How Single Moms Can Trust They’ve Found a Worthy Romantic Partner

By Shannon Gurnee
In Lifestyle
February 26, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about how single moms can trust they’ve found a worthy romantic partner.

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Being a single mom isn’t easy. Maybe you divorced someone, and you have the kids full-time now. Even if you split parenting duties, when you have the children, that’s challenging. You must find a babysitter when you work, or you must make sure you get the kids onto the school bus on time.

While balancing parenting and work, you might also look around for romantic partners. 

Perhaps you date someone from your job, or maybe you get on social media or dating sites and look at the possibilities. You should find many individuals who want dates, and perhaps you see someone attractive who looks worth meeting.

If you meet this person, you might hit it off, but do you trust them? Let’s discuss how you can ensure you’ve found someone worthy and who won’t play games with you.

You Can Do a Free Person Search

Person data searches help you research romantic partners, and you can do that online without spending money. You can use person search websites that don’t charge anything. You just type in the person’s name, and you’ll get information you can use.

You can find out whether this person has a spouse or whether they ever had one. You want that information since you can see whether they told you the truth when you met them. Maybe they say they’re unmarried, but they have a family.

You can find out about their criminal record. If they did some prison time for a crime or multiple crimes, you should know that. Maybe they didn’t bother mentioning that, but it’s crucial information.

You can find out what property they own and whether any entities have liens on it. You can find out about their work history and whether they have ever attended any colleges. You can find out whether they graduated or not.

All this will paint a vivid picture. You can better judge whether you should continue dating this person.

You Can Take Your Time

You might also take your time in the relationship. Maybe you feel lonely, and that’s why you started dating again. You want a partner, or perhaps even a spouse, if the chemistry feels right.

You might think you sense chemistry after one or two dates, but you can take things slowly. When you do that, you’ll learn whether this person just wants a physical relationship or whether they desire an emotional and romantic connection as well.

If you just want a physical relationship, and they want that too, you can tell them that. If you want something more substantial, though, you can keep the temperature on a simmer until you learn more about this individual and their background.

You Can See Where They Live

If you date a person for a little while, and you feel there’s a good relationship progression, you might see where they live. You can check out their apartment, house, or condo and spend some time there. You can meet their roommates if they have any. You can also meet their kids if they have some in the picture.

When you see how someone lives, that reveals much about their personality. If you see this person has band posters on their walls, that tells a story. If they have a fine art collection, that tells you something entirely different.

When you see whether they have a clean bathroom, that reveals something. If you see they have an empty refrigerator, that’s more information you can use.

You can get a clearer picture when you see someone’s residence. You might like what you see, or maybe alarm bells go off instead.

You Can See How They Act Around Your Kids

If things continue nicely, you might reach a point where you have your new romantic interest meet your kids. As a single mom, they probably mean a lot to you, and you must make sure your new potential partner likes them and interacts well with them.

If this person meets your kids and it’s a disaster, that’s a bad sign. Maybe they’re not a parent, so they don’t know much about children and talking with them, but they must at least make a sincere effort.

If your new potential partner and your kids seem like a great fit, that’s encouraging. Maybe that means you’ll become physically involved with this person now.

If you follow these steps, you should determine whether this person can become a fixture in your life.

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