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By Shannon Gurnee
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November 27, 2017


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Remember when you were a child and you completely (without any doubt whatsoever) believed in Santa? Then there was a point in your life when you began to doubt the existence of Santa. Well, imagine how hard it is for kids today! Every child WANTS to believe in Santa Claus, but let’s face it, the kids today are much smarter (thank you technology and social media) and often times demand more proof than just simple letters from Santa. What if I told you there was an easy and inexpensive way for you to ensure that Santa Claus remains a strong belief in your child‘s heart? Well, there is!!! Woo hoo!

#PkgFromSanta #Santa #holiday #holidays #Santa #holidaygiftguide #ad

Let me introduce you to It’s awesome and I wish there would have been something like this when I was a kid! offers you a choice of 3 unique treasure chests of authentic, custom Santa Claus goodies, sent right to your childdirectly from the North Pole!!! It is really cool and our son, Samuel, loved it! He was really excited to open it up and even more excited to see all the different (and personalized) goodies from Santa (and Mrs. Claus)!!!  Check out his reaction! definitely makes it possible for new holiday traditions in every family! It’s literally a bundle of proof with YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON IT! Every package is painstakingly crafted, packed and shipped with care and even includes a real Santa return address and genuine North Pole Stamp!

#PkgFromSanta #Santa #holiday #holidays #Santa #holidaygiftguide #ad

#PkgFromSanta #Santa #holiday #holidays #Santa #holidaygiftguide #ad

We received the Platinum Package, which had the following items in it:

  • Personalized Letter from Santa Claus
  • Personalized Nice List Certificate
  • 8 1/2 x 11 Autographed Santa Claus Photo
  • Autographed Rudolph Photo
  • “Santa, Stop Here!” Window Decal
  • Rudolph’s Sleigh Bell with Velvet Pouch
  • Collectors Santa Swatch
  • Mrs. Claus‘ Famous Sugar Cookie in Tin™
  • Christmas Cocoa – Santa‘s Favorite!
  • Genuine Reindeer Food in Collector’s Tin
  • Elf Candy Cane with Red Bow
  • Santa’s Special North Pole Return Address Label
  • Special Elf Shipping Label Addressed To Your Child
  • Genuine North Pole Stamp
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • BONUS! Personalized Call fro Santa (retail: $9.99)
  • BONUS! Personalized Santa Video! (retail: $9.99)
  • 2016 Red Collector’s Box with Custom Artwork

#PkgFromSanta #Santa #holiday #holidays #Santa #holidaygiftguide #ad

Not only do you get all of the goodies in the 2016 Red Collector’s Box with Custom Artwork, but Santa proves his existence with a Personalized Phone Call and Personalized, Movie-Quality Video starring your child! That’s a $15 value, absolutely FREE with EVERY package! Watch a VIDEO from now to learn more HERE.

#PkgFromSanta #Santa #holiday #holidays #Santa #holidaygiftguide #ad

#PkgFromSanta #Santa #holiday #holidays #Santa #holidaygiftguide #ad

#PkgFromSanta #Santa #holiday #holidays #Santa #holidaygiftguide #ad

#PkgFromSanta #Santa #holiday #holidays #Santa #holidaygiftguide #ad


Keep your child behaving during the hectic (and sugar laden) days leading up to Christmas with a personalized, high-quality, printable 100% FREE Nice-List Guide from Santa Claus. Includes your child’s photo, name, and top 10 behaviors needed to stay on Santa’s Nice List! Personalize your child’s Nice-List Guide now here It only takes 60 seconds… nothing to buy, now or ever. 🙂

#PkgFromSanta #Santa #holiday #holidays #Santa #holidaygiftguide #ad

UPDATED – November 27, 2017:

Last year, I published this awesome post about a wonderful new tradition we started with and I’m super excited to do it again for my kids AGAIN this Christmas!

You’re probably wondering what makes Package From Santa so special and different from any other Santa letter company? THEY DO IT ALL!!! This includes a brightly colored package with a personalized letter from Santa and a bunch of different goodies from the North Pole. Plus, with every package sold, you get a FREE personalized call from Santa and a FREE video  and call from Santa!

Last year, I shared the unboxing, which was such a unique surprise for Sam to receive in the mail. He loved it! But this year, I want to share a different special moment – when Santa himself sent a special VIDEO to my son, starring Sam!

See it for yourself HERE.

Every Package From Santa Includes a FREE Personalized VIDEO from Santa:

  • Movie-Quality Personalized Videos From Santa
  • Multiple Storylines with Naughty/Nice Verdict
  • Featuring Your Child and the Real-Bearded Santa
  • Includes Your Child’s Names, Photos, Age and More
  • Proprietary Technology with SAFE Delivery Method
  • Web-Based, iOS and Android APPS

The movie quality is really good and the story line I chose was perfect for Sam, making this a super adorable gift! I loved personalizing with Sam’s picture and a few of the good things he’s done this year. I’m looking forward to viewing these videos year after year to see how the kids have grown!

Santa wants all you parents out there to know this information, so please watch this video too!

Package From Santa is also offering my loyal readers a 25% discount on every Package from Santa now! Save 25% OFF every award-winning Personalized Santa Letter Package (even the Platinum Package) sent directly to your child from the North Pole! is their official website so be sure to log on there to place your order. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and they give top-notch customer service. Start a new Family Christmas tradition with the #1 online Santa Letter service today with the only company that DOES IT ALL!

SAVE 25% OFF every Award-Winning Personalized Santa Letter Package (even the Platinum Package!) sent directly to your child from the North Pole! Start a new Family Christmas tradition with the #1 online Santa Letter service today! Go to and use coupon code RED1840 to save 25% off every order (Offer Expires 12/15/2017).

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  1. Cynthia R says:

    What a cute gift set, my niece would like it now that she has outgrown the scared of santa so I’m going to cry in the pic- stage.

  2. Helen Swarts says:

    What a great idea!!

  3. Amy Orvin says:

    I think the Platinum Package sounds amazing! Look at all of those cool items.

  4. janetfaye says:

    I like all of the goodies in the package! It is a great gift to make kids feel special.

  5. Julie Wood says:

    This is so cool! My daughter would love one of these boxes and she would have fun reading the Santa letter. I would love to get this for her!!

  6. Jennifer says:

    My nephew would love this. Love the idea. I remember when I was little I was so excited to get the letter in mail from Santa telling me how good I was all year.

  7. This one is a great gift idea! I totally agree, kids technology are a winning choice most times. Great post Shannon. Cheers!

  8. ellen beck says:

    Such a cute idea! I love how this is packaged. For kids who still believe they would be thrilled. What a package!

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