Get Motivated! Tips for a Healthier You

By Shannon Gurnee
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April 3, 2021

Today, on Redhead Mom, I’m sharing a partnered guest post about Getting Motivated, with Tips for a Healthier You.

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Do you want to change your lifestyle in 2021? Is it your goal to be fitter, healthier, and happier? We all want to look and feel our best, but it can be hard to stay motivated. With work and life commitments to juggle, finding time to exercise and cook healthy meals can seem like an impossible task.

But, you can live the life you have been dreaming about. When you make yourself a priority, scheduling time to workout will come naturally.Β 

If you’re struggling with motivation, we are here to help. Read on for our top tips to keep you active and eating well, both in the short and long term:

Treat Yourself to New Lingerie

When you exercise regularly and eat well, the natural endorphins will boost your confidence and brighten your mood. For some people, this isn’t enough to keep them motivated and an extra incentive is required. Why not stay on track by giving yourself little rewards when you reach certain milestones?

For example, if you have beaten a personal best or reached your goal weight, you can treat yourself to new lingerie. Women of all shapes and sizes deserve sexy lingerie, and there is something for everyone at 3Wishes. Whether you want a pretty new bra and panty set for daily wear, or a lace chemise to show off your progress, lingerie could be the motivation you need to stay active.

Team up with a Friend

Exercising with a friend is a good way to stay motivated. You will be accountable to each other, and it will be harder to say “no” when someone else is relying on you.Β 

Choose an exercise routine that you will both enjoy. For example, you could join a group spin class or have some fun in dance aerobics. But, working out doesn’t have to cost money. You and a friend could walk together, and as you build up your fitness you could switch to jogging, running, or cycling. You may even start taking vitamins together, such as bio complete 3, and keeping one another accountable for not missing them.

Keep a Daily Diary

When you have a busy lifestyle, it can be tempting to grab a quick snack on the run. You may not even be aware of the food choices you are making throughout the day. To help you stay motivated, write down what you eat and when. Include both food and drinks, to understand how and what you are consuming.Β 

Not only will you be able to flag any unhealthy choices, but you may also be able to learn why you feel hungry at specific times. For example, you may skip lunch, and this might result in junk food cravings in the evening.Β 

Plan Ahead

Being organized is the key to sticking to a workout and healthy eating plan. When you’re hungry at the end of a busy day, buying takeaway on the way home is a convenient choice. And, when you leave your workout to the last minute, you may be distracted by family time.

You can plan ahead by preparing meals on the weekend or before work, having them ready when you get home. Keep your workouts consistent, at the same time each day. For example, you might go for a walk with a friend early in the morning, or take your dog for a run at night.

Get Motivated!

Getting motivated is the first step to a healthier, fitter, happier, version of yourself. If you are struggling to achieve your goals, reward yourself. Work out with a friend and motivate each other, and plan your meals and activities ahead of time. Write down everything you eat in a diary, to find any areas that may need improvement.

With these simple tips, you can maintain your healthy lifestyle for many years to come.


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2 Responses to “Get Motivated! Tips for a Healthier You”

  1. donna porter says:

    With so much stress last year I did not exercise like I should. This year I turned over a new leaf. I have been walking daily, cooking healthier meals and now Spring cleaning this house. I must say I am feeling much better!

  2. Elizabeth TierceMiller says:

    Good points because since this lock down my motivation has totally flat lined.

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