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By Shannon Gurnee
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May 6, 2019
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Today, our blog post about how to build your networking career with certifications from Cisco with Examsnap is a partnered guest post.

Networking ExamSnap

Cisco is a global leader when it comes to networking technologies. It is the most trusted platform which provides IT professionals with the prestigious high-level certifications such as CCIE Routing and Switching and CCIE Data Center. Cisco has designed certification categories based on the levels and the technologies that a professional would like to build a career on. Therefore, certifications from Cisco are specific and appropriate for your networking career. It is important to note that Cisco certifications are vendor-specific, which means that they are designed specifically for professionals who deal with Cisco technologies and products.

Cisco certification levels

Cisco offers five different certification levels for IT professionals. Every level consists of several certifications which are based on different technologies (more details below). The five levels of Cisco certifications are:

  1. Entry level – this is the basic level. It is designed for individuals who are interested in starting a career in the IT field. At this level, ExamSnap offers certifications such as CCENT and CCT.
  2. Associate levelcredentials on this level are designed for professionals who are looking for strong foundational IT knowledge. The certifications awarded at this level are CCDA and CCNA. Both these credentials can serve as prerequisites for professional-level certifications.
  3. Professional level – this is the advanced level of Cisco certification. It equips professionals with progressive knowledge and skills. The candidates are awarded CCNP or CCDP credentials at this level. Note that you can’t get professional-level credential without possessing associate-level certification.
  4. Expert levelCisco expert-level credentials are recognized globally as the most prestigious and lucrative certifications in the IT industry. The credentials awarded to the successful candidates under this level are CCDE and CCIE. Expert-level certifications require no formal prerequisites, however, it is recommended to have a strong background in your area of specialization.
  5. Architect level – it is the highest achievable level of Cisco credentials. It provides professionals with architectural knowledge and skills to design and manage a network. The certification under this level is known as CCAr. This credential requires a valid Cisco CCDE certification as a prerequisite.


Apart from the five distinct certification levels, Cisco has categorized its certification program based on the networking technology which the professional is interested in. This is because networking covers a very broad spectrum of knowledge. Some of the networking technologies under which Cisco offers certifications are described below:

  • Data Center – these credentials deal with housing computing tools such as servers and firewalls in and involve technologies like cloud, automation and virtualization.
  • Routing and Switching – candidates who are intending to get certified under this category should have a passion for understanding how routing and switching technologies work.
  • Collaboration – the IT professionals who are involved in decision making, empowering employees and boosting business productivity are ideal candidates for the Collaboration category. These specialists working with data, video, voice and mobile applications.
  • Security – here IT professionals are equipped with the utmost knowledge to safeguard the networked system from threats and detect the possible vulnerabilities.
  • Cyber Ops – this category is designed for IT professionals who want to specialize in information security. The knowledge acquired here can be applied in business, government and military security.


Career Prospects

Cisco credentials are known to bring a lot of benefits to IT professionals. One of the amazing benefits is the high salaries that range from $70,000 to $120,000 per year. With credentials from Cisco, you can qualify for such popular positions as a software engineer, site reliability engineer and network engineer.

Here are some more advantages of being a Cisco certified professional:

  • Cisco credentials increase your job opportunities because you will acquire knowledge and skills that ordinary professionals do not possess.
  • Since you obtain a set of unique skills through Cisco certifications, your company will consider you as a valuable asset. Therefore, you will receive high salaries and get promotions.
  • Cisco certifications form a very strong foundational knowledge in your area of expertise. For example, CCNA Security certification equips you with the utmost skills in securing a network system from phishing and pharming.
  • With Cisco certifications, you will have a privilege of attending conferences as well as seminars that are intended to equip you with the means to resolve the complex issues in IT networking arena.
  • Lastly, Cisco certified professionals are granted the opportunity to join the online community of fellow certified peers. The forum gives you the possibility to share ideas and learn from your colleagues.


Where to get the top prep materials for Cisco certification exams?

You will surely need to train for Cisco exams in the most appropriate and efficient way. ExamSnap is your #1 provider for preparation resources that will enable you to improve your performance. With ExamSnap, you can easily get the following materials:

  • Top VCE files with questions and answers that are always updated
  • Free demo VCE Exam Simulator
  • Best instructor-led video training courses


Besides, ExamSnap exclusively allows its users to join an online community where they can share preparation materials freely. Make an effort and pass your certification exams – with training materials from ExamSnap it is easier than you think.


Cisco certifications are the most prestigious credentials in the field of networking. It is highly recommendable for every IT professional to have at least one Cisco certification relevant to his or her area of expertise. Build your career today with certifications from Cisco!

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