Record Doctor Appointments to Easily Manage Everyone’s Health Care

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health
January 4, 2020

Today, on Redhead Mom, we’re talking about how you can record doctor appointments
to easily manage everyone’s health as part of a sponsored guest post.

With a full house, remembering everyone’s medical details can get complicated — recording their visit to the doctors office is the perfect solution. 

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Taking on the responsibility of managing your family’s health care details can be a big task. From scheduling doctor appointments, managing dietary needs, and nursing them back to health during cold and flu season — you’ve got your hands full. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have one child or six, keeping track of everyone’s medical needs can quickly become overwhelming. On top of that, many families are faced with other medical conditions that require more doctor’s visits, medications, and special care needs. 

Luckily, with today’s technology, we have the ability to record doctor appointments to help remind us of all the important details. Now with the click of a button, we have our own little medical assistant available to help manage the entire family’s health care. 

This article will take a look at how recording appointments can help you manage your family’s medical needs. Here’s a quick look at what we’ll cover: 

  • Why you might want to record a doctor’s appointment
  • Answer the burning question: am I allowed to record my appointments?
  • Three ways that recording doctor visits can benefit you and your family


hand holding phoneRecording your doctor’s appointments is as simple as a click of a button.
If you have a smartphone handy, you’ll never have to forget a single detail again. Image courtesy of

Recording Doctor Appointments

Recording a doctor’s appointment will allow you to review your doctor’s advice at any time, share it with other caregivers and family members, and feel more confident about a diagnosis or treatment plan. 

We are all guilty of carrying our cell phones with us everywhere we go, so why don’t we use them to our advantage? 

Let’s take a closer look at how recording appointments can help you better care for your family while making your life a little easier — but first, we’ll address one question you’re probably already asking.

question markMany people are uncertain if they are allowed to record a doctor’s visit.
It’s a great question to ask, and can vary depending on what state you live in. Image courtesy of

Am I allowed to record my doctor appointments?

This is a reasonable question that most people would ask when discussing this topic. And the answer to this question is yes, you are allowed to record a doctor’s visit with permission

While there are some states that may not require consent to record an appointment, it is illegal without permission in others. So it’s best to always ask your provider permission before start recording any details from the visit. Having an open conversation about your wish to capture the appointment will help you build trust and ensure clear communication with your doctor. 

stethoscope and phoneFrom having a better understanding of medical terminology to replaying appointment details for family members,
there are a variety of benefits to recording your appointments. Image courtesy of

Benefits to Recording Doctor Appointments

There are numerous benefits to document doctor appointments. Even if you’re not managing the health care needs of a family of seven, you still need to know what your doctor’s instruction is. You can take your medical records with you wherever you go and can share previous appointment details with new doctors or family members. 

writing in bookWriting notes to remember everything the doctor told you is a thing of the past now. Image courtesy of Pexels

Remember Every Detail

For someone without a background in health care, you can quickly get lost in all the medical jargon your doctor is listing off. And trying to write down every detail can be cumbersome and you risk missing the important details. 

On top of that, we often become numb when we hear a new diagnosis. Which may leave the office wondering “what did the doctor say.” 

With the ability to record your visits, you can replay the visit once you’ve had time to let everything set in. Then you can replay and listen to everything and gain a better understanding of what the next steps are. It also allows you to revisit the details at any time if there are any questions around medical care. 

After reviewing the details of the first visit, you may find that you’re coming up with new questions and concerns. This can help you better prepare for the next appointment you have scheduled and help you feel more confident in the future. If your kid has been diagnosed with a chronic disease, you may look for kid-friendly chronic illness resources to help them understand their condition.

medicineReplay details whenever you need to gain a better understanding of your diagnosis and treatment options. Image courtesy of Pixabay

Playback the Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, and Other Instructions

With an office recording, you have all the documentation of your treatment options, medication needs, and other instructions right in your phone. This can be helpful in any scenario — from knowing what antibiotics to give your child for an ear infection to understanding a physical therapy schedule after a broken leg. 

Another example would be if you needed to make dietary adjustments due to a new health concern, it can be easy to forget what’s on your “approved” eating list. Listening to your doctor’s instructions while making your weekly grocery list will help you pick up the proper food to stay on track.

For sensitive conditions like erectile dysfunction, you can also record what type of ed treatment options are available and write down any specific details such as their efficacy rate, supplementary medications or dietary restrictions.

Having these types of details at the touch of a button can ease your fears and help you provide the best care for you you and your family. 

family holding handsThey say it takes a village to raise a child. Share recording from doctor visits with your village to ensure your children are
getting the proper care no matter where they are. Image courtesy of

Involve Other Caregivers and Family Members

The care for your family members will often be split between caregivers such as another parent, grandparent, or another designated caregiver. In these scenarios, it’s very important that everyone understands specific care needs that are required. 

Recording a visit will allow caregivers to share the content of an appointment with one another. That way, if someone cannot make it to an important doctor’s visit, they can still be filled in on the details and know what steps need to be taken. 

If you’re taking on the task of caring for an aging parent on top of family members in your household, replaying visits will be an invaluable benefit to them. If they have become forgetful or cannot remember what their doctor instructed them, you can simply replay the visit to help them remember. 

mom with kids at mountainsWith help from your recordings, you can help your family live a healthy and happy year full of adventures. Image courtesy of Pexels

Better Manage Your Family’s Health Care Today

While it may not have been something you’ve thought about doing before, recording doctor appointments can be a huge benefit for busy parents. Keep the details of everyone in your family’s health care at the touch of a button and build a better relationship with your provider. Just remember to always shy on the safe side and be sure to ask your providers for consent before starting to record.


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    I have a really big family and this is the perfect way to be able to keep track of everyone’s visits and the information that was shared in them.

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    Keeping track of medical information is highly important nowadays for parents. This is very helpful information, well done!

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