Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Children + GIVEAWAY

By Shannon Gurnee
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April 25, 2019

Do you have children who love to play the guitar? As part of a sponsored post with Gentle Guitar,
we’re sharing the Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Children.

Gentle Guitar Lessons

In our home, our kids love music. Whether they’re listening to it or playing it, music is an important part of their life. In fact, most of our children have had music lessons at one point or another in their lives.

The other night, we were watching a show where a very stern music teacher was teaching the kids different instruments. The teacher wouldn’t let the kids move on to the next note until it was perfect and no note was correct in her eyes! While this sounds like a pretty extreme example, this is definitely NOT the type of guitar lessons we want our children to have, right? I was excited to learn about the Gentle Guitar online music school for kids and the benefits our children get from learning the guitar.

The Gentle Guitar™ method is designed for children and adapts to them at their level of development. A five year old can follow along just as easily as a twelve year old. Complex musical content is broken down into fun written activities, easy progressive exercises and musical games.

Gentle Guitar Lessons


Develop Concentration

Playing a guitar involves a lot of different things at once. When learning to play, your child will learn how to do many things at once, including reading music, finger placement, pitch, rhythm and more. The more a child practices, the more she concentrates.

Improve Coordination

To learn a musical instrument like the guitar, your child has has to learn good hand-eye coordination and this is going to take time to develop. As your child learns to read guitar music and at the same time turn that into specific motor patterns, he will improve coordination, which multi-taking much easier.

Improve Memory

Did you know that children who play the guitar can experience improved behavior and memory? When learning a musical instrument, the left side of the brain becomes engaged and this part of the brain can essentially help your child to remember things a lot easier than a child their age that has not played an instrument.

Provides Relaxation

Music therapy is more often being used to complement more traditional forms of healing and medicine. Researchers acknowledge that certain types of music can have a calming effect, and aid relaxation by lowering heart rates. Played well, the sound of a guitar (especially one with nylon strings) can be exceptionally soothing and relaxing.

Develop Teamwork and Social Skills

While children may be more social at younger ages, it can be more difficult building social connections when they get older. Allowing children to partake in guitar lessons with a group of their peers lets them learn how to work together with others to create one sound. It’s great teamwork and social skill building time.

Boosts Their Confidence

The important thing is not only to experience learning to play the guitar, but also to have the right guitar teacher. This teach will help their students to develop small goals in music. These goals include learning how to read sheet music, playing line by line, and then eventually mastering an entire song. The feeling children receive from this accomplishment is awesome and will help them to feel great about who they are and what they can achieve if they put their minds to it.

As your child becomes more proficient in playing the guitar, it’s important to keep them engaged and inspired. One way to do this is by introducing them to resources like Stay Tuned Guitar, a blog dedicated to all things guitar-related. Here, they can read up on the latest techniques and trends, discover new artists and music, and find inspiration for their own playing. With resources like these, your child can continue to grow and develop their skills and stay motivated to pursue their passion for music.

Gentle Guitar Lessons


FOR KIDS AGES 6 to 16+

Do you have a 6 to 16+ year old who’s keen to learn a musical instrument? Here’s your chance to find out whether your child is ready for music lessons!


Gentle Guitar™ school specializes in kids and teen guitar tuition. Their students come from all over the world: USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, China, Europe… Twice a year they run a draw offering 3-free weekly 30min music lessons to raise awareness about the benefits of childhood music education. Gentle Guitar™ school teaches a total of 140 free music lessons a year to support this cause. The Spring 2019 giveaway is presented by: Redhead Mom Blog.



  • Kids under 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or adult during the 3 music lessons.
  • Participant should have access to Skype, including a mic & camera. Any device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone meets these requirements.

Families with kids ages 6 – 7

Families with kids ages 6 – 8 do not need a guitar or a musical instrument to enter the draw and try the lessons. The 3 lessons are designed as an introduction to music. You’ll get a fun music theory activity booklet that you’ll have to print out and have handy during the lesson. You and your child will clap rhythms and learn to read, trace, color and write music notes.

Families with kids ages 8+

Families with kids ages 8+ do not need a guitar or a musical instrument to enter the draw and try the lessons.


Many parents delay introducing formal music tuition. Not everyone knows that kids get the MOST benefits from learning music during their crucial years of development. That is between birth and age 10, while the brain is highly plastic. Ages 5 to 10 is the BEST time to introduce music. Take this opportunity to find out what it’s like to learn a musical instrument with a professionally trained and specialized teacher.


The first lesson must be booked in May to receive the 3 lessons, which must be completed by July. If the lesson is booked after May, you will only receive one lesson.


The lessons will take place in your home via Skype. The lessons are designed to be taught to young kids as young as 6 years old, however, an adult must accompany the child during the Skype instruction. These are live face-to-face lessons with an experienced music teacher who is trained to work with kids.


What do you like about online music lessons?


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    They’re more affordable: Traditional music lessons usually consider the entire cost of the provider–and can cost up to around US$60 per hour lesson! The cost includes things like the lesson venue or the cost and time taken for the teacher to travel to your home, if the lesson is not given at a studio. For that reason, online courses, which are usually subscription-based on a monthly payment model, are usually far more affordable.

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    i most like the convenience

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