The Best Places for a Certified Phlebotomist to Work: 5 Unusual Positions To Consider

By Shannon Gurnee
In career
February 22, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about the best places for a phlebotomist to work.

Phlebotomist places to work

Have you ever thought about being a phlebotomist but had no idea where to start? The medical experts in charge of taking blood samples from patients or specimens are known as phlebotomists. They are in high demand, and phlebotomy offers a great entry point into the profession if you’re thinking about expanding into other healthcare-related fields. Here are some popular related job searches with the most open openings if you’re looking for a job in the phlebotomy field and an overview of what they generally do. 

Who is a certified phlebotomist, and what do they do? 

Qualified phlebotomists, also referred to as phlebotomy technicians, work directly with patients to draw blood samples and arrange for the transportation of those samples for laboratory investigation. Blood collection from patients for diagnostic, charitable, or transfusion purposes will fall under your purview. You will be in charge of labeling the specimen containers, scheduling transportation of samples to laboratories for processing, and possibly even testing the blood specimens yourself. In the healthcare sector, numerous certificate programs can instruct you in particular medical abilities. Phlebotomy, which focuses on teaching you how to conduct patient blood drawing operations, is one of these certification topics. Some healthcare specialists who want to spend their time developing practical experience are able to use a fake phlebotomy certificate to pick up the kinds of jobs they want to do with this certain type of degree. Phlebotomists must record blood draws and write notes to send to doctors and other healthcare professionals to do their duties effectively. 

Phlebotomy Instructor

The fundamental methods and recommended phlebotomy procedures are taught to pupils by phlebotomy instructors. They can share important information about how to prepare test samples, take blood, and clean medical equipment. Working at a community college or vocational school, a phlebotomy instructor frequently aids others in obtaining their phlebotomy certificates.

Veterinary technician

When caring for and treating animals, veterinary technicians work with a licensed veterinarian. They can help with medical operations, feed and walk animals while they are being cared for at the veterinarian clinic, and take their temperature and other vital indicators. A veterinary technician who has earned a phlebotomy certificate can also take blood samples and administer tests to aid in the diagnosis of sick animals. To deliver caring patient care and satisfying client experiences, a qualified veterinary technician is supposed to take patients’ vital signs, carry out phlebotomy tasks, and administer intramuscularly (IM), intravenous (IV, and subcutaneous (SQ) injections. They also triage patients, coordinate their care, and give them respect before and after surgery. They communicate with clients, veterinarians, and pharmacists about patients’ needs and discuss treatments and illness processes with clients. If you consider taking this position, you must be meticulous and caring to give them the best care possible if you want to succeed in this role.

Emergency medical technician

During an emergency, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) offer basic medical care and transportation services. They are capable of responding to medical emergencies, rendering life-sustaining treatment like CPR, dispensing medication, and transferring a patient into an ambulance. EMTs can also be required to give a hospital doctor a brief explanation of a patient’s medical condition. They provide critical and urgent patients who use the emergency medical services (EMS) system with out-of-hospital emergency medical care and transportation. EMTs are equipped with the fundamental information and abilities needed to stabilize and transfer patients safely in a variety of situations, from routine medical transports and non-emergencies to life-threatening ones. Under the direction of doctors, emergency medical technicians work as a part of an extensive EMS response system. EMTs do interventions using the fundamental tools frequently seen in an ambulance. A vital connection between the scene of an emergency and the healthcare system is provided by emergency medical technicians.

Phlebotomist supervisor

At a healthcare facility, phlebotomist supervisors are in charge of a group of phlebotomists. They can supervise blood tests, carry out performance evaluations, and make sure that their staff complies with health and safety rules. Some phlebotomist supervisors may also take part in technical tasks like drawing blood. If you want to work as a phlebotomist supervisor,  you will collect and analyze body fluids, tissue, and other substances while working. You’ll use complex tools and equipment to determine the outcomes. Also, they carry out the operations and tests that doctors or other medical professionals require. As a result, they will collaborate in these roles while working side by side in medical offices, clinics, diagnostic labs, and research settings.

Medical lab technician

Testing samples for medical lab tests and procedures is the responsibility of the medical laboratory personnel. In addition to performing medical tests, labeling and storing samples, calibrating and maintaining test equipment, and informing patients about their test results are also duties. Phlebotomy-certified technicians can frequently get their test samples directly from patients.

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