Seeking Spousal Maintenance in Arizona

By Shannon Gosney
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July 5, 2012

Going through a divorce can be very emotional, not to mention overwhelming and confusing if you decide to go through with it without a divorce lawyer.  Although the process might appear easy, it is very difficult for someone who is not familiar with the legal terms or family laws that go with divorce. If you live in Arizona and are going through the divorce process, you’ll want an Arizona Alimony Lawyer to handle your legal issues. An experienced family law attorney should be able to assist you with the legal processes of your divorce. If you want sole custody of your kids, you may also need the services of a child custody lawyer.

The professionals at Hildebrand Law, P.C. have been successfully representing clients in spousal maintenance cases (also known as alimony) for more than sixteen years.  The team of law professionals are constantly keeping up to date with changes to Arizona spousal maintenance laws and the cases interpreting those alimony laws to ensure they are equipped with the most recent developments in the law to protect your financial interests.

Arizona spousal maintenance issues are often the most financially significant issues in a divorce case.  An award of spousal maintenance will have a significant impact upon the future lifestyle of the spouse ordered to pay that support, as well as the lifestyle of the spouse seeking the support.

Arizona alimony awards are decided after a host of statutory facts are considered and evaluated and should, at a minimum, include a review and understanding of the following spousal maintenance factors:

1 – Does the spouse seeking spousal maintenance have sufficient property, including community property apportioned to that spouse, to provide for his or her reasonable needs?

2 – Is the spouse seeking spousal maintenance able to become self-sufficient through appropriate employment or is the custodial parent of a child whose age age or condition makes it so that he or she should not be required to seek employment?

3 – Has either spouse contributed to the educational or career opportunities of the other spouse?

4 – Did the spouses have a lengthy marriage or is one of the spouses of an age precludes the possibility of gaining employment adequate to allow that spouse to be self-sufficient?

5 – What was the standard of living established during the marriage?

6 –  What is the age, employment history, earning ability, and physical and emotional condition of the spouse seeking spousal maintenance?

7 – What is the ability of the spouse from whom spousal maintenance is sought to meet his or her needs while meeting the financial needs of the other spouse?

8 – What are the comparative financial resources of the spouses, including their comparative earning abilities in the labor market?

9 – To what extent has the spouse seeking spousal maintenance reduced his or her income or career opportunities for the benefit of the other spouse?

10 – What is each party’s ability after the divorce to contribute to the future educational costs of their mutual children?

11 – What amount of time is necessary to acquire sufficient education or training to enable the spouse seeking spousal maintenance to obtain appropriate employment sufficient to support that spouse?

12 – Has a spouse made excessive or abnormal expenditures or concealed, destroyed, or fraudulently disposed of marital property?

13 – What is the cost of obtaining health insurance for the spouse seeking spousal maintenance?

To secure the best possible outcome in your case, it is important to understand all of these spousal maintenance factors and know how each impacts your alimony case.  If you are facing alimony issues, be sure to contact the professionals at Hildebrand Law, P.C. to achieve the best possible results in your alimony case.

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