International Traveling With a Child as a Divorced Parent

By Shannon Gurnee
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January 12, 2023

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about international traveling with a child as a divorced parent.

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Traveling makes people happy. Even with the process requiring extra expenses and a list of arrangements, the outcomes are usually worth it. For divorced parents, traveling with their children is a unique possibility to spend quality time and strengthen the bonds with their kids. More to this, if you have the possibility to show the world to your children, do this without hesitation. 

Don’t worry that an international trip is too much for you. If you could manage the average cost of divorce, you can cover a trip abroad for your beloved children as well. What you should bother about are the travel arrangements. Review some of the top tips to make your international trip with kids as a divorced parent as smooth as possible and enjoy your journey. 

Look Up Your Parental Agreement

The first step to cover before planning international travel with kids is to review your parental agreement. The document usually stipulates whether you can travel with your kids, in and out of the country, and what permissions you need to set on a journey when your scheduled holidays and weekends are, and so on. If you want to avoid any confrontations with your ex, it is better to follow the rules and principles defined in the parental agreement. If you have questions about divorce terms or in need of relationship counselling services, you may consider talking to a professional for expert advice.

Plus, you should be open with your former spouse about your intentions. They can even give you some travel ideas and help with arrangements so that your trip is successful and pleasant for everyone. 

Be Open and Flexible

Cooperation with your ex will give you many benefits when preparing for international travel. Sometimes plans don’t go as they are expected to. This means you may have the need to change the dates, destination, or any other conditions. If you can explain any unexpected changes to your ex and come to a mutually comfortable agreement, your travel time is doomed to success. This means that you have to be maximally fair with your former partner and ask them for advice here and there so that you are both happy with the outcomes.

Children of divorced parents are usually more stressed and dissatisfied with their childhood. By cooperating with your ex through and planning a great trip you can change the statistics and make your kids feel happy despite their family conditions. 

Arrange the Travel Documents

The USA has strict rules and requirements considering a child traveling with one parent to prevent any illegal actions toward minors. So, one of your top significant tasks is to get ready with the relevant documents for your kids to keep any paper non-compliance from spoiling your international vacation. 

Check out the list of docs you may need to get or update:

  • passport for international travel
  • written consent from your spouse
  • visa for some countries
  • vaccination certificates, etc.


Prepare the documents by cooperating with your ex and make copies for safety concerns. Additionally, to the US-standard travel docs pack, you have to review the requirements at your destination country so that you have no complications when you reach or pass through any other country.

Keep Your Ex Informed

If you don’t want your former spouse to suspect that you plan to kidnap your children, you have to keep your ex up to date with your intentions before and the details during proceeding with your travel. 

Primarily, let your ex know that you are after taking child out of country with joint custody in advance so that you have enough time for negotiations and compromise. Then discuss with your former partner the following things:

  • Traveling timetable (destinations and dates)
  • Transport (way of commuting to your destination and traveling around the place you are to visit)
  • Co-travelers (friends, family, new partners, anyone who will travel and stay together with you and your children)
  • Places to visit (places and activities)
  • Stay (accommodation on travel).


By announcing your ex the mentioned details, you will earn their trust and assure them with the seriosity of your preparations. Additionally, you have to guarantee that both you and your children will contact another parent regularly to keep them informed about how the journey is rolling on.

Plan an Interesting Travel

Apart from all the official requirements, you have to put in great effort to make your travel fascinating for your kids. You can even ask them what they want to visit and do on your journey. Plan your travel to be age and interests-appropriate for your kids. Care that you have various activities that both involve you interacting with your kids and getting entertained on their own. Balance everything with delicious food and sound sleep and everyone will be delighted with your international travel for sure. 

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