Elfing Around Holiday Review

By Shannon Gosney
In Kids Review
November 30, 2009

Elfing AroundI recently had the opportunity to review some cute little elves from Elfing Around.  Each elf came with a handbook and a personalized letter to each of my boys.  We received the boy elves and they loved them!  I personally thought the elves were adorable and think this is a fun way to ring in the holidays!

Before you receive your elves, be sure to help your child anticipate the Elf’s visit.  You will receive a “Letter Regarding Your Elf” in an “official” envelope.  The letter will let your child know that his or her Elf will be arriving soon.  You will want to give your child the letter a few days before the Elf arrives.

Be sure to place the Elf and the temporary tattoos in a visible spot your child will see.  Write your child’s name on the bottom of the Elf’s foot so that he or she doesn’t get lost.  After your child meets the Elf, the 12 nightly adventures will begin!

Elf ReviewThe Parent Adventure Guide Book (included) has 12 nightly suggested Elf Adventures – completed with Elf Postcards.  You can set up these adventures in 5 minutes or less, while your child is sleeping.  There are even blank Postcards if you want to create your own Elf Adventure.

When your child awakes the next morning, he or she will experience a “magical scene”!  The left sides of the pages in the Parent Adventure Guide Book explain suggested instructions for you to create your nightly Elf Adventure.  The right sides of the pages in the Parent Adventure Guide Book are the Elf Postcards from your Elf friend to your child.  The right sides of the pages will need to be cut out along the designated black lines.  Refer to the inside cover page of the Parent Adventure Guide Book for more detailed instructions.

On December 24th, your child’s Elf friend should be placed where Santa can find him or her.  Santa will return your vacationing elf friend to Lapland, North Pole.  You will need to hide your Elf until your next holiday vacation.  These Elf Dolls are tons of fun for both the kids and the parents!  You can purchase them at Elfing Around for $29.99 each.

Through December 5th, you can receive 20% off your purchase using coupon code “20% off” at checkout!

I received Elf Dolls for each of my 3 boys from Elfing Around to review for this post.  All opinions expressed in this are my own!

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  1. Badger Momma says:

    This is a really cute idea but honestly, the little elves kind of freak me out. I don’t know. Maybe it’s my aversion to baby dolls or something. I’m sure kids will love them though!

  2. These are so cute… and your boys look like they really like them. Your boys are so cute, I LOVE seeing pictures of them, thanks for sharing!!

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