How Did You Decide On Your Baby’s Name?

By Shannon Gosney
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March 4, 2013
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I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant!  It was finally officially time to start coming up with possible baby names for our child!  I always loved asking other parents what the name of their child was and how they came up with it.  Some parents named their baby after family members or ancestors, while others named their baby after movie stars.  Some found their baby’s name in a book, movie or place, while others simply made the name up.  Regardless of how they came up with the name of their baby, it was a process that every parent had to go through – choosing the name!

I have three boys and each was named after someone special in our lives.  Our first son, Brian, was named after his grandfather on his dad’s side.  Our second son, Dallen, was named after special people in his father’s life.  And our third son, Sammy, was named after my grandfather (on my dad’s side) and my dad. We also just love these aweome old man names, as they’re very popular at the moment with a lot of parents.

I remember the process of coming up with baby names.  I bought a few Baby Name books, researched online, asked other parents, and kept a running list of all the baby names I liked – for both boys or girls.  How did you come up with your baby names?

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One Response to “How Did You Decide On Your Baby’s Name?”

  1. Ellie W says:

    I always find it interesting how parents come up with their kid’s name too. I also have 3 boys. My first was named after his dad, so he’s a Jr. His dad is Michael, so we call him Mike. Our second is Nicholas, which is just a name we both liked, and his middle name is Benjamin after my dad who passed away while I was pregnant with him. We’ve always called him Nick, but now he has a son named Benjamin, so my dad’s name lives on. And by the time we had our 3rd boy we were just out of boy’s names we could agree on. I wanted to name him Alexander, but my husband hated it. So he had no name until after he was born and my husband suggested Keith as his first name and “your funky old Alexander” as his middle name. So we ended up with Mike, Nick, and Keith. Anybody hearing that probably thinks we were just too lazy to add second syllables to our kid’s names.

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