5 Things To Consider When Shopping For A New Mattress

By Shannon Gurnee
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April 16, 2020

Today, we’re sharing about 5 things to consider when shopping for a new mattress as a partnered guest post.

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There comes a time every decade or so, where you have to bite the bullet on a new mattress purchase. However, it seems to get harder and harder each time because every year there are new brands with even more beds to choose from. Knowing what to look for before you start your search can spare you valuable time, and even money.

When it comes to finding the perfect mattress that suits your sleep needs, it’s essential to consider various factors that contribute to a comfortable and supportive sleep experience. However, this mattress outlet in Hamilton offers a wide selection of mattresses designed to cater to different sleeping positions and body types. Understanding the relationship between your sleep position, body weight, and mattress firmness can help you make an informed decision. By visiting this mattress outlet, you can explore a range of options and receive expert guidance to ensure you find the ideal mattress that promotes restful sleep and optimal spinal alignment.

Below are five different things you should keep in mind if you’re interested in buying a new bed.

1.) Your Dominant Sleeping Position

We never think about the position you primarily sleep in — but everyone has one. Or you’re a combo sleeper who switches between a few different positions. Whatever the case may be, you should cater to your most dominant sleeping position when you’re searching for the best mattress. Most mattresses aren’t one sleeper fits all, and you should find one that accommodates your sleeper type.

Back and stomach sleepers usually need something on the medium to firm end of the spectrum, because it keeps their spines in neutral alignment. If their backs sag into a soft mattress, it could mean annoying aches and pains the morning afterwards.

Side sleepers, on the other hand, are usually most comfortable on soft mattresses that contour to the side of their body. They want something pressure relieving so they don’t wake up needing neck and shoulder pain treatment. Combo sleepers can either go for something more in the middle of the firmness spectrum, or accommodate the side they sleep on the most.

2.) Your Body Weight

Weight should also come into play when you’re in the market for a new mattress. A mattress will feel much different to your 5-year-old niece than it will to your 230 lb cousin, and that’s because of the extra pressure that heavier body types exert. Essentially, the more you weigh — the softer a mattress is going to feel. So if you’re looking for a bed with more support, you might want to consider a hybrid bed. A soft mattress with foam and an innerspring system is a great hybrid mattress for side sleepers, while back and stomach sleepers should consider firmer hybrid mattresses.

3.) Your Budget

You can spend as low as $200 on a mattress, or you can spend a big chunk of change on a new bed that costs $4,000. So before you take on the challenge of choosing a new mattress, consider how much money you want to spend on your mattress. How often will someone be sleeping on this bed? How old is the individual sleeping on it? Will you have this mattress for a short period of time, or do you hope to sleep on this mattress for the next decade?

If you’re looking for a durable, supportive mattress — you might want to stray away from the budget beds. Though, for those of you who want a spare room mattress or something to get your kid through their dorm days at school, you can get away with a cheaper bed.

woman sleeping in bed

4.) Your Personal Preferences

Of course, it’s important to consider your own personal preferences when you’re shopping for a mattress. For example, hot sleepers who tend to warm up at night may not want a memory foam bed because they’re notorious for retaining heat. Instead, latex foam mattresses or beds with active cooling technology would be a more comfortable choice.

Those with arthritis or hip pain may want a soft mattress that relieves those pressure points. Additionally, someone with allergies may prefer a natural latex mattress that’s hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, meaning it’s resistant to household allergens like dust mites and dander. If you do enough research, odds are, you’ll find a mattress that makes sleeping at night a lot more comfortable for you.

5.) Your Living Space

You don’t want to purchase a mattress that looks too big or even too small in a bedroom. Otherwise, you risk feeling cluttered or boring and empty. Luckily, mattresses come in a wide range of sizes so you can find the sweet spot between big enough for you, but sizable enough for the space. Master or larger bedrooms can hold a king size bed, or a queen if you’re looking to save money. Queen and full size beds fit best in average-sized rooms, while twin and twin XL beds are best for small rooms meant for one individual.


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    A quality mattress is so important to a proper night’s sleep. Great tips!

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    These are excellent tips. Making a mattress is more of a commitment than a lot of people realize!

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    These are really helpful tips. I have to make sure to use them when I’m in the market to purchase a mattress.

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    These are great tips! I’m actually in the market for a new mattress. Quarantine has shown me that I definitely need a mattress that is far comfier than the one I have now.

  6. Kathy says:

    Budget is a HUGE factor when it comes to buying a new mattress. I recently fell in love with a mattress BEFORE I checked the price. I was very sorry to say goodbye to it. LOL

  7. Rog Willis says:

    This will come in handy for when we go shopping for our furniture, when we’re ready to move into our new home.

  8. Amber Myers says:

    Yup, we did most of this when we got a new mattress. I am less picky, so I had my husband try a bunch out so he knew for sure if he liked it.

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    These are wonderful tips. I am thinking to purchase a new mattress next month. Can’t decide if I should go with Queen or King size.

  11. Liz says:

    Super helpful! Will definitely keep these tips in mind.

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  13. Thank you for this guide.I always think that a mattress is very important.

  14. Ann says:

    I should have read this before we shopped our bed, its way to soft for us…

  15. Valerie says:

    I love my memory foam mattress and did not know that they retain heat. Good to know. I am a back sleeper and also did not know that I should have looked for a firmer mattress. This would explain my not feeling like I got a good night’s sleep sometimes. Luckily, I have a great sleep mask that helps. Thank you for these tips for next time.

  16. Chef Dennis says:

    We are thinking of buying a new mattress but still considering some things. These tips will be a great help for us in choosing the best one. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Matt Taylor says:

    Those are all great things to think about when shopping for a new mattress. I had a hand me down mattress that I slept on for years. It was amazing to finally get a new memory foam mattress, haha.

  18. Thanks for coming up with this list. <3 Although budget is really a factor, comfort in the long run should also be considered.

  19. Paula schuck says:

    So true to check your living space! You can want a king sized mattress but it’s no good if you can’t get it up the stairs! We just recently replaced two of the kid’s mattresses here. One is Mira bed and we are happy with that!

  20. Lynndee says:

    Perfect because I’m actually going to shop for a new mattress for our son soon. Thank you for the tips.

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    My husband and I definitely need a new mattress. Our old one is so hard! I am not getting a very good’s night rest and it would make a huge difference to have a good mattress.

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