6 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean, Healthy, and Tidy

By Shannon Gurnee
In Cleaning Review
November 11, 2019

Today, on Redhead Mom, we’re sharing about 6 ways to keep your home clean, healthy and tidy. Partnered guest post.

How to keep home healthy and tidy

Keeping your home clean should not be a huge task. You don’t need to spend a lot of time daily for  cleaning your home to keep it clean and tidy. Here are some little tricks and tips from Simply Maid that can help you to keep your home tidy at all times.

Keep shoes at the door

Shoes carry a lot of dirt; imagine all the places you have been to in that footwear. Keep a storage at the door for all your shoes. Make it a household rule that everyone should leave their shoes in that storage. Click here for some shoe storage. Also, put a heavy doormat at the entrance so that members of your household can scuff off some of the dirt before putting the shoes in the storage. When you do this, you will be keeping a lot of dust out of your home. That also means that you will have less dirt to clean. Your floors will be cleaner even if you don’t have time to clean regularly.

Declutter monthly

We all have a spot in the home where toss items that we are yet to sort out. Sometimes, we have more of those places in the house. You may see a small pile of mails and magazines, but by the end of the month, you may have tossed lots of stuff there. The truth is that you don’t need most of the things in that pile. Take an hour or two declutter every month. So that you send the stuff, you no longer need out.

Put things back after using them

Don’t leave things around when you finish using them. If you leave them around, you will need to come back another time to put it where it belongs. That is a waste of time, and it will also leave your home disorganized. Your books should go back to the bookshelf after using them. Your water glass should be put back in the spot you took them.

Make a bed every morning

A disorganized bed has a way of making your home look unkempt. When you wake up, straighten the bed and make sure it looks presentable. Seeing a well-made bed even reduces your stress levels.

Keep cleaning supplies close to the places you will use them

Keep bathroom cleaning supplies in a corner in the bathroom. Keep some in the kitchen as well. So that you don’t need to go round looking for supplies to clean your bathroom. It does not only waste time; you may end up abandoning the task altogether. Also, remember to keep supplies on every floor so that you won’t need to go up and down the stairs so supplies.

Clean your dishes before going to bed

Don’t leave any dishes unwashed when you go to bed. It can attract a lot of insects into your home and make your family sick. Whether you use the dishwasher or you wash your dishes by hand, ensure that you do that at night so that you only need to put them back into place.

Keeping your home clean also means making the place healthy for every member of your household. Remember that the only way you can get rid of germs in the house is by cleaning. Hence, the next time to think of a healthy home, think of all the cleaning you should be doing.

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