Proven Ways to Rebuild Your Style & Shine Brighter

By Shannon Gurnee
In Fashion
February 28, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about proven ways to rebuild your style and shine brighter.

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When you have an idea of rebuilding your style, the first thing that comes to your mind is cleaning out your closet. This, indeed, is probably enough to induce a mild panic attack.

Here, we will explore some of those ways—from building your wardrobe from scratch to learning tips for shopping smarter—so that you can shine even brighter than before.

Follow Fashion Bloggers

As a woman, sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost your way. Your confidence takes a hit, and you may no longer feel comfortable in your skin. One way to help rebuild your confidence and get your groove back is by following fashion bloggers who make you feel good about yourself.

There are so many great fashion bloggers out there to choose from, so take some time to find a few that speak to you. When you find the ones that you love, follow them on social media and read their blog posts regularly. Not only will you get great style inspiration from them, but you’ll also start to feel better about yourself just by seeing how put-together and confident they are.

Fashion blogs can be a great source of inspiration and confidence-boosting, so don’t hesitate to start following some of your favorites today!

Get Rid Of The Clothes That Don’t Fit

It’s quite normal if you are unsure what your style, or what pieces in your wardrobe work for your new life. One of the best ways to start rebuilding your style is by purging the clothes that no longer fit.

It can be tough to get rid of clothes that you once loved, but holding on to them is just a waste of time. Instead, focus on creating a new wardrobe that reflects who you are now. Start by getting rid of anything too small or too large. If something doesn’t make you feel confident and fabulous, it’s time to say goodbye.

Don’t forget to donate or sell your unwanted clothes – someone else could use them more than you! With a little bit of effort, you can create a whole new look that makes you feel happy and stylish.

Choose Stylish Accessories

If you’re looking to rebuild your style, choosing some stylish accessories is a great place to start. Sunglasses and hats are two great options that can help you make a statement and feel confident.

Sunglasses are a must-have for any season, but they’re especially great for summer. They can help protect your eyes from the sun and also add a touch of glamour to any outfit. If you don’t have any, consider investing in a quality pair of sunglasses that you’ll enjoy as well.

Hats are another great way to add some style to your look. They can be both functional and fashionable, keeping your head cool in summer and protecting you from the elements in winter. Choose a hat that fits your style and you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Try New Brands

If you’re used to wearing the same brands, it can be hard to branch out and try new ones. But trying new brands not only will help you find new pieces that you love, but it will also be helpful in getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting with your look.

There are tons of great brands out there, so don’t be afraid to explore. If you’re not sure where to start, try looking for brands that specialize in the type of clothing you’re interested in. For example, if you’re looking for more casual pieces, check out brands like- Versace, Dior, J.Crew, or Gap. 

Once you’ve found a few brands that interest you, start exploring their collections. See what styles they have to offer and see if anything catches your eye. And don’t forget to pay attention to the details – like cuts, fabrics, and colors – which can make all the difference in how an outfit looks on you.

So take advantage of these brands and styles; revive your fun moments. 

Choose Quality Over Quantity

As you start to rebuild your wardrobe, it’s important to focus on quality over quantity. This doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money on designer clothes, but you should look for pieces that are well-made and will stand the test of time.

Invest in a few key pieces that can be mixed and matched to create multiple looks. A great pair of jeans, a versatile blazer, and a couple of nice dresses or skirts are all you need to build a foundation for your new style.

Then, add some fun accessories and items that reflect your personality. A statement necklace, colorful scarf, or bold handbag will help you express yourself and feel confident in your new look.


Last, but not least, listen to that inner voice inside. When looking for your style, think more about how it will make you feel. Does it make you feel like the best version of you? Does it make you happy? If yes, then go for it!

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