River Rafting Colorado’s Royal Gorge

By Shannon Gurnee
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December 17, 2013


Have you ever been river rafting before?  Do you have a white water rafting experience?  I’m kind of on the fence about it.  The idea of white water river rafting definitely piques my interest, but I think the fear is what holds me back.  Part of the way to overcome my fear is to learn more about what I’m afraid of, so I did some research on white water river rafting trips.

I discovered a website that talked about Colorado rafting.  One of the most popular white water river rafting tours in Colorado is the Royal Gorge.  There are three different tours available with Royal Gorge Rafting.  The first tour is half a day and includes a 10-mile white water river-rafting trip.  This one is the most popular.  The second tour is a full-day trip and includes a 20-mile white water river-rafting trip, as well as a riverside lunch.  The third tour includes a 10-mile white water river-rafting trip, as well as zip lining and lunch at Grill.

You should definitely check out these tours and the amazing scenery of the Royal Gorge, as well as the sheer towering 1200’ cliff walls that surround you as you raft below the world’s highest suspension bridge.  You can challenge the classic class IV, V rapids of Sunshine Falls, Sledgehammer & the Narrows to name a few.  The Royal Gorge is suitable for first time rafters as well as experienced paddlers.

Check out Royal Gorge Rafting today for more tours and details!

Have you ever been white water river rafting?  If so, where did you go?  If not, is it on your bucket list?

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3 Responses to “River Rafting Colorado’s Royal Gorge”

  1. Jen F says:

    I am also on the fence about it! I am a Girl Scout troop leader and some of my girls have expressed interest in white water rafting when they get a bit older (right now they are 5th graders), but I’ll admit that even the beginner programs offered around her make me nervous!

  2. Edgar says:

    River rafting in one of the best adventures sport. I love it personally and have maximum fun while doing it with the team of experts. The thrills are non-stop in Glenwood Canyon’s Shoshone Rapids.

  3. J Stella says:

    I’ve been white water rafting for years and it’s great! You don’t have to go “white knuckle” rafting there are plenty of intermediate runs that are just as fun as you gain confidence and experience. The Rio Grande near Taos NM has some excellent guided trips to get started with.

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