6 Dog-Friendly Party Favors to Have Handy This Holiday Season

By Shannon Gurnee
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November 23, 2021
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Who doesn’t love a good party? As you’re partying it up this holiday season, your dogs are surely going to want to join in on the fun. But how do you include them? How do you make them feel as if they belong amidst all the festivities? Better yet, how do you include your guests’ dogs, too? 

Dogs birthday party

The best way to get your dog and your guests’ dogs involved is to provide them with some party essentials, particularly party favors. From dog chews to durable chew toys, here’s the best favors you can send your guests off with — and let your dog enjoy at home.  

What You Want for Your Party

First things first: How do you prepare for a holiday party full of dogs? You need to make sure you have the right goods to keep them preoccupied, fed, and comfortable. According to party planner, the best way is to set your place up for success far in advance. 

First, you’ll want to set up some towels by the front door. Bad weather happens this time of year, whether it’s a sudden downpour or an unforeseen snowstorm, so you want to make sure that your guests can clean off their dogs before they come indoors. 

Second, you’ll want to have beds and blankets set up around the house. While the dogs will want to play with one another, they’re eventually going to tucker themselves out. Once that happens, you want to make sure they have a place to kick back and relax. You can even get cheaper beds from a store like PetSmart, just to give the dogs attending an option whenever they get sleepy or need a break. 

After that, you’ll want to have enough chew toys and cooperative toys on hand. The former will allow dogs to get out their energy whenever they feel the need to blow off some steam or stress from all the noise, while the latter is a perfect way for dogs to play together. These include longer rope toys that two or more dogs can grab hold of and play-fight over. 

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Creating a Fun Environment for the Dogs

Besides providing toys and beds, how do you create a comfortable, fun environment for dogs in attendance? 

A few preparations will go a long way to ensuring that dogs are comfortable while they’re at your home. 

First, make sure you provide them with enough food. This can include setting out small bowls of kibble that owners can give to their dogs, as well as having a treat station that owners can pick from. You’re also going to want to put out enough water for all the dogs, too, as they’re going to need water to go along with their food. 

And besides the toys and bedding, you should create a cooldown space. This could be a single room in your home that dogs can go to, away from people and other dogs, when they want to have a breather from all the commotion. Think of how you’ve felt at a party. Those times where you’re a little overwhelmed and need to step away into the kitchen to get a break from everyone talking. Well, a dog needs the same thing every so often, just to recharge their batteries. 

Dogs birthday hats

Dog-Friendly Party Favors

Now, what are the key party favors that owners and dogs will love? They’re gifts that fit the season and the needs of every dog-owner partnership. 

1 – Biodegradable poop bags

Every dog owner needs poop bags. It’s the simplest way for them to take care of their dog’s bathroom habits, picking it up both for the environment and for the sake of their neighbors. Better yet, they can rest easy knowing they have a waste bag that is environmentally friendly.  

2 – Tough and safe chew toys

Chew toys are a dog’s best friend. Whenever they’re feeling stressed, they can grab hold of one and gnaw at it until their heart’s content. Consider giving chew toys that are personalized, ones that are the right size for the dog you’re giving them to and are the right chewing type. For instance, a large German Shepherd will need a larger, tougher chew toy, as they’re bound to tear apart a plushie in no time. 

3 – Natural dog chews and treats

What dog doesn’t love natural dog treats? All-natural and long-lasting, it’s packed full of flavor and gives them something to chew on for a considerable amount of time, allowing them to get all their energy out. Stuff a few in the bag and the dog will have treats for the drive home and the days to come. 

4 – Illuminated collars

Fall and winter are beautiful seasons, but they also mean less sunshine, particularly in the morning and at night. You want to make sure that your dog is seen while outside on your walk. A gifted illuminated collar — lit up by bright LED lights — will do just that.   

5 – Winter jackets

Think of how excited you’d be if a friend gifted you a winter jacket while you were leaving a party. Why not give the same to the dogs? It’s a simple gesture that will keep them warm on those cold mornings and chilly nights.

6 – Booties

Those cold winter months can be brutal on a dog’s paws. Add in the salt used to de-ice the roads and you’ve got a dog with paw pads that are scratchy and bothersome. Booties will be an appreciated gift, as they’ll help protect a dog’s feet while outside in the winter. And every owner could use a few pairs, as smart dogs always manage to find a way to slip them off when their owner isn’t looking. 

Ring in the holiday season by sharing the joy with the dogs in your life. Provide them with party favors that include them in the festivities, making the most of the season together. 

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