are precious and can’t be replaced.  So, when I saw this article appear on the YesVideo blog, I knew it was something I had to share on The Mommy-Files! The original article, “Your Memories are Safe With Us!  Behind-the-Scenes on YesVideo’s Order Safety Measures,” was written by Lisa, YesVideo’s Director of Customer Service.  In the article, she talks about the process and how YesVideo keeps your memories safe and sound.

One of the things I love about YesVideo is the fact that they understand how precious and irreplaceable the memories are that come to them.  With this knowledge, they take responsibility very seriously and treat our memories as if they were their own.

Receiving Order Shipment

I learned that all touch points at YesVideo are under surveillance.  From the moment the order lands at their door, they have their eyes on it.  If you use one of the pre-paid labels to ship your order, they’ll monitor the shipment as it makes its way to them.  YesVideo has a great relationship with the shipping carriers and they work together to scan in each package and cross reference the counts and reference numbers.  This ensures they keep an accurate record of everything they receive.

Placing barcode on videotape

Once YesVideo receives the order, they place a unique barcoded ID on each piece of media.  This barcode ID links back to the order record and allows them to easily identify and track the media at every point in the transfer process.

YesVideo Safety

Once the transfer process has finished and the discs are created, the order is complete.  This is what YesVideo calls “Order Fulfillment,” and is a crucial step in the process.  This is the last touch point before the order leaves YesVideo.

During the process, the team at YesVideo brings up the order record and the system lists all of the items that correspond to the order.  The list includes the original media, DVD disks and cover sheets for the DVDs.  The inventory is completed once the barcode is scanned on each item in the order.  This process ensures that YesVideo has the correct DVDs matching to each piece of the original media and that they have both the correct number of DVDs and the correct DVDs matching to each original media item.  So, if you order 5 copies and they have only scanned in 4 copies, the system will not all the order to be completed.  Or if a DVD does not match the barcode on a tape, the system won’t let the order be completed.

Once the order is fulfilled and sealed, it is boxed up and shipped back to the customer via UPS.  The same process that happened with shipping in the beginning of the order is repeated when the final order is handed back to UPS to come to you.

Don’t think that the security measures end when the order leaves their facility.  YesVideo keeps a back-up copy on their secure servers – just in case.  They can use the back-up copy to re-create your memories should any issues arise during the process.

A safe return of the order back to you is YesVideo’s top priority!  They even offer a $1500 guarantee!  I don’t know about you, but I definitely feel like my media is in safe hands when I use the YesVideo media transfer service.  I hope that you do too!

YesVideo Blogger

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