5 Tips for Moms Who Want to Keep Their Child Safe in the Car

By Shannon Gurnee
In Family
April 17, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about 5 Tips for Moms Who Want to Keep Their Child Safe in the Car.

Child Safe in Child Seat

As a mom, you might sometimes feel like being a chauffeur is part of your job. Your kids might want you to drive them around constantly, whether you’re taking them to a movie theater, dropping them off at the mall, or giving them a lift to a friend’s house.

You want to keep both them and yourself safe as you drive around. But sometimes, there are things beyond our control. For instance, if you are dealing with lost car keys, then you may turn to professional locksmith services for help.

Here are some tips that can help you do that.

Sit the Correct Distance from the Steering Wheel

You know you want to sit as close to the steering wheel so that you can feel comfortable. You must sit the proper distance away for other reasons besides comfort, though.

Your steering wheel more than likely has an airbag in it. What you may not realize is that steering wheel airbags can produce 2,000 force pounds at 200 mph.

If you get in an accident, and the impact causes the airbag to inflate, it’s going to come shooting out of the steering wheel with remarkable speed and power. That’s why car manufacturers recommend that you stay at least ten inches from the steering wheel.

When you get into the car, take the time to measure how far away you are from the wheel. If you’re sitting too close to it, then adjust your seat so you’re the proper distance away.

Have a Spare Tire in the Trunk

Most vehicles have a space for a spare tire in the trunk. You might have the occasional exception, such as if you own a hatchback.

When you shop for a new car, though, you should try to get a model where you can carry a spare with you. If you’re ever out on the road with your child and you blow a tire, you don’t want to have to sit and wait for a tow truck to rescue you, especially if it’s dark and you’re out in the middle of nowhere.

Moms can empower themselves by learning how to change a flat tire, not just carry one with them. You can have a patch kit in the car, but if that fails, you’ll want to have the skillset to change the tire yourself.

You can watch some YouTube videos on how to do it if you don’t know how yet. You might also get a family member or friend to show you how if they’re good at it.

Change the Windshield Wipers When They’re No Longer Effective

Some moms might not realize that a windshield wiper blade only has a certain usable life. You can tell the ones on your car are reaching the end of theirs if they bounce along the windshield’s surface instead of gliding smoothly.

Another dead giveaway is if you spray wiper fluid on the windshield and attempt to wipe it away, and it leaves you with visible streaks that block you from seeing the road. If you notice this happening, head to an auto parts store and get replacement wipers. Usually, wiper blades will last you a couple of years with regular use, but generally not much longer than that.

Carry a Winter Weather Kit in the Vehicle

If your family lives in a region with harsh winters, you should make sure that you carry a well-stocked winter weather kit in the car with you at all times. No mom wants to be stuck in a snowstorm with your child if you can’t take care of them.

Your kit should have cat litter or sand that you can put under the car’s tires to give them traction if they’re stuck and you can’t get them moving again. It should have a couple of warm blankets in which you can wrap your child.

It should have a flashlight, some spare batteries, and probably some food and water as well. You can stock up on energy bars or other items that should keep for a while. The kit should also contain road flares.

Check Your Tire Pressure Regularly

Checking your tire pressure regularly is one more thing that you should often do to make sure your car is in optimal shape. You can do that at the gas station when you fill it up.

Don’t wait for the tire pressure light to come on, but before you take your car to the mechanic you can easily check it yourself with gas struts. Adding air to the tires once per month should be sufficient. All of these are ways that a responsible mom takes care of her car, and by extension, her child as well. Make sure as well not to forget about the necessary oil changes!

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