Montessori Toys for Toddlers – Reading Blocks and Number Puzzles

By Shannon Gurnee
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December 6, 2017

This a partnered post for Montessori Toys with Smart Parts US.

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Since my children were little, I worked on educating them at home. Whether it was with educational toys like big foam blocks or flashcards, I started teaching them numbers and letters before they even went to school. This was awesome because once they started school, they were well prepared and ready to learn. Today, they have even more toys and options when it comes to teaching children. In fact, I recently discovered Montessori Toys for Toddlers from Smart Parts US (found for purchase on Amazon). Thanks to Smart Parts US, we received the Kenley Reading Blocks and Numbers Puzzle – perfect for kids ages 2-5 years old.

Montessori Toys #Toys #homeschool #reading #toys #kids #ad

Montessori Toys #Toys #homeschool #reading #toys #kids #ad

Montessori Toys #Toys #homeschool #reading #toys #kids #ad


What are the benefits of these Montessori Toys for Toddlers?

  • Multi-Sensory Stimulation Many kids benefit from an alternative to pencil and paper. These Montessori blocks and jigsaws let your child get their hands on letters and numbers so they can interact with them in a tactile way as well as using their eyes and ears as you discuss what you see.
  • Have Fun on the Go This compact set is easy to pack in a bag and carry with you, whether you’re going on holiday, in the car or waiting to be served in a restaurant. This travel set is a must-have to help kids maintain or even improve their reading and math skills over the long holidays from school.
  • Improve Reading Kids will love how quickly they can change a word and will be encouraged to sound out these phonetic words. Tough and sturdy, these toys are great for small hands. Designed to work with phonics programs, these simple 3-letter words are a great addition to any collection of educational toys.


Montessori Toys #Toys #homeschool #reading #toys #kids #ad

Montessori Toys #Toys #homeschool #reading #toys #kids #ad


  • Improve Number Skills Brightly colored child-safe paint gives toddlers a clue how to match each number 1-10 with the right number of dots. This simple yet satisfying jigsaw puzzle can be used for independent play or as part of a learning game. Designed for small toddler hands, these chunky pieces are super easy to pick up!
  • Make Learning a Game A twist of the wrist separates “fig” from “dig” and “hat” from “mat.” The 5 wooden bars feature 80 words – all real words, although a few are uncommon enough that even adults might need a dictionary! Kids love learning alongside their parents so will be fascinated to watch you sound out a new word.
  • Educational and Fun This great set of Montessori puzzles from Kenley uses beautifully finished wood to create robust, yet attractive toys. Designed for small hands, the set lets kids get hands-on as they learn to read and count.
  • Great Design Doesn’t Cost the Earth Each cube is an inch square, making the set very compact and portable. The whole set is a great choice for any educational setting, from at-home to in-classroom. These sets are made with natural wood and non-toxic water-based paint. These toys are intended for children over 3 years old.
  • Reading Blocks Boost Literacy Designed to be used with both phonics and other programs, the 5 reading blocks in this set take kids through 80 words. As your child twists each bead, different words will form which they can sound out. All the words featured are phonetic and and real words.

I love these sets because they are chunky pieces that are easy to pick up – especially since they’re designed for small hands. The sets can be used for independent play or as part of a learning game. I also love that these sets are easy to pack up and carry, making them a great choice for maintaining reading and number skills during long breaks from school. The jigsaw puzzles rock because they make learning numbers fun! Simply match each number 1-10 with the right number of dots!

You can purchase these sets on Amazon for $30.99. I love these wooden sets and how easy they are to carry around and use. Let’s not forget how they make learning fun for our toddlers!

What do you like about these sets?



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