Simple Ways to Travel More Sustainable With Your Pet

By Shannon Gurnee
In Pets
October 23, 2019

Today, on Redhead Mom, I am sharing about Simple Ways to Travel More Sustainable
with your Pet as part of a sponsored guest post.

Pets have become an important part of the family unit across different parts of the globe. While you are insatiable to consumerism and a major driver of a sustainable environment, pets play a significant role on their own. Today, every family has a dog or a cat eating more food every year. This results in large amounts of waste every single day. The waste has a massive impact on environmental sustainability and general health.

If you love to travel with your pet and explore different fun ideas such as the one at  and pet tips, you need to employ different ways to make your travel sustainable. Here’s how you and your pet can enjoy environmentally friendly travels.

Buy Environmentally Friendly Pet Products 

Try to avoid any toxic pet products as you travel. Just as you avoid toxic and flammable household items for environmental and personal health, you should do the same for your pet. Therefore as you purchase toys, grooming items, beddings and other travel essentials for your pet, purchase safe and quality products for sustainability.

dog toy

Take time to read labels on leashes, collars, beddings and other products. For shampoos, you will find many conditioners and shampoos free of toxins.

Keep Everything Simple 

When traveling with your pet, keep everything simple. Whether you are carrying water, foodstuff, medical kit, collars and exercise essentials, keep everything simple. While the pet industry is a billion-dollar market, you do not have to purchase what you do not need. Yes, it is fun to buy your pet decorative collars and modern fancy toys or outfits. However, consider your pet’s environmental role or footprint.

Go for what is essential to keep your pet healthy and happy. Appreciate the art of keeping and fostering a sustainable environment in your pet by keeping it simple. Remember, your cat and dog can share the same ball as they play while you are traveling. You may also consider scheduling a pet wellness exam to ensure your pet is healthy and travel-ready.

Feed Well 

You need to feed your pet thoughtfully as you travel. Pets eat proteins just as you do. As such, every vegetable and grain used for preparing pet food create an environmental impact in the sense that it reduces waste in the ecosystem and the industrial agricultural system. This pet food production reduces food resources in the landfill. This is why you can feed your pet with human leftovers.

dog food in bowl

Even so, protein-rich pet food accounts for more than 15 per cent profits in industrial meat production. The food also requires water, energy and plenty of oil used for processing. The packaging and transportation of food mean the use of other resources that impact sustainability. Therefore, let your travel experience be sustainable by purchasing food in bulk and feed your pet thoughtfully. Avoid prime cuts and settle for food-grade by-products.

If possible, avoid canned foods. Often, they are processed and packaged with chemicals including Polyvinyl chloride and biphenyl A are toxic to the environment.

Carry Biodegradable Pet Waste Bags 

While traveling, carry pet waste bags. Poop from pets causes environmental pollution. Most of the waste when left out produce bacteria and other deadly contaminants that get into rivers, streams and lakes. Therefore, having a disposable waste bag allows you to dispose of canine fecal matter responsibly and prevent environmental pollution.

Dog Waste Trash Can

Pet-Friendly Parks and Resorts

When traveling with your pet, identify pet-friendly parks and resorts. Such places have everything designed for you and your pet right from the type of food prepared, play items and some have pet walkers to keep your pet active and healthy. Pet-friendly places, such as these dog friendly lodges Scotland, brighten up your mood and that of your pet as you promote sustainability. As your pet is with pet care professionals, your furry friend is given utmost care all the time. Explore the largest pet resort in the GTA today.

By visiting pet-friendly parks and resorts, you can also experience new cultures and cuisines. Locally grown foods and freshly cooked food have smaller carbon prints, thus enhancing sustainability.


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  1. Some great tips for pet owners so they can help to travel sustainably. Love your tip on biodegradable bags

  2. Becky Kinard says:

    We have a Jack Russel named Sadie who is like a child to us. I think it is important to check everything out before hand so you know all the pet friendly places for your pet. You made some excellent points.

  3. Vickie L Couturier says:

    luckily my dogs have always traveled well and never had a issue,,the cat not so much,but that was only once ,but my dogs love to travel and be watching the cars go by and sitting in the passengers lap no matter how big they are they want their turn

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