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By Shannon Gurnee
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November 7, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing about a great way to preserve family history in partnership with Stories of a Lifetime.

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Family history has become a big part of many families today. The process of searching for ancestors and finding relatives is thrilling, especially when you see how much you have in common (or how different you are). It’s also amazing to see where we come from or who our ancestors are. Plus, with the availability of technology, we are able to access much more information digitally than ever before! While it is amazing to have the ability to discover our heritage, do we really know our older family members any better? Do we know about their stories, their experiences, or who they actually are? This is Stories of a Lifetime comes into play!

Stories of a Lifetime records family memories to be experienced and appreciated digitally. The video-memoir startup makes it easy for people of all ages to capture their life stories in keepsake videos. These videos can then be preserved digitally for future generations to enjoy. How cool would it be for our children to know their grandparents or great-grandparents and what their lives were like when they were kids or teenagers? What about the experiences that shaped them into the individuals they are today? The stories of family members can be preserved and shared digitally with the use of Stories of a Lifetime.

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Stories of a Lifetime was created by Founder Victoria Turk. She was inspired to create the company after exploring her own family history. It started with her desire to know her father better and collect personal memories from him, in his own voice, that she would be able to pass on to her own children as they got older. She asked her father questions about the different eras of his life, recording his answers on video. Her husband, Michael, then edited them, creating “chapter”-based movies. Born from this was Stories of a Lifetime – giving families everywhere the opportunity to capture and share their own histories.

Stories of a Lifetime

Stories of a Lifetime will guide you through the process of unfolding your family histories step-by-step. On the site are a series of “chapters” covering important life stages and milestones, including childhood, teen years, careers, relationships and marriages, children, and even words of wisdom. A list of 10 memory-provoking questions is provided with each chapter, as is an invitation to answer the questions, which can be emailed to your loved one who will be recorded. The recording process was designed to be accessible for older generations who may not be comfortable with technology or tech savvy enough to make a video memoir project on their own. All the individual has to do is read the questions and then hit record on the website using the computer’s webcam or even smartphone. The Stories of a Lifetime platform will then put these recordings together into a video montage keepsake. What a great gift for our family members and the generations to come!

“Life stories are a family’s most precious heirlooms,” says Victoria Turk. “We want people everywhere to have a way to preserve their experiences and create a digital collection of memories that connects generations.” Watch them together with your children or grandchildren while enjoying the lollies from your childhood.

Be sure to check out Stories of a Lifetime and preserve your family history and stories for families to come.

Who would you include in your Stories of a Lifetime service?

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