“Online Reputation Management for Dummies” Book Review

By Shannon Gosney
In Book Review
December 28, 2012

9781118338599 cover.inddI have been writing on my blog for almost 5 years and most of what I have learned has been through trial and error.   Now I am working full-time on my site and in Social Media and am LOVING every minute of it!  There is still so much to learn!  That is why I am so glad I got my hands on the book called, Online Reputation Management for Dummies.  This book will help you learn to: (1) Develop an effective online reputation management system; (2) Research everyday and crisis keywords; (3) Create a reputation through media: messages, images and videos; and (4) Equip your brand to handle any online reputation crisis.  Online Reputation Management for Dummies was written by Lori Randall Stradtman (New Media Expo contributor and conference speaker) and retails for $24.99.


Managing your online reputation is more important than ever – and here’s how to do it!  In today’s social media world, reputations can be trounced by a tweet.  You need a plan for online reputation management that lets your brand weather any storm, and that’s exactly what this book is for!  Here’s how to create a personalized preparedness system that not only helps you deal with online chatter, but also builds your online reputation.

–       More than a disaster plan – learn to craft a plan that creates positive opportunities and maximizes your brand’s online presence.

–       Set the groundwork – use Google Analytics, Google Alerts, and social media measurement tools to research your customers and trends.

–       Access the experts – look into using the skills of PR professionals and your executive team. A top SEO expert can help you boost your online traffic and improve the quality of leads to your business. If you haven’t used an SEO company before, you probably don’t know why your business needs it. Read on to learn the main benefits of our SEO services here!

–       Learn to listen – take advantage of social media aggregators, Google notifications, Amazon reviews, and Twitter hashtags for tracking.

–       Get engaged – optimize your message for mobile and be sure it fits each social network’s unique style.

–       If there is trouble – be able to respond immediately with a well-developed, step-by-step plan.

–       The silver lining – see how handling a problem immediately and effectively can actually build goodwill.


–       Tools for tracking trends

–       High-profile mistakes you can learn from

–       Who should be on your crisis team

–       What SEO keywords have to do with reputation management

–       How to write things people want to share

–       Tips on finding and connecting with thought leaders

–       Advice on visual content that triggers sharing

–       Ten ways to ruin your reputation


Lori specializes in creating social media campaigns for brands.  A popular conference speaker, she frequently contributes to New Media Expo and many online publications.  Lori belongs to Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and International Association of Business Communications (IABC).

I received a copy of “Online Reputation Management for Dummies” as part of my participation in the Ambassador program with Global Influence.  All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

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2 Responses to ““Online Reputation Management for Dummies” Book Review”

  1. Randy says:


    I feel that it is almost an oxymoron to read a book about something you are supposed to do online. The only real way to learn ORM is to be proactive online and to do it for yourself or to hire an expert who is willing to teach you. Reading a book about this is almost a surefire way to failure in my opinion.

  2. Hi Shannon! Thanks so much for your glowing review! Glad to be able to help.

    Randy, LOL! How is one supposed to manage their reputation online without a little (or a lot) of information and step-by-step guides? Did you know all about SEO and monitoring before you ever got online? If so, bravo! If not, at least page through my book at Barnes and Noble before firing off such a ridiculous comment.


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