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By Shannon Gurnee
In Health
November 11, 2022

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing about getting a good night’s sleep in partnership with Kanuda.

woman with neck pain on bed

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a stiff and painful neck that makes you feel like your night of sleep wasn’t good for you? I have and it is no fun at all! In fact, it can affect the whole day ahead of me – leading to back pain and even headaches on top of the neck pain. Did you know that neck pain is one of the most common forms of pain that we experience throughout our live? It has been estimated that more than 30% of US adults experience neck pain that interferes with daily activities, with more than 50% of reporting the pain as chronic and frequent. Think about it – the average person typically works 8 hours a day in front of a computer, most of the time is sedentary in a seated position. Even more so, many don’t have the knowledge or tools to set up a proper, ergonomic work space, which can result in extra pressure on the spine and can lead to misalignments with a forward head position. Even if you do have the proper set up, we often use poor posture choices such as crossing our legs (yes!) or hunching our shoulders while typing (yes again!). Plus, with behind-the-wheel commutes being longer than ever, it’s made worse with the increasing amount of time spent sitting with hunched shoulders and forward head position.

Let’s also think about our neck and shoulder muscles, which need to support a heavy load throughout the day. In fact, did you know that the average adult head typically weighs between 10 and 12 pounds? These muscles need to rest at night and that can happen with a good pillow. Without a good pillow, improper sleep positions can make neck pain issues even worse. Another issue that further exacerbates neck pain is the use of smartphones. After all, these have become a huge part of our daily lives. In fact, over 80% of the US adult population owns a smartphone (compared to 35% ten years ago) and Americans spend on average about 5.4 hours a day on their phones. Looking down on our smartphones involves tilting our heads down, which puts a good amount of pressure on our necks and can lead to posture issues. That’s a lot our necks have to deal with every day!

Kanuda Pillow Helps Relieve Neck Pain

I was introduced to an awesome pillow that helps to relieve neck pain and makes it possible to have a good night sleep, while waking up refreshed (and without the neck pain) in the morning! Let me introduce you to the Kanuda Pillow! These pillows were first developed by a physical therapist in 2005 who wanted to provide his patients some help at home when they were not able to come in and see him for help as often as they would like. The South Korea-based brand was CE certified in 2011, ISO approved in 2012, and FDA registered in 2013. The first cervical traction head nap pillow launched in 2006, which then inspired the therapeutic pillow shortly after. The brand has also received multiple satisfaction awards, including Korea No. 1 Consumer Preferences in Sleep Environment Products for 5 years and The Most Trusted Brand Award for 2 years, as well as is endorsed by the Korean Physical Therapy Association.

Kanuda Andante Pillow for neck pain

Now that you know a little more about neck pain and the Kanuda brand, let’s take a look at one of their awesome pillows! We received that Andante Pillow, which provides firmer neck support. The Andante pillow by Kanuda provides a firmer and denser support for the neck. It has a smooth contour and longer wedge extension, which allows supported transition from the back to the neck to the back-of-the-head. This pillow is ideal for those who toss and turn often while sleeping. It is ergonomically designed to align the C-shaped cervical spine and head. It also has implemented physical therapy technique EV4 on top of CV4 and OCBR, which all of the Kanuda’s therapeutic pillows are designed to replicate.

What comes in the box? In the box, you’ll receive the pillow, an adjustable height pad, a pillow cover, waterproof inner lining, and an instruction manual. It was super quick and easy to get the pillow ready to use for an amazing night of sleep (free of neck pain in the morning). How do you use the Kanuda pillow? You can lay on your back or on your side with the Andante pillow, but you should make sure that your neckline is adequately adjusted to the upper cervical area of the upper neck and the border of the back of the head. When lying down sideways using your Kanuda pillow, your head and neck will be horizontal with your spine, thus minimizing pressure to your shoulder and giving less pressure to your spine – providing a good night’s sleep.

kanuda pillow and woman sleeping

I am really impressed with the Kanuda brand and their pillow! With over 2 million customers worldwide, the brand has received multiple consumer awards. As mentioned, the design and patented technology was developed with dedication and precision in an effort to reduce neck pain. The pillows keep your neck, spine, and shoulders truly aligned in a proper resting position while sleeping on your side throughout 15 years to perfect every crease, angle, and foam density combination. The premium cover is made with all-natural and organic Beechtree fibers. The pillow is designed to keep you cool night after night through their structural pillow design, with naturally cool materials layered with mesh inner lining. Plus, the water-resistant lining has been designed for better hygiene and extended foam performance over time.

You can find more information on and their instagram page (@kanuda_us).

What pillow would you try?
What is your favorite feature about the Kanuda pillow?

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