8 Things to Change in Your Home for the Summer

By Shannon Gurnee
In Home
June 12, 2020

Today, I’m sharing a guest post about 8 Things to Change in Your Home for the Summer in partnership with ALLFORM.

Summer Home

1 – Curtains

The type of curtains you use depends on how you want to enjoy your living space. If you prefer to keep it dark and cool, you can keep the thick, dark-toned drapery. This helps keep the glaring sunlight out of your home and reduces the need for you to turn up the air conditioner. Read this blog to learn if your old AC unit can be charged with modern freon.

However, if you are a fan of natural light and you enjoy some warmth in your home, opt for sheer, light curtains instead. This will allow all the natural light during the day time to come in and depending on where you live, it can even let the summer evening breeze come in and cool your home.

2 – Kitchen area

Cooking can make your indoor space get even hotter during the summer and cause the air conditioner to work even harder. A tip: Cook your meals during the cooler hours of the day like the morning or evening. Or better yet, move your kitchen area so you are cooking in the patio or the backyard. Nothing will feel like summer more than cooking outdoors. You can even dine outside in the evenings when it’s cooler. You may also consider installing patio coverings to provide shade during hot summer days and protection for outdoor furniture. This alumawood louvered patio cover by Royal Covers can add unique beauty to any home or outdoor living space. So check it out!

3 – Upholstery

Since summer can get hot, you want to change your upholstery so they don’t contribute to the heat. Replace thick sheets and pillow covers with ones that are lighter and thinner. This will give a sense of airiness to your furniture cushions that will make you want to lounge in them during the summer heat. 

4 – Scents

There’s not much to change here since spring scents transition well into the summer. However, if you want it to truly smell like summer in your home, opt for fragrances that are beachy, citrusy, and woodsy. There are also scents that will remind you of this season like fresh flowers and linens. Pick scents so they match the area they are in –citrus for the kitchen, beachy in the living room, fresh linens in the bedroom, etc. 

Summer Home Outdoor Decor

5 – Outdoor decor

Now’s the perfect time to take care of any outside work you may have been putting off. For example, you could call excavation services and have them set up an area in your yard for a nice garden. Next, how about you take out your outdoor chairs and enjoy the view. If you don’t have any, consider investing in chic patio furniture. You want to be able to sit outside and enjoy the sun with a good book or a cold iced tea. What’s great about these is that they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions so you can definitely use them even after summer. Upgrade your patio paver design and backyard with experts like the Value Builders Group.

You should also inspect your roof. If you are experiencing leaks inside your house or in places where they shouldn’t be, this may be a sign that your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Have a professional roofing contractor from Roofing World come out to see if you need a new roof or if the current roof can be fixed, learn more here.

6 – Living room sofa

Speaking of furniture, let’s talk about one that’s inside your home. If you’ve been meaning to get rid of that bulky couch, this would be a great time since everyone is out. Put your old one on display and replace it with a brand new one that suits your taste more. Find a sofa that matches your style, but don’t forget that it has to be versatile so you can use it all throughout four seasons. 

7 – Color palette

For summer, you want to dial back on your interior decor’s color palette. Don’t go for more than three colors at a time. This can make the space look splashy and uncoordinated. Opt for light neutral colors and layer them gently. Start with the main base and then accent with the other color. This will give your home a more breezy feel.

8 – Plants

No indoor plants in your home yet? Add them now! They’re perfect for the summer because, despite their low maintenance nature, indoor plants do enjoy being exposed to some natural light. Spruce up your living room with some really good starter species like spider plants, rubber plants, fiddle leaf figs, and Calathes. These are perfect for beginners and require minimal care. Best of all, they can help cool your room and beat the heat during this summer.

Which of these tips are you going to implement in your home first?
Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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25 Responses to “8 Things to Change in Your Home for the Summer”

  1. Jay Aguirre says:

    I’ll definitely have to consider this! Since we’ll likely be staying at home for most of the summer, it’s definitely nice to redecorate and make sure our living space is perfect!

  2. I had never thought about these little ones that actually make the house more welcoming in the summer months.

  3. ashley says:

    These are all great tips to change the mood and brighten up your home for Summer.

  4. I love all of these ideas, except that we are moving very soon! I can at least do the scents one for now. Pretty soon I will be doing all of these in a new home anyway!

  5. Colleen says:

    I love these ideas! I’ve always been a fan of seasonal decor, but I’ve never thought of changing so many different things for the season. I have to give these a try.

  6. Bill says:

    These are excellent tips. I run hot, so changing the sheets is something we already do. I love these ideas.

  7. Elizabeth O says:

    These are some great tips. I love and enjoyed changing curtains and decorate my house too.

  8. Melissa Cushing says:

    Plants and home fragrance are everything. There is nothing better than walking into a home that has a wonderful scent just built in. I used to work for Yankee Candle and my home was covered in fragrance and it just makes a home a home. The plants are not only beautiful and add the perfect touch to every room but they are built in air purifiers too! It’s a win win!

  9. These are fun and awesome ideas. We’re all stuck at home more than usual during these times – making it into a new space with little tweaks can be a great way to spice things up. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Catherine says:

    I love redecorating for the seasons…it really helps the mood too! Great tips for refreshing the home for summer!

  11. The furniture will have to moved around….that is for sure. It has been so long!

  12. GiGi Eats says:

    Scents!! Yes. LOL. Although we love Christmas smells, so we tend to keep those types of candals around!

  13. These are all great suggestions. Thanks for reminding me I was supposed to get some more house plants!

  14. Lyanna Soria says:

    I definitely would want to grow more indoor plants. Those are some great tips to keep in mind.

  15. Ronnie says:

    Nothing like giving a breath of fresh air to your home! We’d like to do that this summer as well. Especially considering we’re spending more time at home because of quarantine.

  16. nice tips. i love scents that pertain to the current season so linen and flowers are great choices.

  17. Rosey says:

    A sofa is important. If you get one you don’t care for, it can make everything feel off for a good long time.

  18. Emman Damian says:

    I usually change into lighter and fragrant scents. We also change the curtains into brighter summer colors. So fun!

  19. Howard B says:

    Like the ideas about staying cool. Thank you.

  20. Wonderful tips and ideas and I think I have done a few, like adding some plants, fixed some old furniture in our rooms, and also I have got some new scent for my aromatherapy machine! @ knycx.journeying

  21. Monidipa says:

    Perfect post in perfect time. We were planning for some changes, and these will help..

  22. I love the cooking tip because you’re right, summer gets so hot that sometimes you just don’t want to go into the kitchen to cook anything.

  23. All great things that I would love to do to my home if I had the money to do so. Hopefully, soon!

  24. Natalie says:

    Great tips. I love changing things inside our house. I’m about to redecorate our living room. These ideas will definitely help.

  25. I really need to add more plants to my home, I’m terrible and remembering to water (or over-watering) so I need to work on this.

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