Crayola How I Dream in Green Giveaway

By Shannon Gosney
In Giveaways
June 25, 2010

I love Crayola products and am so happy to hear that they are now manufacturing products that are safe for the environment.  This upcoming back-to-school season features special boxes of Crayola crayons, markers, and colored pencils with icons calling out the way each product is lessening its impact on the environment.

Did you know that solar panels are starting to provide power to make more than 1 billion Crayola crayons annually and recycled bottle caps are being used to make 500 million Crayola markers, keeping hundreds of tons of plastic out of landfills?  That’s awesome!  Plus, since 1987, Crayola has made its colored pencils from reforested wood: for every tree that is used, a new one of the same species is planted.  Remember, Crayola’s new greener school supplies will be available for this back-to-school season!

Crayola’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond their eco-friendly school supplies, as they continue to explore innovative ways to harness clean energy. By plugging their new 15-acre solar farm into the sun, they are setting a shining example of how businesses can embrace renewable energy solutions. Solar power is not only beneficial on a large scale but it can also be implemented on a smaller scale, such as installing solar panels on homes. Homeowners in Texas, for instance, can take advantage of the abundant sunlight and explore the cost-effectiveness of solar panels. To understand the potential savings and benefits specific to their location, individuals can consult reputable sources or seek professional advice on solar panels cost in texas. Embracing solar energy not only promotes a greener planet but also offers opportunities for individuals to contribute to a sustainable future while reducing their reliance on traditional energy sources.

In celebration of their green products, Crayola is promoting a contest.  On August 5th, Crayola will celebrate plugging their new 15-acre solar farm into the sun and they are in search for a “Crayola Green Team,” a group of 10 children with colorful ideas for protecting the planet. As i thought about this remarkable initiative, it became clear that Crayola is not only dedicated to artistic creativity but also to fostering a sustainable future.

Here are the details:

·  Crayola is looking for a group of 10 children who have a colorful vision for making their schools, homes or communities greener.

·  Children can participate in the “How I Dream in Green” contest for the chance to win one of 10 spots on the Crayola Green Team. Crayola will bring the team to Easton, Pa., to do the honors of ceremonially plugging our new 15-acre solar farm into the sun on August 5.

Parents or teachers can submit artwork through June 28 that illustrates the colorful ways children want to protect the planet either on Crayola’s Facebook fan page ( or at

Submissions will be displayed in an online gallery on Facebook open for public voting from July 6-21.  Crayola will then select the 10 most creative and original ideas from the artwork that receives the most votes.

The winning kids will be honored for the ways they want to do good for the environment during the opening of our solar farm and will have the rare chance to take a VIP tour of Crayola’s manufacturing facility  where they can help us package our new solar power crayons and receive a custom 64 box filled with  pine green, jungle green, electRic lime and the other 15 shades of crayola green crayons personalized with their individual names.

If you would like to enter your child’s artwork, it can be submitted either at the Crayola Facebook fan page or at

24 ct. Crayons:
Approximate Retail Value: : $2.49
Beginning this summer, Crayola 24-ct. crayons, the quintessential school supply found in virtually every elementary classroom, will be made with the power of the sun. More than
26,000 solar panels will convert sunlight into electricity, generating the energy required to make 1 billion of the 3 billion crayons Crayola makes each year, which equals 60 million 24-ct.

The solar farm, located on Crayola’s Easton, Pa. corporate campus, will help reduce 1,900 tons of greenhouse gases per year, equal to planting 400 acres of pine forest or removing 325 cars from the road. Mother Earth will be smiling down on every forest green, pine green and jungle green crayon that rolls off the assembly.

Approximate Retail Value: $3.99-$4.99
Thanks to new, innovative ways to manufacture Crayola markers from recycled bottle caps, “black” is the new “green!” Crayola markers will now have black barrels instead of white, which allows more recycled plastic to be used, giving a second life to more than 1 million pounds of plastic bottle caps. And, switching to black barrels keeps hundreds of tons of plastic out of landfills each year.

The markers will be available in the following varieties: 10-ct. Broadline Classic Colors, 10-ct. Broadline Assorted Colors, 10-ct. Fineline Classic Colors, 8-ct. Washable Broadline and 8-ct. Washable Fineline.


I love Crayola products and prefer using them with my boys over other brands.  I am so glad that Crayola has found a way to be “greener” in the creation of their products!  Thank you Crayola for continuing to be a brand I love and for creating awesome products!


5 lucky readers on The Mommy-Files will win a prize pack including he new “green” Crayola Crayons (24 count) and Crayola Markers (10 count)!!!


Tell me one way you try to be “green” in your family!


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I received product samples from Crayola to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

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  1. Katie says:

    My kids love to recycle and separate bottles, cans and paper when we take everything to the recycle bins.

  2. Katie says:

    I am a subscriber

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    I follow you on twitter

  4. Heather R says:

    Our family tries to be “Green” by recycling our plastic juice & milk bottles and the newspapers.

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    I voted for The Mommy-Files on Top Mommy Blogs

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  12. Lynn says:

    I try to encourage my husband to take all the cardboard, Glass, plastic, etc to the dump where we havwe a recycleing center. its too bad that we have to have to take it there, but we live outside city limits so there is no curb side service for recycleing. I suppose we are lucky to get trash pickup!

  13. Lynn says:

    i follow you on twitter

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    I am your facebook fan

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    I am a crayola facebook fan

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  17. jennifer says:

    My favorite fruit is watermelon!

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    I am your facebook fan!

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    I follow you via GFC!

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    E-mail subscriber!

  21. Julianna says:

    we recycle plastic bottles and can. use reusable bags at stores.

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  23. Kelly says:

    My favorite fruit is strawberries. Yummy.

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    Kelly Coleman

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  30. Rachel C says:

    We went green this summer by planting a veggie garden!

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    email subscriber

  33. Rebecca Orr says:

    We recycle of course…but we also cloth diaper! Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail

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  42. Mami2jcn says:

    We recycle and use energy-efficient light bulbs.

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  48. Aleksandra says:

    We got a compost bin and and a water purifier to cut out water bottles.

  49. Nicole Greene says:

    We recycle in our home and try to teach my daughter to conserve water 🙂

  50. Nicole Greene says:

    I follow on Twitter @Pittsy82

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    I voted for you in the Top Mommy Blogs

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  56. Karen R says:

    We recycle and drink filtered tap water instead of buying bottled water.

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    Voted for The Mommy-Files on Top Mommy Blogs.

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    Email subscriber.

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  60. We recycle EVERYTHING!! From toilet paper rolls, to plastic bags.

    sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

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  67. Wendy M says:

    We recycle Paper products, plastic, glass, metal and cardboard. We also try to be conscious of our use of electricity.


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    We follow in Google Friend Connect.

  69. NAN LARA says:

    nannypanpan at

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  73. In our house we recycle our bottles and can, both plastic and glass. We also try to reuse containers, jars, etc. rather than throwing them away. I love that Crayola is going green!

    Want another great giveaway. check out my website:

  74. Show Me Mama says:

    Our local school has a recycle bin available to the community so once all of our recycled bins are full , we take our paper and cans there. That’s how we recycle in our home.
    showmemama @ymail dot com

  75. Show Me Mama says:

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    Hi, hope its OK to contact you here. would love to include your blog on our giveaway blog network: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested drop us a line on our contact form ( thanks, Josh

  82. Viv says:

    Since we moved to our new house, we have been recycling so much more; our town has a wonderful recycle program

  83. susan varney says:

    we don’t drink bottles water cuts down on refuge

  84. Amber G says:

    Pomegranate is my favorite fruit!

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    I voted for you on Top Mommy Blogs!

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    I love strawberries!!

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  90. Denise S says:

    Our family is recycling more than we used to and I’ve been switching to more green products lately.

  91. Denise S says:

    I follow on GFC
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

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    I follow you on Twitter

  93. Sandy S. says:

    We compost and recycle as much as we possibly can! We also try (try being the keyword with an almost 3 year old that loves light switches!) to keep lights off unless we need them!

  94. Sandy S. says:

    I voted for you on Top Mommy Blogs

  95. Annette Mendez says:

    We use steele water bottles and buy as much as possible of the “green ” lable variety!!

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    Grabbed your button:
    On my right sidebar!

  101. Kate says:

    We recycle and use non toxic cleaning products

  102. beth shepherd says:

    We use towels in place of paper towels
    Thank you

  103. beth shepherd says:

    I follow on twitter
    Thank you

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    I like on fb
    Thank you

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    I sub
    Thank you

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    I follow
    Thank you

  107. Nicole C. says:

    My favorite fruit is strawberries.

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    I follow on gfc.

  109. sandra says:

    we are fans of recycling

  110. sandra says:


  111. Stephanie Vollowitz says:

    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  112. hminnesota says:

    more recylcing and powering off things as much as you can.

  113. hminnesota says:

    Google friend connect

  114. hminnesota says:

    following you on twitter

  115. hminnesota says:

    FB like crayola
    heta s

  116. Heidi V. says:

    We use reusable water bottles and turn off lights not being used.

  117. Theresa says:

    We got a water filter for our faucet and stopped buying bottled water.

  118. joni says:

    My favorite fruit are strawberries.

  119. Amanda says:

    On top of recycling, we try to take it a step further by repurposing as many items as we can – especially in arts and crafts. We also do most of our shopping at thrift stores and garage sales. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

    buckeye7081 at gmail dot com

  120. Amanda says:

    I follow you via google friend connect! Thanks again!

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    I also follow themommyfiles on Twitter @amandapersists –Thank you!

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    and I liked The Mommy-Files on Facebook (Amanda Davis) Thanks!!

  123. Veronica Murillo says:

    We try to turn off power when we don’t use it as much as we can and use reusable bags when grocery shopping

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    E-mail subscriber

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    FB fan

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  127. I do a lot of recycling 🙂 I’m crazy about it.

  128. follow you on twitter 😉

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  131. Commented on Toy Story Movie outing 🙂

  132. Linda says:

    We take our own bags when grocery shopping

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    We use reusable tote bags and dry our clothes on a line.

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    GFC follower, CindyWindy2003

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  137. polly says:

    i hang my clothes on the clothes line…no more dryer unless it is absolutley necessary!

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    follow gfc

  139. Kristi Blackstone says:

    My family and I do NOT liter. We recycle paper, plastic, & cans!

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    fan on facebook

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    enter me thanks

  145. Monique Rizzo says:

    We recycle and just started composting.Thanks for the chance.

  146. Trisha Lynn says:

    I love strawberries!

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    I voted on top mommmy!

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  153. Jennifer says:

    We recycle everything we can

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    I follow using GFC

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    I subscribe via email

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  158. domestic diva says:

    WE use cloth diapers and wipes.

  159. domestic diva says:

    I follow on gfc

  160. We do every little bit that we can for the environment: drive a hybrid (or walk whenever we can), recycle, compost, buy local organics, reduce energy consumption, pick up litter in the neighborhood, reduce water usage, etc. Glad to see that Crayola is making green strides too!

  161. Marci says:

    We recycle and repurpose anything that we can.

  162. Marci says:

    Follow with GFC!

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    Email Subscriber!

  164. Brittany says:

    I use reuseable shopping bags and recycle

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    Reusable grocery bags

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  172. Amanda S. says:

    We use cloth napkins instead of paper.

  173. Jen says:

    We recycle everything we can!

  174. Nicole D. says:

    I try to be green by recycling everything I can, and having my daughters use recycled paper to draw on. Thanks!

  175. Karen B says:


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    I voted.

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  178. We recycle and have switched our light bulbs to energy efficient ones! Thanks!

  179. Twitter follower {mom2anutball}

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  182. Kristi says:

    We recycle, we use less plastic and we wash all of our laundry in cold water. TY for the giveaway!

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    voted for you on Top Mommy Blogs..#7 🙂

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    we recycle and don’t use plastic grocery bags anymore

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  194. Danielle Marshall says:

    I try being green in my home by buying earth friendly cleaning products, paper products and reducing the amount of water used.

  195. Trina C says:

    We are avid recyclers and I try to do all my laundry in cold water.

  196. Trina C says:

    I voted on Top Mommy Blogs

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    I follow u on twitter @couponsiwant

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  199. jamie says:

    Our family recycles cans, paper and plastic. We also like to find new ways to use things like tp rolls can be instruments, telescopes, and more.

  200. Amy Delong says:

    try teach the kids to take care of our earth!


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  205. Kim H. says:

    We recycle our cans and compost as much of our garbage as possible.

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  209. Sarah D. says:

    We are green by recycling, growing veggies, mulching/composting

  210. taylorbagels says:

    Conserving water.

  211. taylorbagels says:

    Following you on twitter
    id electricisland

  212. Helen says:

    We are using reusable bottles for our water when we go on walks.

  213. Helen says:

    Voted for you on Top Mommy Blogs.

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    I’m following you on GFC.

    helen g

  215. susan smoaks says:

    we try to be green by saving water and recycling

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    your fb fan tony l smoaks

  219. Kerri R says:

    We make it a habit to recycle

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  223. Susan C says:

    When we go to a park or the river we always leave it cleaner than when we arrived.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  224. Chrysa says:

    We garden organically!

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    We use our reusable bags for our purchases.

  229. Annette E says:

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    I follow via GFC (AEKZ2)

  231. Gianna says:

    I grow my own fruit, veggies and herbs.

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