6 Must-Have Aid Devices for Seniors

By Shannon Gurnee
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June 11, 2020
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This is a guest post written about 6 Must-Have Aid Devices for Seniors in partnership with Kate Anderson.

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6 Must-Have Aid Devices for Seniors

As the median age in the United States steadily increases and the Baby Boomer generation fully enters their Golden Years, there are plenty of seniors looking to improve daily life, maintain their health, and enjoy their day-to-day with fervor. Fortunately, there are plenty of devices that can help seniors maintain their desired lifestyle. For instance, chair lifts can help those who have mobility issues.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for aid products for your aging family member or friend, check out these six must-have aid devices designed specifically for seniors:

1 – Smart Pill Dispensers

Many seniors have a daily regimen of medicines to keep track of, and some individuals need to take different pills at various times of day. It can be easy to forget when and if you’ve already taken your daily dose of a given medicine, so smart pill dispensers are a must. These tools have sensors that will detect if a senior has yet to take their pill; it connects to smartphones and can be used to remind the senior via phone, or contact family members that a dose is going to be missed.

2 – Essential Tremor Bracelet

Seniors who have been diagnosed with essential tremor struggle with involuntary shaking impeding everyday tasks. An essential tremor bracelet can reduce the symptoms related to this chronic nervous system disorder.  This bracelet offers non-invasive therapy technology, sending peripheral nerve stimulation to the central tremor network by calibrating to the wearer’s specific needs.

Note: This product must be prescribed by your healthcare provider, so if you’re interested in this type of essential tremor therapy for yourself or a loved one, ask your doctor if it’s the right option. For more health care solutions we recommend to check the AED Advantage Sales Ltd. products which can save lives.

3 – A Folding Cane

Some of the best aid devices are also the simplest. Seniors who may need to take a rest when walking for extended periods of time can benefit from folding cane sets. These canes serve as walking assistants, then easily convert into a small seat for seniors to take a break. This allows elderly individuals who may be otherwise mobility-restricted to gain back some independence, without worrying they won’t be able to find a place to rest weary legs.

4 – A voice-activated “assistant”

Seniors can benefit greatly from voice-activated assistants. These AI tools are designed to provide convenience; you can control the device from anywhere in the room, ask questions, set reminders, check the time, play music – you get the idea. From performing calculations to setting the volume on other devices, tools like the Echo Dot can make it easy to perform your daily tasks without having to move from where you sit. In addition, these assistants may help you send out a distress call should an emergency arise, which is wonderful for peace of mind, both for the individual and their family members.

5 – Blood glucose monitoring system

Many elderly individuals suffer from diabetes; according to the CDC, almost 27% of those aged 65 and over had diabetes in 2018. Blood glucose monitoring systems are essential for those living with this disease, and luckily, technology has borne easy-to-use glucose meters that make it simple to manage your health. Many glucose meters connect to smartphones, allowing the user to log results and stay connected with their caregiver.

6 – Fitness Tracker

Seniors hoping to take an active role in improving their health can benefit greatly from a fitness tracker. These fitness-based wrist wearables are designed to automatically detect activity, then provide logs of your motion. In addition, tools like the Samsung Gear Fit 2 can measure your heart rate so you can track your cardiac activity and make better health decisions.

The above mentioned devices can make daily life more efficient and more enjoyable for seniors of all ages. Consider which of these products might make a difference in your life, or in the life of your loved one, and take advantage of the latest tools designed with senior’s needs in mind.


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