7 Low Maintenance Healthy Hair Tips For Busy Moms

By Shannon Gurnee
In Hair
April 4, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about 7 Low Maintenance Healthy Hair Tips for Busy Moms.

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If you have busy mornings and very little time for extensive styling, that doesn’t mean that you have to embrace not liking your hair. That just means you need to switch up your routine.

A lot of what makes hair look beautiful is being healthy from the start. Healthier hair requires like fuss, heat styling, and overall time to maintain than damaged locks. So, the best way to fast-track easy-to-maintain hair is to emphasize health.

Below, we will cover 7 tips to maintain a beautiful low-maintenance hairstyle (even if you only have 2 minutes in the morning). And if you are looking for stylish custom lace wigs to change your hair style, then you may consider these Alexander couture wigs.

Choose an effortless cut and style

The cut you choose is the make or break moment in trying to get a low-maintenance style.

In general, you need to work with the texture and thickness of your hair, and trying to take it somewhere very far away from what it is like naturally can mean long hours spent trying to tame it.

If you have waves, choose a cut that enhances them and goes nicely with being air-dried. If your hair is stick straight, opt for a mid-length cut with a few layers to up the volume while buying time between cuts.

If you aren’t sure which styles will be easiest to maintain while looking put together, ask your stylist.

Style in your sleep

Who says that you have to be awake and upright to style your hair? Not us.

Styling while you sleep is the ultimate multitasker as far as hair styling goes.

Your hair tends to hold the shape that it dries in, so if you wash your hair at night and then twist it up and hit the hay — you are likely to wake up to a beautiful wavy styling when you shake it out in the morning.

Start by brushing damp hair out and then sectioning the two sides off and twisting away from your face. Then, wrap the twists into buns, secure, and sleep.

Air dry with a twist

If sleeping with your hair wet is not your thing, you can air dry while having a bit of control over the outcome during the day with a few simple twists.

In general, the less you touch your hair while it is drying, the less frizzy and unruly it will be.

After you step out of the shower, apply a smoothing product or serum, brush out your hair, and then twist 2 or 4 sections away from your face and leave it.

You can do a quick re-twist as you go about your morning, but try to touch it as little as possible.

In an hour or two (depending on how fast your hair dries), you will be left with a result that is casual but with a slight wave, a smooth root, and likely a lot less frizz than your basic air dry. Easy.

Invest in a silk or satin pillowcase

Your hair is constantly being rubbed, tangled, and tousled around while you are sleeping. So, the material that it is in contact with during all this sleep time is pretty important.

Cotton pillowcases tend to sap the natural oils from the hair, and may lead to frizz and breakage during the night if you are an especially mobile sleeper.

Silk or satin pillowcases don’t take natural oils away from your hair, in fact, they help distribute them down the shaft while you snooze.

Also, for those tossers and turners, silk and satin pillowcases more easily allow for the strands to slide past each other without risking more damage and frizz.

After making the switch to silk or satin, you may notice you wake up with smoother and shinier locks to work with right off the bat — making your morning routine much easier.

Get hair loss treatment from home in minutes

Hair that is thinning can be a challenge to style and get where you like it.

Getting professional treatment for thinning hair from experts like Global Center for Hair Restoration may help you maintain more hair in the future and could help you grow back some of your hair losses.

If you  don’t have time to head into the doctor’s office for hair loss help, you can have a free online virtual consultation with doctors via telemedicine platforms that specialize in hair loss for women.

Slowing hair loss and help with shedding can make your morning hair routine easier in the long run.

Embrace a darker root or your natural color

Changing your hair color can be a lot of fun, but it may mean that you have to head into the salon more often than you would like for touch-ups.

You may save a good amount of hair maintenance time by opting to embrace your natural hair color, and your hair health may improve because of it.

If you aren’t ready to go au natural, ask your stylist for a balayage color that has a natural root. Balayage can make your natural hair color effortlessly blend into the dyed or highlighted portions in a beautiful and put-together way, while buying you a lot more time between salon visits and making any root grow-out look good.

Adopt a favorite 5-second updo

Having a go-to updo is a great time saver for those mornings that you just need your hair up and away.

Practice a pretty messy bun or half-up style that you can do on the fly, anywhere, in a few seconds.

Keep the tools (elastics, bobby pins) for a quick updo in your purse so that you can tame your hair on the fly and still end up looking polished.


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