Choose the Right Primary Healthcare Provider

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health
November 6, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about choosing the right primary healthcare provider.

choosing the right healthcare provider

Primary healthcare in Texas is crucial for people of all age groups, essentially more for senior citizens aged 65 and above. However, finding a suitable primary care practitioner who addresses your medical needs is both difficult and time-consuming.

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An expert primary healthcare provider has access to relevant resources for treating physical, psychological, and social disorders. As a result, primary healthcare can provide early intervention for medical complications.

If you’re looking for a primary care clinic in Katy, Texas, here’s a short guide to help you get started on your search.

Why Is Primary Healthcare Important?

A reliable primary healthcare system helps the local community members receive healthcare benefits as, when, and where they need it. It helps people manage chronic illnesses, monitor their health, and prevent disease.

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), integrating primary health care (PHC) in low and middle-income countries could help save approximately 60 million people. The initiative is geared toward helping patients with prevention, diagnosis, and management of common ailments.

10 Things to Ask Any Primary Healthcare Provider

Primary health care addresses the medical needs of patients by strengthening healthcare facilities, medical awareness, patient autonomy, and more. It allows patients to receive medical care by lowering costs and improving accessibility.

For instance, primary healthcare centers in Texas host vaccination drives for children to ensure universal coverage within the community. Another public health safety study funded by the T.L.L. Temple Foundation determined that modernizing Texas’ law would help alleviate private healthcare shortage by 32%.

How Accessible Is Private Healthcare for Seniors?

A report issued by the National Association of Community Health Centers stated that more than 100 million Americans lacked access to primary health care, especially seniors.

Still, there are reliable private healthcare facilities for seniors that provide comprehensive care packages for managing chronic and long-term illnesses.

Common facilities available are:

  • Dementia diagnosis and treatment
  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment
  • Cognitive and neuropsychological testing
  • Chronic care management and treatment
  • Onsite healthcare at retirement communities
  • At-home calls and well-care for older adults

What Is Covered in a Primary Healthcare Package?

About 90% of medical visits can be treated with primary care, as it’s the first line of contact between a patient and the healthcare facility. Such services are delivered by nurses, physicians, medical practitioners, and community welfare professionals. A typical primary healthcare package will include treatment of chronic and acute illnesses, mental health therapy, preventive care, and health awareness for all age groups and sexes.

What Wellness Tests Should You Consider?

Always consult your primary healthcare doctor on wellness tests so you can diagnose a disease in the very early stages. Taking wellness tests also reduces your chances of developing a health problem. Most primary healthcare clinics will conduct medical tests to monitor your blood sugar, liver function, cholesterol, kidney function, blood pressure, eye and ear conditions, and more.

Should You Keep Taking Medicines or Supplements?

Primary healthcare doctors are the best council for supplemental medication. Give a list of your current prescriptions to your primary care physician. They’ll inform you about the latest changes in medication, like the dosage or switching to another brand. Additionally, your primary care doctor may reduce or increase your supplements. But such changes are evident only after you’ve conducted wellness tests.

How Often Should You Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment?

A primary healthcare doctor will tell you how often you should schedule an appointment based on your medical history, lab tests, and general health checkup. For instance, if you have diabetes and require regular blood sugar tests, your primary health provider will prescribe the same. If your lab results look good, you’ll only have to visit the doctor once or twice a year.

Is Mental Health Part of Primary Healthcare?

Some studies confirm that 25% to 35% of patients under primary care face a mental health condition, out of which 80% suffer from depression or anxiety.

As a result, a primary care nurse or practitioner will help address concerns related to a mental health disorder, including conducting tests and assessments.

Primary health centers provide better care and assistance to patients diagnosed with a mental ailment compared to psychiatric facilities. Additionally, primary care and informal community care can help reduce illegal psychiatric evaluations.

Do You Have Primary Healthcare Assistance?

If you’re looking for primary healthcare facilities, find a professional medical practitioner in your area. A suitable clinical partner will provide assistance with ongoing diseases and conduct regular checkups for common illnesses. With appropriate guidance on all your health needs, you have a greater chance of getting immediate treatment when necessary and securing your overall health and well-being.

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