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By Shannon Gurnee
In Fashion
April 22, 2020

Today, we are sharing this blog post on Redhead Mom in partnership with Senja Shoes.

Senja Shoes

Do you enjoy the outdoors? I know I do, but wet and cold shoes can put a damper on the full experience of enjoying nature. I recently discovered Senja Shoes – a shoe that is 100% waterproof, highly breathable, and moisture-wicking to protect against rashes and odors. They even invented their own brand new FlexForm fabric only found in Senja.

Senja Shoes are perfect for the trail, the beach, and the city! These waterproof shoes keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable no matter the season or the terrain. You’ll feel great in these shoes made from eco-friendly materials and with their FlexForm slip-on comfort. Senja shoes are made with vegan-friendly materials and are produced using sustainable manufacturing practices.

Senja Shoes

This all-season waterproof shoe is pretty awesome and I think it would definitely make enjoying the outdoors that much easier! The fact that not only is it comfortable, but 100% waterproof is a huge YES for me! Plus, being more durable, breathable and lightweight is a huge benefit when it comes to shoes. I love that you can wear them comfortably in any weather conditions and on any terrain – even underwater! Yes – you can even wear it under underwater!

Senja Shoes

Senja’s most exciting features result from the unique type of wool used in their design. Merino wool is known as the most high-performance fabric of the 21st century. Even though it’s not very easy to come by, this type of wool provides unrivaled durability, comfort, and protection. Whennli you think of wool, you probably instantly think “itchy.” Unlike most wool which is hot and itchy, Merino wool is as smooth as cashmere and regulates temperature. This is what allows Senja to remain comfortable all year round. They can stay warm in snowy weather or promote cool airflow in the summer.

Merino wool is also antibacterial and protects against bacteria, mold, fungus, allergens and more. Did your ears just perk up? I know mine did when I read that for the first time! What this means is that Senja will not lead to athlete’s foot or other foot ailments caused by unseen invaders. It also means that Senja will stay odor-free forever.

Senja Shoes

Outside the Merino wool interior is Senja’s FlexForm outer layer. This is made from 4 distinct layers of soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking, and waterproof material. This revolutionary fabric keeps feet dry and comfortable in any environment – with or without socks.

Senja Shoes

Let’s talk a little more about waterproofing. This is a big seller in my eyes. Senja’s waterproofing is built into the fabric of the shoe and is powerful enough to withstand full submersion. Yes – you read that right – full submersion. This means you’re able to wear Senja in the shower, the rain or even while swimming without any moisture contacting your feet. Superior ventilation ensures quick drying, and wetness will never cause blisters or rashes – even when you wear Senja shoes with bare feet.

Other notable features of Senja include:

  • Slip-on comfort: Senja slip on and off in seconds and don’t require you to tie laces
  • Flexible: Senja are highly flexible and move with your stride for enhanced comfort and control
  • Shock-absorbant: Senja’s SoleCast cushioning absorbs shock, making it ideal for climbers, runners, and adventurers.


Senja Shoes

About Senja Shoes

Senja Shoes is a project by an international team of footwear enthusiasts and engineers. The founders realized that the vast majority of modern footwear had problems brought about by a stagnant industry. Most footwear is not suitable in most weather conditions and terrain, is made unsustainably, and can barely be worn for a 12-hour stretch without pain.

They knew that if there was an alternative to all the outdated designs, people would flock to it. So, they brought together top designers, podiatrists, scientists, ergonomic specialists, and adventurers to create a new generation of shoe, and Senja Shoes was born.

After years of conceptual design, research, and testing and hundreds of prototypes, Senja Shoes had a developed an all-new type of footwear—one that could be worn all day, all year, and anywhere in the world.

Now, Senja Shoes are available at an exclusive pre-order price online. 

What features do you like about Senja Shoes?


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